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 shadow and freinds
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Okay, I'm really sick of what crap I've seen on here. A lot of the peminat girls on here have put so many pictures and artikel-artikel and kuiz questions, ect. that are demeaning and discusting. (None of this applies to Myia).

The kuiz soalan are always something like "does Shadow Cinta me?" It's annoying!! That's for anda and your Friends yo dream about!!

The artikel-artikel are just as bad. Making stories about a Cinta life that he has never had! Sometimes the stories seem a little too detailed.

And the pictures... Oh god I've seen some pretty bad ones. Knock it off!!

Now the forum I haven't seen many. I have...
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"In all of the stories I've heard, they were trying to create the perfect warrior. One capable of destroying this world, so they could make a new one, ruled sejak them." "Heavy." "Indeed. I believe this 'Meat' anda refered to is a failed attempt." "Normally I'd leave this kind of thing alone, but if they are killing people..." "I'd like to help you. This whole situation is making me look bad. I'll send Metal with anda to take them down." "Really? Thanks Eggball!" With that, Kodi, Jessy, and Metal left. They reached zamrud, emerald bukit and stopped in the park seterusnya to a river, sparkling in the moonlight....
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"shadow....shadow....shadow!""huh?" shadow suddenly woke up. "what is it mom?"you'll be late for your saat tahun of high school" "wait i thought it was Sunday" "now its Monday now get up i need to talk you" hummm about what? " about your fath-" forget my father hes a bastard he walked out when i was four how can i trust him?!""just.. hes picking anda up after school so be prepared""FINE" now get dressed" shadow did as he was told and wash his face and brush his he walked to school he felt like someone was watching him so he turned around and saw a black van. at first he thought it...
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Amy was running from Shadow but she had to stop because she had ran into a cliff, and sejak the looks of it, it was a long way down. Shadow berkata "give up that zamrud, emerald atau I'm going to have to take it from you" he berkata in a very calm but demanding voice. Amy berkata "no, I'll never let anda get this emerald! Shadow stepped slowly to her step sejak step, Amy was starting to panic as she stepped back further and further to the edge of the cliff. Shadow on the other hand was making his way slowly to her until their faces were so close to one another that they could feel each others breath then Shadow said...
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posted by frylock243
okay, i have a little request all of anda . i want anda to comment, if anda are a female shadow fan, who isn't a fangirl. in case anda don't really understand what i'm saying, i'm talking about sane people who like shadow, but don't obsess over him. anda may also komen if anda are a fangirl, who obsesses a little bit over shadow, and is sane.
now, anda may be wondering, "what do i comment?" well, SAY ANYTHING!!!! i mean ANYTHING

and just to waste your time, i'll tunjuk anda EXACTLY what i mean :D

mama luigi
washing basket

okay, anda can start commenting now ;)
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