18 months ago-
Blake Knight sat at the huge meja with the hologram of Roarhaven in the ops room with Skulduggery and China sat on the other side. Blake was too busy looking at the little people on the hologram to notice them though
China: Mr Knight
Blake: yeah? What? Sorry?
Skulduggery: have anda been listening to a word we've said?
Blake: ummmm. No. Not really. Why? Is it important?
China: we'd like to take anda off the Junior Operative Program
Blake: what?! What the hell for. I haven't done anything wrong. Well not for a while at least
China: anda didn't let me finish
Blake: oh sorry. Carry on
China: as I was saying. We'd like to take anda off the Junior Operative Program, and make anda a Detective.


Blake woke up from unconscious. He had no idea what had happened. He only remembered The Rake and Valkyrie...
Blake:(thought) oh crap, she saw my blacks veins)
That's what must happened, she knocked him out. The gig was up. Now everyone knew he was a Remnant. He noticed his hands were cuffed behind the chair he was sitting on in an interview room, his necromancy gauntlet was on the meja I front of him. He tried moving his hands but he was unsuccessful. He grunted. The The Rake came into his mind. Where was it. He didn't know if he killed it atau not but he hoped he did. That thing was harming people.
The door opened and Skulduggery walked in. He sat on the chair opposite Blake and placed his hat on the desk, his skull gleaming in the light.
Skulduggery: how long?
Blake: what?
Skulduggery: how long have anda possessed Blake?
Blake: five years
Skulduggery: wow
Blake: what?
Skulduggery: Remnants usually believe they're the person they've possessed
Blake: like Stephanie had. I've evolved and came to what senses I had. Also I ran into Morinund and he helped me do what he'd done. Faked a conscious
Skulduggery: still. You've killed people. Not in this body but in someone else's. So that added possession to your senarai of crimes
Blake: why do anda think I stayed?
Skulduggery: go on then. Why?
Blake: redemption
Skulduggery: what? You?
Blake: anda want redemption for what you've done. What ever that is and so does Valkyrie. anda feel like family
Skulduggery: what makes anda think I'm redeeming myself?
Blake: (smiles) it takes one to know one
Skulduggery: you're the Remnant that possessed Dexter, the one we've been after all this time. Aren't you?
Blake: unfortunately...... Yes
Skulduggery fists then came flying down apon Blake's face

Outside the interview room

Valkyrie, Tanith and Fletcher stood/sat in the hallway outside the interview room. The Rake had been taken down to a prison to contain it. Bane and Rue were with The Rake. Valkyrie looked at the ceiling where Tanith was sitting and Fletcher was sitting on the floor whilst Valkyrie stood. Valkyrie looked down at Fletcher and noticed black lines on his skin leading under his shirts.
Valkyrie: what's that, Fletcher?
Fletcher: (lifting sleeve) it a tattoo, told anda I'd get it
She saw what it was, it was what he berkata he'd get five years ago. In beautiful letters the word 'Stephanie'.
Valkyrie: anda still miss her, don't you?
Fletcher: of course. I loved her
Tanith: the worse part is not having a body to visit
Valkyrie: Tanith. I don't think Fletcher wants reminding
Fletcher rolled his sleeve back down and looked down at his shoes, Valkyrie knew that he was remembering her. How close she was to him when she died. Wondering if she heard the conversation he had with Valkyrie, what she might have been thinking. They all broke their train of thought when then heard the sound of a punch coming from the interview room. Tanith jumped from the ceiling and all three ran into the room to see that Skulduggery had punched Blake square in the face.
Blake: *groans* that's racist. Detective Pleasant. At least I think it is
Valkyrie: (pulls Skulduggery away) look, Skulduggery. What did he say?
Skulduggery: he's claiming he's still here because he's trying to redeem himself
Tanith: aren't we all doing that
Fletcher: and isn't redemption a better punishment that getting punched in the face
Blake: (smiling) yeah. I've had that happen to me a lot for the past 18 months
Skulduggery then turned to Blake and punches him again.
Valkyrie: and we'll need him
Skulduggery: how so?
Valkyrie: we have three fictional monsters on the loose. Fight api, kebakaran with fire
Blake: yeah. Fight psychopath with psychopath. All though I'm less psychotic than I was five years ago.
Skulduggery: *sigh* fine. But when this is over (turns to Blake) you're going to prison for what anda did the Dexter
Blake: fine. Fine. Just un-cuff me please
Skulduggery pulled the key from his pocket. Tanith walked passed him and grabbed key. She walked behind Blake's chair and un-cuffed him. He stood up and grabbed his necromancy gauntlet from the meja and slid it back onto his right arm, he then pulled the sleeve of his black trench kot down to hid it.
Valkyrie: what did Skulduggery mean sejak what anda did to Dexter
Blake: that. Oh yeah. That's be I.... Might... Have been the one... Who possessed him
Valkyrie: WHAT?!
Blake: but enough of that. has Mr Grumpy telah diberi us any info
Skulduggery: did anda just call me Mr Grumpy
Blake: not you, anda idiot. The Rake
Valkyrie: not so far. I don't think i can talk
Blake: he should. His most famous Creepypasta story is whispering into his victims ears at night to drive them mad
Tanith: then I guess it's just used for that. If your words drive people mad. Would anda talk all the time
Valkyrie: no
Fletcher: defiantly not
Blake: (smiles) well I might
The team all looked at him
Blake: sorry
Skulduggery: we should get to China, see if any new info has shown up

