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The Characters:
Ashante Sawyer-BabyGirl
Lyric Searcy- RiRi
Janae Whitfield- Nae
Tatyana Rodriguez- Angel

Chresanto August- Roc Royal
Raquan Smith- ray Ray
Craig Crippen- Prodigy
Jacob Perez- Princeton

Other Characters:
Taylor Sawyer- TayBear(BG little sister)
Malik Jones- TayBear boo(Nae cuzzo)
OMG Girlz
Kingston- Ashante abusive ex
Ahri Rodriguez- (Angel little sister)
Kala Anderson-Searcy - (Lyric half sister)

In this story four girls, go to a concert. Little did they know that the konsert they went to would change their lives forever. These girls are madly in Cinta with MINDLESS BEHAVIOR.

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Kay yhu guys knw that I dance...just 4 fun. But I've always wanted 2 be a dancer...I hip hop dance.....its reallly fun.....but ma lil sister dances as well. She came 2 ma tempat tidur bayi, katil bayi nd tld me sumthing that could change ma life....her friend's mama is a excutive 4 this water company called "Wat-Ahh" I guess they have big celebrations 4 people nd sum of the girls have already danced 4 big names...nd there is this thing cumin nd she asked me 2 dance with them..I agreed 2 dance with them. Saniya berkata they are dancin 4 sum well known artist..WHEN SHE berkata THE NAME!!!!!!! I WAS LIKE A STATUE..I JUST SAT...
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