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 the blood thirsty vamp Dusk
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This Skulduggery Pleasant seni peminat contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

Fletcher, Draco, Myra and Night all looked at the mutilated body in the ally "third one this week bro" berkata Draco looking at Fletcher, he nodded "another vampire attack" berkata Night, her fists clenched, she hated vamps, all the team members hated them, Fletcher pulled out his mobile, selected China's name and held it to his head.
"Yes dear" she said
"Inform the Elders, this vamp attack is getting too out of hand for us" berkata Fletcher
"Well I knew that after the saat attack so I called someone to help a teen Elemental called Ignis Terra"
"Ok, when will this Ignis Terra get here?"
"He's right behind...
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