Room of Prisms
China watched the team enter the room, when Blake entered the two Cleavers marched towards him but then Valkyrie, Tanith and Fletcher stood in their way.
Valkyrie: he's with us
Skulduggery: for now
China: can we trust him
Tanith: we've works with him for 18 months. Even if we didn't trust him, he's still useful
China: very well. They found another one
Fletcher: who?
China: a creature called Eyeless Jack
Blake: wow. Slenderman, The Rake, Jeff the Killer and Eyeless Jack. The Big Four of Creepypasta
Valkyrie: someone knows what their doing then
Skulduggery: the evidence points at Eliza Scorn. She has a motive and the skill
China: finally. A reason to take her down and claim my vengeance
Blake: and I thought Skulduggery was the vengeful one
Skulduggery: I'm not afraid to punch anda again
Tanith: not now, boys
At that moment there came a wooshing noise from the hallway. Valkyrie and Skulduggery walked to the doorframe to investigate. When they peered into the corridor they saw four figures standing there. All facing away. two teenagers, one in a black hoodie and one in white one. A tall, bald man and the obvious figure of Eliza Scorn. They all turned to Skulduggery and Valkyrie and then it was revealed that the teenager in black was Eyeless Jack, his mouthless face was blue with his empty eye sockets, dripping black goo. The teenager in white was Jeff, his burned face with his cut on smile and missing eyelids. And of course Slenderman, faceless and menacing.
Skulduggery and Valkyrie quickly got their heads back in the room before two tentacles from Slenderman took them off. They turned to Fletcher.
Skulduggery: they're here. Fletcher get us out of here
Fletcher: with pleasure
The team and China all linked arms and saw the four individuals. Walk into the room. One of the Cleavers attacked them but Jack overpower him and begun to dig his mouthless face into the Cleavers stomach. The Cleaver screamed as black goo dripping were it would if Jack was eating him. The other Cleaver stood in from of China just as a tentacle came at her. It went through his visor and into his brain. He collapsed onto the floor, Blake put his foot on the Cleavers body and the team vanished, taking the dead Cleaver with them.

