SONIC COUPLES Which couple is most unexpected that is male+female?

Pick one:
Chip x Julie-Su
Link x Bunnie Rabbot
Jet x Maria
Sonic x Breezie
ray x Sonia
Big x Rouge
Bokkun x Cream
Silver x Shade
Shadow x Tikal
Silver x Tiara
Sonic x Tiara
Shadow x Sally
Lien-Da's Dad x Julie-Su's Mum
Sonic x Cream
Sonic x Rouge
Knuckles x Amy
Chaos x Tikal
Sonic x Tailsko
Charmy x Cream
Knuckles x Cosmo
Finitevus x Cosmo
Shadow x Cosmo
Knuckles x Tailsko
Shadow x Mina
Sonic x Blaze
Mighty x Nicole
Most of the above
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all so retarded
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blaze x jet
Added by XROUGEX
shadow x jinx
Added by shadjinx
all of the above
all of the above
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 ChaoFan2 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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