This is my review on who did what around the how like who did the cooking, the cleaning, the sewing basicly stuff like that.

Filthy, filthy, filthy time to clean up

Flora obviously she didn't do the sewing since we saw how she did with the dress and she's awful. I'm guessing that she did the cooking because of the reasons I have for the others but I guess I'll try to explain for her. I guess Merrywheather assumed that Flora would do the cleaning but was corrected with Flora saying that she would clean the room instead. I really don't have all that much proof but I guess once anda read what Merrywheather and Fauna did you'll understand why I put her here.

Let me nit anda a blanket deary

Fauna obviously she didn't do any cooking since she made a very..... unusual cake. I think she did the sewing to make clothing for everyone. I don't think they went into town to get clothing in case somebody found out where they've been hiding Aurora. I think they must have got themselves enough frabric to last them sixteen years. She looks like one of those sweet little old grannies that Cinta to nit. Obviously Flora didn't do it and I don't think Merrywheather ever did it.

Little me does all the cooking

Merrywheather obviously she doesn't enjoy doing anything without magic but hei anda needed to go sixteen years without magic. It's hinted that she did all the cooking since she berkata that she's never baked a fancy cake. That obviously means her chore is cooking and was surprised that Fauna was going to bake the cake. Obviously Fauna didn't cook at all since she's horrible and didn't know how to fold eggs. Merrywheather obviously has knowledge of cooking since when Fauna berkata "One tisp" she corrected her saying "One teh spoon".

I'm just a simple little peasent girl

Aurora yes I think even she has done at least a few chores around the house. I think they had her do chores so she didn't become spoiled. I found out some chores she did from my friend VGfan30 who's a MEGA Sleeping Beauty and Aurora peminat thanks alot for helping. When we first see Aurora she's cleaning so she at least cleaned her own room and made her own bed. Also it shows that she always goes into the forest to get some natural Makanan like berries ect. Once again they obviously didn't go into town because someone might find out they're secret. However I don't think they stuffed sixteen years of Makanan into that small cottage. They must have used natures Makanan to make pies, jam, and ect.

I hope anda enjoyed Membaca this thanks for taking the time to read this.