Blake's penthouse

It was the only place so under Eliza's radar that no one would cari there. It was old and a little dirty. Blake risked his neck getting China a clean blanket from a kedai to put over one of his leather chairs.
Valkyrie: (sitting on the leather sofa seterusnya to China) how'd anda afford this place, Blake
Blake stood sejak the training area. It was made up of a punchbag. Some weights, a treadmill and a target full of arrows with the bow resting on the weight. He had removed his trench kot and had put on the Cleavers kot on (the sleeve on his right arm rolled up to use the gauntlet, whist it only went about the ankle for a Cleaver. It covered the ankle for Blake) he also had the scythe strapped to his back. The body lay on Blake's camp bed.
Blake: being a Detective pays a lot
Skulduggery: get ready to sell this stuff because you're not a Detective any more
Fletcher: looks who's being Mr Grumpy now. Ow
Fletcher was sitting seterusnya to Valkyrie whilst she cleaned his wounds. He'd gone back for the three remaining God-killing weapons and ran into Jeff. Fletcher got the weapons but nearly Lost his arm in the process.
Skulduggery picked up the God-killing bow and walked over to the target and started to pull the arrows out of it.
Skulduggery: (to Blake) got a quiver?
Blake: sejak the bed
Skulduggery: Tanith?
Tanith: *sigh* fine
Tanith went over to the camp katil where the Cleaver's body lay, the quiver lay seterusnya to the bed. She quickly picked it up and ran from the bed. Pulling the curtains that hid the katil from view
Tanith: (to Blake, handing Skulduggery the quiver) was bringing him necessary?
Blake: never let an opportunity to obtain a new weapon and clothing go to waste
Valkyrie: you're sick
Blake: like you're such a saint, Valkyrie
Valkyrie got up and approached him in anger. Her hands glowing white. Blake pulled out the scythe with his left hand and shadows surrounded the right.
Valkyrie: are anda threatening me? Again?
Blake: depends. Are anda threatening me? And last time. I wantnt threateni you. I was threatening your sister
Skulduggery then raised the bow, loaded with an Arrow and aimed at Blake.
Skulduggery: anda have no right to threaten anybody
Blake: think I'm scared of you. Of death? I faced Darquesse, and lived to tell about it. You'er nothing compared to her
Skulduggery: anda should be. How scared was the kid when anda possessed him
Blake stood there, frozen. Grip on the scythe tightened, and his veins and lips turned black. Everyone expected him to take a hayun, swing at Skulduggery but no, he yelled and took a hayun, swing at the punchbag and it was spit in half. Then he sent wave after wave of shadows towards the fallen half until was like shredded paper.
Fletcher: wow. Just wow
Figure: and I thought I had anger issues
Everyone turned to the door to see Jeff the Killer standing there. His cut on smile creeping the hell out of everyone
Jeff: Eliza says 'hi'
Jeff then jumped at Valkyrie who sent white lighting from her glowing hand, the lighting just bounced off and hit the dinding seterusnya to him
China: umm. Blake can he do that?
Blake: (panic) umm. No. He's just human
Jeff then chuckled and disappeared almost like teleportation, Fletcher jumped up from his kerusi, tempat duduk and ran at where Jeff was, grabbing the God-killing dagger as he went.

Unknown rooftop in Dublin

The two boys were swinging around in a counter lock position. Both had one hand on the others arm which held a dagger. Fletcher kicked Jeff in the stomach constantly but it was having no affect. He then teleported 40ft into the air from the rooftop and shrugged Jeff off and teleported back. He watched Jeff fall back onto the rooftop. But he just got back up. Fletcher charged at Jeff, the dagger aiming firmly at Jeff's chest. Jeff quickly got up and held up his dagger just a little bit. Both daggers went into the other. Fletcher's dagger when into Jeff's chest and Jeff's dagger when into Fletcher's shoulder, both screamed and out of pure instinct Fletcher teleported


Both Jeff and Fletcher reappeared in the pent house and both fell to the ground. Valkyrie and Blake ran to Fletcher and dragged him to the sofa since the katil was in use. Skulduggery and Tanith went to Jeff. Skulduggery grabbed the God-killing spear and drove it into an already dead Jeff the Killer. Blake then shadow-walked opposite Skulduggery and used his scythe to behead the corpse to make sure.
Fletcher: (coughs) one (coughs) down (coughs) three to (coughs) go.
He fell unconscious.

To be continued