Skulduggery Pleasant Making a peminat character

Arador posted on Jul 19, 2011 at 03:28PM
Here is your opportunity to create a fan character based on the books. A good structure for doing this would be:

Given Name:
Taken Name:
Description of looks:
Type of magic practiced:
Current Location:
Background story:

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hampir setahun yang lalu Arador said…
Given Name: Thomas Brown
Taken Name: Lama D'acqua(Means Water blade in Italian)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Family: None
Description of looks: tall, muscular, long dark hair, green-blue eyes, pale skin, black clothes, long dark leather coat and boots
Type of magic practiced: Elemental, particularly good at water manipulation
Weapon: dark sword made of deadly steel
HomeTown: Trento, Italy
Current Location: Venice, Italy
Background Story: After discovering his powers and being taught by an old man who claimed to be his great uncle, Thomas proved to be unusually talented at water manipulation. When the old man died, Thomas realised he could use his unique abilities to get whatever he wanted, and soon became very selfish. He learned to breathe underwater, and so moved to Venice in order to take full advantage of his powers, where he now dwells alone and undistubed at the bottom of the canals, occasionally emerging to steal food or belongings from unwary travellers. Due to his sinister and bedraggled appearance and the fact that he is always seen carrying his sword through the streets. The police have tried their hardest to track him down, but he always seems to elude the authorites, and is considered by some to be no more than a legend; The Ghost of Venice.
 telah diberi Name: Thomas Brown Taken Name: Lama D'acqua(Means Water blade in Italian) Gender: Male Age:
hampir setahun yang lalu darkwave said…
Given Name: Glória Ferrão
Taken Name: Darkwave Necro
Age: 13
Family: none
Description of looks: tall,athletic,brown eyes,brown hair,
shorts and t-shirt and tennis
Type of magic practiced: necromancy
Weapon: ring and wand
HomeTown: Dublin,Ireland
Current Location: Samyaza
hampir setahun yang lalu snake-gal said…
Given Name: Cassidy Hargreeves
Taken Name: Demona Shaddix
Gender: Female
Age: Somewhere over 100 (But due a curse, her aging process was halted at around 23)
Family: None
Description of looks: Very tall (About 6"3'), Thin, Blue eyes, Long Purple-ish hair, Lots of tattoos and piercings, Black corset, Black leather biker trousers, Biker boots.
Type of magic practiced: Elemental (Is particularly skilled with fire)
Weapon: Magic and a revolver.
HomeTown: London
Current Location: Dublin, Ireland
Background story: Used to work with Skulduggery Pleasant and an adept called Archer Webb. After a while, Skulduggery left, leaving just Archer and Demona by themselves. They became a very successful duo in the world of magic and were made special agents of the Sanctuary. A few years after they joined the Sanctuary, they went on a top secret mission to stop a rogue necromancer, which they failed, resulting in the death of 100's of civilians. The necromancer also cursed the pair with immortality, making them live forever with their guilt. They were both fired from their jobs at the Sanctuary. It is said that they both live together in the depths of Ireland, quiet and undisturbed.
hampir setahun yang lalu Alisha13 said…
Given Name: Marie-Rose Williams
Taken name: Zerefear
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Family: Marie-Lou
Type of Magic practiced: A Vamp doesn't cound does it
Weapon: do teth cound?
Description of looks: look at picture
Home Town: South-End
Current Location: Celle, Germany
Background Story: lost her mother and father , lost her memorie adn forgot about her twin-sis Marie-Lou. Now she is going around the world with her best friend Haydeen, she know her since she was a lil baby, she is totaly amazed from a Vampire who is called Dusk and she kinda has a crush on him. She is totaly different as Haydeen. She is "sunshine" and Haydeen is "rainy day". She hates the Sancutary, cuz she they killed her mother. Her father died in the war and her sister lives in london
 telah diberi Name: Marie-Rose Williams Taken name: Zerefear Gender: Female Age: 15 Family: Marie-Lou Type of
hampir setahun yang lalu AmyofCamelot said…
Given Name: Katie Jones
Taken Name: Zarina Malmulligan
Gender: Female
Age: "22" (not really)
Family: All killed by Lord Vile
Description of looks: Blood-red hair, big green eyes
Type of magic practiced: Elemental
Weapon: Machete
HomeTown: St. Izzy
Current Location: Russia
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 telah diberi Name: Katie Jones Taken Name: Zarina Malmulligan Gender: Female Age: "22" (not really) Fami
hampir setahun yang lalu skulgirlchloe said…
given name: cyrstie williams
taken name: Oceana winter
gender: female
Family: valkyrie cain as her cousin. real family had their memories eraised of her.

description of looks: one clear blue eye, one white eye that turns color depending on her mood. long brown hair, fit and beautiful. she wears a long black coat with a white polo neck shirt underneath. she also wears very special jeans for fighting and she has doc martins.

type of magic practiced: elemental and also a shape shifter
Weapon: Machete
home town: a little village in middle of Wales
current location: Ireland, fighting crime with the skul gang.

Background info: she was captured at the age of 10 and was brainwashed, into thinking she was a top assassin. 8 years later she got her memory back and discovered she had no family anymore. she went to go to ireland for her cousin. she is a very sweet, good girl. but her voice goes hard if being protective. she is very good at fighting and is terrifying if angry.
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hampir setahun yang lalu Smileygirl244 said…
Given Name: Emily Taylor
Taken name: Summer Chance
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Family: Older brother and younger sister

Description of looks: Long blonde hair, deep brown eyes. Pretty. Special protective jeans and leather jacket and boots.

Type of magic: Elamental
Weapon: Very skilled in hand to hard combat (punching) and a sword
Home Town: Dublin, Irland
Curennt Location: Secret! ;)

hampir setahun yang lalu valkyrie_cainx said…
Given Name: Scarlet Thyme
Taken Name: Viloet Raine
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Family: Baby sister, Tara

Description of looks: Long blonde hair, blue eyes

Magic type: Elemental
Weapon: Skilled hand to hand combat
Home town: Nashville
Current Location: Unkown
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·10 bulan lalu Emu_Egg said…
Given Name: Ty Abbernathy
Taken Name: Lion Glass
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Family: Little brother (Markus)
Description: Long black hair, pale skin, very skinny,
silver eyes and wears mainly shades of black and navy
Traits: Secluded, quiet and distant
Likes: Snow, peace and quiet, talking to herself, thinking,
reading books and taking walks through the forest
Dislikes: Talking to people, people in general, the sight of
love, people talking to her like she is just a kid or like she's
Magic Type: Necromancy
Weapon: Katana
Home Town: London, England
Current Location: Middle of the Woods, Dublin, Ireland
Background: She was an only child with a horrid father and
a mother who didnt like either of them. When she was 9
she was taught magic by her friend, Tanith Low, in London.
That same year her little brother was born, her mum died
in childbirth and her dad left her and her brother on their
own. When she was 16 they moved to a little cottage in
the middle of the woods in Dublin where she teaches her
little brother necromancy and masters her own skills.