After very close competition amongst peminat-peminat for the 29th Annual Golden Disk Awards, the voting period has ended and the final winners of the voting criteria have been revealed!

The ultimate keseluruhan winners that will take utama the tajuk of ‘Best Album,’ ‘Best Digital Album,’ and ‘Best New Artist’ at the awards ceremony on January 14 to 15 in Beijing will be determined after the numbers for peminat voting (20%), judges’ voting (10%), and album sales (70%) are combined.

Following the wrap-up of popularity voting amongst fans, SHINee Taemin’s “Ace,” BEAST’s “Good Luck,” and GOT7’s “A” took first for the album, digital album, and new artist divisions, respectively.

Taemin reached the bahagian, atas spot with 729,789 undian (27.19%), while BEAST accumulated 819,248 undian (47.98%), and GOT7 took 1,115,003 undian (53.89%).

Check out all of the rankings below!

cr: soompi

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