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Here are all my reasons anda should support Sonaze over Silvaze.
1. Sonic knows how to make Blaze smile... without having her die. Okay, the only time I remember seeing Blaze smile with Silver was when she sacrificed herself to destroy Iblis and was trying to calm Silver down.
2. Sonic and Blaze work really well together. Admit it, they both work amazing as a team and they fight well together.
3. Silver's inconsistant. What I mean sejak that is Silver's character is constantly changing, because SEGA doesn't know what to do with him. He might not be around much longer for all I know.
4. Sonic and...
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posted by gyrothehedgehog

1. Hi! What’s your name?

2. Cool name. Who is your kegemaran Sonic character(both male and female)?

3. I like them, to. What are your LEAST kegemaran characters? Say why anda do not like them.

4. Ugh. I can’t stand them. Draw your least kegemaran Sonic characters on a date!

5. Okay, now draw your kegemaran Sonic characters

6. Oh, I Cinta them! Now draw them on a date

7. What couple is your favorite?

8. What couple is your LEAST favorite?

Goodbye hope u had fun w/ the meme!
posted by Knuxsu_fan101
 Knuckles and Julie-Su hug
Knuckles and Julie-Su hug
Knuxsu didn't just happen, snap, like that. It all started in Knuckles the Echidna issue #4.

How Knuckles and Julie-Su met:
Here's how it happened. Vector the buaya was in the pond atau lake atau type of body of water swimming when he sensed a threat and came to the surface to see a Dark Legionnaire. He thought it'd be real bright to attack the Legionnaire from behind (not his brightest idea). the Legionnaire quickly defeated him.

Later on that same hari Knuckles was with his mentor, Archimedese, meditating and, of course, not focusing. The Dark Legionnaire came up from behind and attacked Knuckles....
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When it comes to the Sonic Universe anda aren’t going to find much Cinta outside of the Archie Comics and SatAM that isn’t one-sided. The pinnacle of all this is the game continuity of Sonic the Hedgehog. While this medium has dabbled in various love-interests from time to time, they never lasted past one game, and those that were referenced were always interests and never sealed deals.

SEGA (or any developer handling Sonic) never seems to want to dare make anyone have an actual relationship romantically, even when it makes perfect sense. At this point it’s become annoying, what with Amy’s...
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posted by TakTheFox
So in Sonic Universe # 50, we got an extreme hint- no bigger than a hint, SHARD HAS A CRUSH ON NICOLE! Now normally this would annoy me… and it does but not for the reason you’d think.

Now I Cinta Shard. He looks epic, I Cinta his personality, and him being a reformed Metal Sonic, and being THE basically LEGENDARY Metal Sonic.

And I’m sure a whole lot of people know how much I pretty close to worship the character, Nicole. Can’t help it, she’s just my kegemaran character. And no I don’t have a crush atau anything. (Fictional characters, DO NOT FALL IN Cinta WITH THEM)

So why don’t I like...
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posted by Sally_Fan
hei can anyone please sertai this club?
a girl on Deviant Art named musiclover007644 came up with the couple so i wanted to help her get the word out sejak making a club. can anda please spread the word too? i mean people believe in Shadamy, Sonaze, Tailscream, Knuxamy, and even gay couples. so why not Sonsu? i mean anda gotta admit they make a pretty cute couple. anda don't have to sertai if anda don't want to but it would be nice if anda did. also feel free to add any peminat art of Sonic X Julie-Su. we need to get this couple popular like all the other ones. so who's with me?