Sex and the City Any Non-Western Topics Out There?

lethe888 posted on Dec 23, 2008 at 08:50PM
Hi..I am a grad student in Media and Cultural Studies in Turkey and conducting a research about how women from non western regions viewed Sex and The City. I am particularly interested in the ways women from outside U.S, Canada and Europe relate themselves & their own daily lives to the heroines of the show and their glamorous, sexually liberal lifestyles. How do you think their lifestyles reflect the way you are living, and how do you feel about the feminine sexuality, the language used on the show, their relationships and consuming habits..etc. If it applies to you, would you mind sharing your responses with me in one/two paragraphs? Your answers will only be used as part of my research.You can send me an e-mail from or post here. Either way, I would be very grateful. Thanks…

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