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Forbidden Desire Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION, a bakugan battle brawlers fanfic | FanPop and FanFiction

ME- hei anda guys, guess what? My saat peminat fic is also a BAKUGAN BATTLE BRAWLER based one...HURRAH!!

Joe -So Forbidden Desire huh!! It sounds interesting. melati, jasmine Does NOT OWN Bakugan Battle Brawlers

ME -On with the story

Forbidden Desire

Chapter 1 .........introduction

by Jasmine-V


Worship God – Dragenoid

Rulers–Mr and Mrs Kuso api, kebakaran Prince –Daniel Kuso

Second in command –Chan Lee


Worship God –Preyas

Rulers –Mr and Mrs Marakura Water Prince –Marucho...
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posted by teddypearllover
hei dear sweet readers! yes mwahaha! TeddyPearl is back with new story's! and i hope u like them! this is a story all about mystery! so take a kerusi, tempat duduk and get ready! action!!

Alice's POV

where is my necklace? i can't find it! maybe it's lost? you're searching for your necklace? shun asked. whaa! shun! anda scared me! Alice berkata schocked. and yes shun, I'm searching for my necklace. alice continued. shun grabbed the kalung spun alice around and putted the kalung on. hera ya go. shun berkata with closed eyes.

Shun's POV.

when i opend my eyes, i saw...
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posted by teddypearllover
Bakugan truth atau dare sxa dxr sejak teddypearllover

Chapter 1
The challenge:

Al the bakugan battle brawlers where sitting in the room:
Dan: boring!!!!
Runo:shut your mouth!
Dan: why should I?!
Runo: just leave it!* about to explode*
Alice: keep yourself down Runo.
Julie: why don’t we play Truth atau Dare????
Everyone: ok
Julie: Shun truth atau dare?
Shun: dare me please *smirks*
Julie Ok *evil grin*

Teddypearllovers POV:
Ok little break…. Julie evil…. Hahaha see it? Ok the story continue:

Julie: I dare anda to Ciuman Alice…. On the lips *smirks*
Shun:Ok….*whole face red of blushing**walking towards Alice*
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posted by teddypearllover
teddypearllover: disclaimer: i don't own bakugan!
alice: oif she did then she would make my and shun a couple then we break up then shun would be togheter with fabia en then the will break up and shun goes back to me!


al the 6 origanly brawlers where at my show!

shun: do anda have a show???
teddypearllover: now i' m the writer of this so yes i made a tunjuk of it!
julie: look at the couch! its pink!!!
all except julie: *sweatdrop*

teddypearllover: let's make teams! boy meets girl!

teddypearllover: ok, i decided the teams and they are: shun and alice, julie and marucho and dan and runo!

shun and alice:...
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After Shun broke up with Alice, he was secretly dating with Fabia… one hari the twelve orders appeared in Vestroia… so the brawlers plan that they'll separate into two… Dan, Runo, Marucho, Shun, Keith, Jake and Fabia will protect the Earth. While, Julie, Billy, Alice, Mira, Ace and Baron will go to the Vestoria…

They arrived at Vestroia and they found the twelve orders… and the started the battle…

After the battle…

Alice's P.O.V

"So, how do anda feel that anda loosed?" berkata Ace to the twelve orders. The twelve orders smiled an evil smile and berkata "Do anda think that we're only just battle...
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Me- hei guys....I think I'll do my own disclaimer for a change. If I owned Bakugan Shun and Alice would have gotten together. Last time I checked they were still single...So do the math.........

Just for the record I do not own Bakugan......or any of it's characters.

Marucho – anda sure? 'cause anda sure act like anda do…

Me – Take no notice of shortie here….On with the story.




As she reached the clearing she gasped. The place was just so beautiful. The view was breath-taking and the waterfall was crystal clear. She watched...
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posted by teddypearllover
chapter 2 of what is inside the closet!

shun's POV.

Alice, youre alright? i asked. uuh yeah I'm fine, just thinking about something. she reply softly. about what? i asked. no, nothing importend! she said, but it did look importand to me! but i letted it go, i will ask it her again tonight.

