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This Sonadow foto might contain anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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posted by Anime_Gir1235
Shad: your welcome now,im going to katil
Sonic: OK
*Shad went upstairs*
Sonic: wait.... where should i sleep?
*Sonic quietly went upstairs*
Sonic whispers: shadow,shadooow
shadow talk dreaming: I fucking rip your head off bicth mahahaha
sonic: 030
sonic blushes: well... if shads if he don't mind to sleep with him...
*sonic gets in bed*
*in the morning*
*shad wakes up*
shad: *yawns* why is my katil so warm...
*shad sees sonic close to him and holding his hips*
shad bushes: 0_0 my god... AAAHHHHHHH*gets hanger*
*sonic wakes up*
sonic: well good mor... HOLY!
*shad wacks sonic and sonic went flying to the wall*...
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It was a gloomy winter day. The snow was falling ever so lightly.
A little bird then fell along with a drop of snow from the snowy sky. All of a sudden a blue figure showed up noticing the little bird in the snow. "You shouldn't be out in the cold like this. I got ya little buddy" berkata Sonic picking up the small feathered creature dusting off the snow then removeing his left glove, then wrapping the little bird warmly in it, then sitting it carefully in his kot pocket. "Don't worry little buddy, i will keep ya warm and cozey" Sonic assured with a gentle smile. Not noticing Shadow secretly watching...
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posted by warriorlover40
The other part is part 4. My iPad screwed it up. This part doesn't have our to fav hedgies in it.
Scourge was running backwards as Ashton tried to catch him again just for fun. Black was still in the middle of the jalan screaming his head off while Ice tried to climb up a tree." hei Ash. Why are anda chasing Scourge again?" Roxy asked her.
"It's fun." Ashton berkata to her.
"She wouldn't catch me. I'm too fast for her." Scourge laughed.
" I wouldn't bet on it, Scourge." Knuckles berkata as he walked up with Julie-su and Lara-su....
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posted by Anime_Gir1235
shadow:if they stay here like hmm... 18 days i'll puss u to the fangirls while i find my gun to shot them all and maby u >:D
sonic:oh crap in doomed
later in night time
sonic walking up stairs
sonic:yeah shad ME WANT Makanan GIMMIE FOOD!!!
shadow:shut the fuck up atau i'll give u Makanan in your bleeding lips
sonic:oh crap
shadow:*sigh* fine i'll give u Makanan
sonic:thx pal hmmm...wut r we eating?
shad:u see
sonic thinking: i hope that it isn't porsin and shad barring me
sonic quickly walk down stairs and watching sonic x (duh)
shad walked down stairs and went to the...
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Ok now listen up people I am having a vote i am goning to make a story but I need your help these are the storys 1.sonadow the news 2.sonadow why did he cheat? 3.sonadow is it the end . just say yes in komen like this. 1.yes 2.yes .3yes so who every gets to 5 undian first wins! So start votting ummmm this need to be longer so ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OK I hope u understand. Because I hate a keldai hole who ask oveist soalan I flips my shit needs long so h. J j j. J j j. J j j j jjj j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j jcc j c att for me to help anda so much so why what did he do it I'm getting so much money for Makanan everything is why did anda cheat why I get a pants why why
posted by warriorlover40
Still no sonic atau shadow. Ashton's point of view.
My Friends are my family. anda mess with them anda mess with me and Alec was going to finned that out the hard way. "He's not dead just knocked out. Hi Ash." Alec berkata in his normal way.
"How could you, Alec." I yelled.
"Wasn't the screaming haring your ears too?" Alec asked me.
"You know him, ashes?" Scourge asked me while popping his knuckles.
"Yeah, he's an old friend." I berkata chilled.
"Ash, anda make sound like that's a bad thing." Alec berkata in smiles.
"Can I kill him now?" Scourge asked.

I sniffed...
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posted by warriorlover40
"Scourge it's nice to see your alive." Shadow muttered.
"You too." Scourge berkata through gritted teeth.
"Hey, Scourgey-wourgey." Ashton howled as she put on her hover skates.
"What?!" Sonic, Shadow and Scourge yelled.
"Want to go on a date." Ashton asked as a purple lion ran up.
"Ashy, I heard anda had a crush on scourge." The lion said.
"Note to self... Don't tell Fiona anything." Ashton muttered.
"No it's cute." The lion giggled.
"Roxy is it okay if I skin anda alive?" Ashton asked.
"Try it and get a dagger in the heart." Roxy laughed.
"Sure I'd Cinta to tarikh you." Scourge said.
"Yay!!!!!!!" Ice and Roxy...
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Shadow walked out of Silver's house. A light blue blur ran sejak with a green one sejak it. Shadow saw the blue one jump and hit the other one. "Ash I got scourge!" Yelled a blue cat with white hair.
A blue hedge serigala, wolf walked up. " What made anda think that the freedom fighters wouldn't get you, Hun?"
"A very pretty hedge wolf." A green hedgehog said. Sonic walked sejak and stopped at the sight.
"How? When?" Sonic yelled.
"It was Ice who used my hover skates and took him down." The hedge serigala, wolf sighed. "Maybe if he wasn't a evil you. I would d-"
"No way! YOU'RE A FREEDOM FIGHTER!" A pure black hedgehog yelled....
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Ashton a blue hedge serigala, wolf with brown hair. Has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. Freedom fighter till the end. Can use telekinesis, chaos energy, ice, talks to Haiwan and, speed due to hover skates. Loves to annoy sonic when ever she can. Her right eye is robotic. Her left leg and arm are too.

Black a pure black hedgehog with chest fur. Is an Emo like a red and black hedgie we know and love. Don't take crap from no one except Ashton. Keeps to himself. Has no powers but he does have a gun. Stick with Ashton till the end. Not a freedom fighter.

Ice a light blue cat with white hair. She has four...
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A sexy Sonadow Collab sejak me and my friend Amber :3 youtube: linkdeviantart: linkfacebook: link
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