So many of anda may know that a Skulduggery Pleasant movie IS planned, and the rights to the film have been sold to Warner Bros. However, very little is known about what the actual film will be like.
So far, it has been confirmed that Derek Landy will be Penulisan the screenplay, so it is selamat, peti deposit keselamatan to assume the film will be as true to the book as possible. DL has sebelumnya experience Penulisan screenplays, including the non-family friendly Boy Eats Girl starring Samantha Mumba.
Originally the film was planned for release in 2010, and to be filmed in 2009. This has since been set back with casting and script finalization this year, filming 2010, and eventual release in 2011. peminat-peminat still have a while to wait yet!
But the soalan on everyone's lips is who is going to play who. DL has hinted that there will be open auditions for the character of Valkyrie Cain / Stephanie Edgley. There are no rumours yet on Ghastly, Tanith atau any of the other characters besides the one and only Skulduggery.
DL has berkata he would like Johnny Depp to voice Skulduggery, but it has not been yet confirmed that he will. A lebih baru-baru ini rumour is saying that James Nesbitt may be voicing the main character. SP himself is supposedly a mix of anamatronics and CGI, a la the Dinosaur in Jurassic Park.
DL has berkata that he has been in talks with Steven Spielburg himself to direct the film.
So thats it on the updates! I'll add lebih as I hear it.
Genesis Aggelos