Alice's POV.

why am i lying to him? well i guess he will ask it me again Alice? shun berkata for the 3 time. what? huh? i asked. if anda where ok, but u seem to wake up now. shun berkata calmly. i guess I'm going out for a stroll... youre coming with me? shun asked....
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posted by tenten4ever
Early Satuday morning after the sleepover
Alice and Julie went to kedai at the mall
Julie:so umm onions potatoes garlic uhh ahh!! Alice get here now.
Alice:Why did your bag fell?
Julie: at the shop!
Alice: there are a hundreds of shops here. what shop?
Julie: Jewelry shop!
they saw Fabia with a man.
Alice:That's REn.
so they took a picture and decided to tunjuk it to shun
Later that evening..
at shun & dan's quarters
Julie: *pants* Shun!
Alice: Julie, settle down hi dan hi shun
Shun:What are anda two doing here?
Dan: In the middle of the night?
just then.....
Runo: What's the noise all about? I'm trying to...
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posted by tenten4ever
Alice was thinking of what Julie said.So later after Chemistry class
Alice: Shun! Wait up!
Shun:*Blushing* Oh hi Alice.
Alice accidentaly trips because of Akazuki Togawaka
Akazuki: Sorry. *giggles*
Alice fell on Shun's Arms.
Shun: Are anda alright Alice?
Alice: Well thank anda Shun
Julie: Alice!!! We have to leave, like, right now!!!
Alice: Sorry, Duty calls.
Julie: There anda are!!!
Julie saw Alice on Shun's arms, Helping each other.
Julie: Let's go *pulls alice* Bye Shun!!!
Shun: *waves* Goodbye.
On the dorms (Alice& Julie were roomates)
Julie: Okay, anda got to spill, spill.
Alice: Akazuki tripped me then Shun..
Julie: He catched you... Right??
Alice: Yes.
Julie: Call runo!!!! Quick!!!
Alice called Runo, After a while,
Runo: I'm here!!!! What do anda spill?
Alice: Shun catched me when i fell at lunch.
Runo: OMG anda Got to tell him!!!
Alice: no!

Will Alice tell Shun?
posted by tenten4ever
Shun's girlfriend is Fabia.
But Alice wasn't to happy about it because she feels that Shun's not happy.
Even if that's what he berkata she never seen him happy when he's with Fabia.
*Flash back*
Shun: I'm sorry Alice, I let anda die.
(Shun thought that Alice was dead)
2 weeks after he saw Alice at Runo's place but he already asked Fabia 2 b his GF.
*End of Flashback.*
So one hari at Tsukago High School
Fabia: hi luv!
Shun: Oh, hi. *looks at Alice who is talking to julie-sama*
Fabia saw thaT shun is Seein Alice
Fabia: Let's go.
At Alice& julie's Conversation
Alice: When i was gone, was Shun Happy?
Alice:Then how .....
Julie:JUST TELL HIM!!!!!!
Alice:How? He's Fabia's girlfriend! I may hurt Fabia.
Julie:He's not happy with her! Did anda see the way he look at you???
Alice: I'm sorrry Julie but....
Alice:Julie.... Sorry but, I don't know if that will work.

Will alice tell shun?? Will Fabia get hurt?
posted by ElafTalebHEJ
It's a cold, quiet, gloomy winter and the snow has spread and exteded everywhere. The moon is like a sun on the sky, and the sea is on it's way turning into ice. Onde hari all this will melt into summer and hotness. What a routine...

