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Ok, well, I gess I should tell anda the story.. -Its all true-
I was probally around 8 when it happend. I was on Youtube, wachin' stupid vidios and then this one vid caught my eye. It read, "Sonic Animal I've Become" so, I clicked it. Then I saw Sonic for the first time. Him as normal then werehog. I loved it. I remember me replaying the vidio over and over again. Then I looked up Sonic. So many vids. Then at school I'd look up Sonic on the computers, thats when my life changed. I was on of the popular's then I turned into a nobody whin a blink of an eye. People laughed at me cuz I loved Sonic....
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Meatle's body layed behing Shadow as he kept on walking. Somthing caught his eye before leaving, Mealte's claws. There coverd in Emerlads blood. "Hmmm" Shadow walked the other way with Soic and Silver up ahead the path. Thunder struck the sky. It started to rain. DOesn't this happen when someone dies in every movie? shad thought. He kept walking. Sonic and Silver stopped at a tile floor with gems. (Not Choas Emeralds) "Hey Shadow look!" SOnic poined to an engraving on the floor. It read,
"To bring thy one anda Cinta dearly, place thy body on floor, and thy must have a powerful sumber to bing thy one back"
Shadow and Sonic pulled out the Choas Emerlads and zamrud, emerald rose into the air, a bright light blinding them. As the light slowly fadded, Emerlads eyes opend, as she arose from the ground. She looked at the Hedgehogs and went on to her own life, icnoring the yelling of Sonic

Welcome back! As we left off in part 2, I berkata I MIGHT make part 3. Well, I'm super-duper bored right now, so I wrote it anyway! Oops, back to the story! So anyway, after all the demons exploded, I berkata Sonic never insulted Shadow about his shadow again. I didn't mean that it was the end! Then, the ashes of the exploded demons started to rain, and they smelled bad! Oh yeah, and the demon ashes also turned into a giant blob monster because it started to rain and the ashes got all wet. Then it started shooting lasers out of its one eye, and everyone panicked! Then Eggman just flew in on his hover...
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Rouge at down at the computer she turned it on then the internet came up and shadow was talking to another girl.shadow berkata rouge pulling him in the room."ow!" berkata shadow "stop ......please."."what is this." says rouge."it-i-its my friend ,rouge." berkata shadow."well whats this anda wrote" "do anda want to go on a tarikh together" berkata rouge

"and were married we have two twin girls that are toddlers and your going with a another woman and if anda get with her then who will i be with huh?!" says rouge.

"well THEN I GUESS WE SHOULDENT BE TOGETHER" says shadow."mommy why are anda and daddy fighting."...
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The blue hedgehog kept running. Running from that... That monster. He stoped, out of breath. He saw something. Eyes. HIS eyes, but red. Suddenly, the monsters voice rang out, and her arms were around him.
"Sonic! Oh, I'm so glad I found you!"
He tried to break free, but the little merah jambu hedgehog was stronger than she looked.
"Amy, your... your HURTING me!"
" Oops, sorry Sonic... I just Cinta you!" Amy said, letting go.
"Um, Amy, I don't, um, like anda like that. We're friends, but..."
" Sonic?"
"I've got to go Amy." He ran, leaving her in the rain. She stared to cry.
Suddenly, the rain was gone. She...
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sonic, tails and knuckles visit shadow in jail! made sejak shadow759
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