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 The way I saw Shadow in the balcony, his head smashing onto a mirror.
The way I saw Shadow in the balcony, his head smashing onto a mirror.
Sonic placed a delicate hand on my shoulder. I was shocked, and my eyes were as wide as saucers. What was he doing here? I could've sworn I was alone. Sonic looked at me, concern clearly stated in his eyes. Amy appeared out of nowhere and creeped seterusnya to Sonic, with a sad Tails behind her. Tails' eyes never spoke a lie, so many people could tell the mood in the room sejak seeing Tails' expression. And I knew this mood was going to be either sadness atau rage. Amy didn't have her hammer with her, because I spotted it sejak the grassy patch of shrubs. Sonic still stared at me, my pelangi, rainbow eyes piercing...
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I'ts 12:00 midnight. I have been sitting here, thinking. There is a blue light barreling toward me, it must be Sonic. The blue hedgehog stops in front of me. "What are anda going to be for Halloween Shadow?" he asked. I raised an eyebrow. "What do anda mean?" I asked.

Sonic looked confused. "You dont know what Halloween is Shadow?" he asked. "Not one clue" I answered.

"Its when anda go around to peoples houses-" "You mean like a break-in right?" I asked hopefully. Sonic pointed to the bag he was holding in his hand.

"No silly, it's called Trick-or-Treating." Sonic replied. "Why dont we break in...
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Here comes pt8
At dinner
Sonic:maria how does it feel to be back?
Shadow frowned at sonic because he hated to be remembered that maria was dead untill now
maria:well it feels like i have been is summer camp
Ella:well its time for everyone to go to sleep
then everyone went upstair to there rooms and shadow went to maria's room when everyone was in there room
Shadow knocks on maria's door
Maria:come in
Shadow:hey can i say in ur room for today
Shadow gets a chair and sits on it
Maria:ur going to sleep in a chair?
Shadow:i got used to it since i always slept in a chair when we were at the ark and i slept with u
Maria:come on ill alih over
then maria fakes to pass out and shadow get on her bed
Shadow:no fair cheater
Maria starts to laugh
Maria:now u stay here
And shadow kisses maria on the forehead and maria blushes
Shadow:goodnight maria
maria:goodnight shadow
To be continued
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