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 shadow and freinds
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This is not my video, it belongs to their rightful owner. Shadow hates various shades of colors, and wants all of them painted black!
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Source: Sega comics And Shadow 4 his Badass motorcycle!lol
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this is a sonic story i have been Penulisan for about a chracter is myself because i put myself in my sonic chracters name is ashley but is refered to ash for short.hope anda enjoy it.
one claim,cool hari at shadow & ash`s house
(shadow grabs the keys and is about to head of for work)
ash-shadow,can`t anda just take a hari off work so we can spend some time together?
shadow-you already know how deticated i am to my work.maybe the commander will let me off but im not sure.(he just leaves)
ash was feeling kinda pissed off she coulde`nt spend time with shadow.
2 hours later
continue reading...
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okay, only a few minit lalu i was doing a Rawak Google cari for imej of shadow on sonic X (just to note this, i am not at all a peminat of this show, i prefer the american sonic cartoons, and kids animes that haven't been americanized) and i found a picture, of a close up of shadow, and i just noticed a little something in the background

see for your self >:P

don't go off telling me how "great" sonic X, and calling a terd, bitch, n00b, and so fourth, because i will just ignore anda and not give two shits

just thought i'd note that to the fangirls of this series, as well as shadow
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