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One hari sonic,shadow,knuckles was sleeping they fell hot so hei take ,there covers off then they fell cold,dizzy they call tails amy silver rouge to take care of them so amy tails silver rouge went to there house they them sleeping together,they made them soup,sonic shadow knuckles ate the sup then they throw up in the bathroom the seterusnya hari they feel better so they the same thing to tails amy silver rouge they feel better they got marry they had childen
they got sick they did the same thing over,over,over,over. THE END
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(ok im redoing this)

i was at a party with blaze it was prety fun exept sonic cept hiding and telling us to not tell amy were he was at. amy shouted "SHADOW GIT OVER HERE AND TELL ME WERE SONIC ISSSS" then i almost fell sejak the speed of sonic running away from amy (how he secretly likes) blaze cought me from falling my frist words were "hows shadow"? she just berkata some black and red hedhog i ignored it and just danced to my fav song waking up in vages sejak katy parry. when i walked utama after the party i cute through the park and to my fav place a clife it was butiful!!!! the moon was full and...
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[I should have died to see him!!] My mind screamed walking toward the Grave yard.I didn't know why I was here, but I had to find out.Reaching for the latch I opened the gate darkness surrounded me,then I heard some foot steps in the snow I hid behind a tree.Who is it? It was...SHADOW?! I was very surprised what is he doing here? He was walking toward a stone that printed Maria Robotnick I got up "Hey" I berkata cowardly "....hey" Shadow berkata back.I didn't know what to say to him,but Shadow directed us out "Shadow" I berkata staring at the rose in his hand "Was that for Maria?" He looked at it "Oh,it...
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Reverse Grimm smiled wickedly and devilishly. He sashayed towards Shadow while the kids screamed. I was rushing towards them, but Reverse's magical field restricted me from going any closer. Shadow yelled plenty of curse words at Reverse, that the kids promised never to say. I felt very scared and my blood ran cold. Quietly, I whispered a prayer of help to my ancient Miza ancestors that some guardian would come and save me. I was Eggman's ultimate weapon, I should be able to free myself from this prison. "Help SHADOW!!!!!!" I screamed. "MY LOVE!" Shadow yelled again and ran towards the field...
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