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candypop6599 posted on Aug 06, 2014 at 02:46AM
Okay, this particular RP takes place in a school building. (It will also move to many other different locations but school will be the main point of the RP) So here's the RP idea. It's kind of like solving a mystery type RP. It involves my new character Estra Viciel (Credit goes to Take for helping me name her) Estra is a geeky/popular girl. She seems normal right? Well, some neighbors say otherwise. Rumor has it that the young female hedgehog is hiding something within her large house. It's your characters job to find out what the girl is hiding. Anyways here we go.

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hampir setahun yang lalu candypop6599 said…
(If you would please give a description or post a pic of your character. Thanks. And please forgive me this is my first time trying to right a really good forum topic.)

It's a rainy day at West Pacific High School. (Not my idea for the school name. It's my friends) A young yellow female hedgehog is wandering the balls with a sticky note in her hand. Her jacket was dripping from the rain she just come inside from. She just knew she was going to be late for her first day of starting a new school, all because she had no idea where the Science wing was. She groaned as she scanned the hallways for anyone that might be able to help her out. Seeing no one she continued to walk on, not paying attention she ran smack dab into the gym door. She winced as she rubber her head and looked around inside the gym.
hampir setahun yang lalu candypop6599 said…
I swear typing on an I phone sucks -.- now please excuse me as a fix my I phones stupidity.