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Yes i do think Singing help your education because if u sing right and keep your voice and good shape is heathy for the mind.If anda are the best singer in your school and some big time producer hears anda anda can be so famous.Then when anda have all the money and anda want to go back to school anda can pay for it atau the college will just give anda a scholarship cause anda are a star.
So anda should stick to what ever performing arts thing that anda Cinta to do( sing, dance,acting, band etc)because it will come in handy later on in the world.
My last reason is that if anda have alot of talents anda will have lebih chance of getting lebih job promotions in the life.And also people dont care about the arts and they are decreasing very slowly so support the arts because if u Cinta mariah carey,alicia keys,kayne west,katey perry etc sertai the arts dont forse them out!!!! :)