Shivering of coldness he walks across the freezing sea. His hands digg deeper and deeper in his jaket pockets, but the Frozen wind presses into his skin. It's just the start of winter and even Krismas hasn't come yet. How will it look like after two weeks?
Searching for a free bench his glance caughts squinting someone familiar at distance. Alice? What is she doing...
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posted by teddypearllover
teddypearllover: hei I'm back again!
dan: Yay! i liked the other story!
teddypearllover: i know why!: because anda getted your sushi!
dan: exactly!
teddypearllover: disclaimer: i don't own bakugan blah blah blah!

a special Krismas for alice! chapter 3

it where midnight, it were freezing outside. shun got inside a couple of houres ago. all the brawlers where laying in their bed, only shun where still up. out his window he were staring at the moon. god dammit! why i just can't saved her!? if anda are there god! why don't anda help me sejak then? shun thoughted. hei buddy still awake? dan asked with a yawh....
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It was after the battle with Magmel, Shun was walking in the streets of bay View, he wondered what he could do, because he was extremely frustrated...It's been about a week since Marucho deleted Bakugan Interspace, and Marucho's been working on restoring it ever since the battle ended...well ya he let Keith help him with it in the first few days, but after that, he insisted on working on it himself...And now Shun was half worried, half annoyed with inpatients, he wasn't use to this! A lot of times, when they were doing these kinds things, he would either help with something, do one of the tasks...
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posted by teddypearllover
 shun berkata : Merry Krismas to alice -^^-
shun said : Merry Christmas to alice -^^-
alice where all alone sejak the rive, after she leaved shun, she ran that fast as she could to the most side of the rivir. there where a huge leave, almost like a bot and big enough for her to sit on. she started to cry again and said: why am i such a bad person!? this was not what i tought to be when its christmas.

meanwhile, inside alices home

dan berkata loud, we must gonna find her! lets go sejak then, she must be all cold, shun grab some jackeds to keep her warm! runo says a bit worried. shun grabbed the jackets and they run outside.
they saw alice and they where really quiet. then dan whisperd:...
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posted by arandomfan123
A/N: A little excerpt from my fic on To read lebih it's under the same tajuk and I am FlowersOverBoys.

Shun and Alice walked hand in hand, and the air between them wasn't tense. Sleeping in the same bed, was no different than sleeping in their own. After all, they were best Friends and childhood friends, so it was just saat nature. When they finally entered Shun's room, Alice walked into his huge closet and changed into one of his shirts.

He just stripped to his boxers and dumped his clothes in the laundry bag. He climbed into his king sized katil and lazily looked around his...
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Sudden information of Death

After the Death of Alice, they go back to the Earth…

In Runo's café

Runo's P.O.V

At my café, we were waiting for them to come back. While we're waiting for them, Dan was eating the hamburger, Marucho and Keith was searching something from the computer, Jake, Fabia and Shun was giving Nasihat to Jake. I was worried to Alice that if she can play the bakugan… "I wonder what happened to them… I wish that they didn't lose…" I said. When Dan hears that, "Don't worry Runo! I'm sure that they can win!" he said. "I hope so…" I replied. Fabia came to me and berkata "Don't...
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posted by teddypearllover
 this is winter, is she magical?
this is winter, is she magical?
teddypearllover: hey! I'm back and here I'm with a new chapter of: a special Krismas for alice!
marucho: hey! cool, I'm gonna read it!
teddypearllover: ooh hei marucho! i didn't saw u!
marucho: oh ouch, youre just like alice!! anda hurt my feelings!
teddypearllover: yeah i know youre a softy, and no I'm not like alice, I don't get all the hot boys......
marucho: I know why!
teddypearllover: I'm gonna knock anda out marucho so I lets start the story! huuh? dan, what are u doing here?
dan: i want to see how anda gonna slam marucho KO.
teddypearllover: okaaayyy lets start! disclaimer: I don't own bakugan!...
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posted by teddypearllover
disclaimer: I do not own bakugan! ( too bad right? XD )

a special Krismas for Alice!

It were cold in Russia, Alice where all alone there now Lync leave and her grandpa died. but something is gonna change, because it where almost Krismas and the six origanly brawlers where to come visit her, but alice where unsure about one thing: did Shun already forgive her for being Masquerade? she never felt the same as she did before sejak Shun.... he must forgive her... right?

alice where already making her house clear for that the brawlers come! well if i let shun have his own room then he can have some...
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