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# 1- The threat of Shadow Android
Shadow layed in the grass. He had just escaped from Eggman. He didn't trust him. Even Rouge had her dibelifes about the doctor.
But she stayed.
Shadow didn't need to be enimies with Sonnikku. (Sonic) World domination seemed so trivial. It would go against Maria's wishes as well. Shadow closed his eyes. Though he still felt for Maria, being away from Rouge made him feel like he was incomplete.
He would have to deal with it. Rouge had made her choice.
A sound of rapid footsteps awoke Shadow. Sonnikku was standing seterusnya to him.
"Hey Shadow! Long time no see old buddy...
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SPIKE AWOKE. He then realized he was alone, and he heard the Tornado2 start up.
"WAIT FOR ME!" Spike yelled.
Spike threw the covers off of him and ran outside. He looked past the door to see that Tails was just testing the Tornado2. Windy could be seen, tapping her foot in impacience. Spike let out a sigh of releif.
Windy saw Spike looking out the doorway.
"YO SPIKE WAZZUP?" She yelled speaking over the racket the Tornado2 made.
Tails put on his gogles.
Spike and Windy shrugged as they walked up to the machine.
Windy climbed in. That's when spike noticed...
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TAILS LEAD THE TWO to a coffie table. The meja, jadual was crowded with gadgets Tails was working on.
"You guys want somthing to eat, mabey?"
Windy nodded.
"Nah, I'm good!"
Then they heard a loud rumbling, and turned their attention to Spike.
Windy sweatdroped.
They sat down to eat a snack. Afterwards Tails showed them to a room.
"Night guys."
Tails shut the door.
Spike stared at the only bed.
"I'll sleep on the floor."he sugested.
Windy would have been glad to take the bed, but Spike was one of her few remaining freinds.
"No, anda take it, I'm used to sleeping without a bed."
Spike looked over.
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A RED ONE TAILED fox made his way through the brush. He had a horn-like spike on his forehed, one in each ear, one on his chest pelt, one on each elbow, and one on the back of each hand. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, which wasn't very fast.
"Stupid legs! If I had lebih than a 9th grade education I would make anda go faster!" he said.
"Spike get back here!" he heard his parents shout behind him.
Spike hid behind a tree. Above him, he heard rustling, then a hedgehog with green supersonic hair and black tips on her quills. It wore a purple dress and and appeared to be a female. She...
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ounce apon a time there lived a girl named snowlet rosetta her two other brothers were playing with her snowlet rosetta loved snow rainnon rosetta loved hail earthinatin rosetta loved earth they were playing tag and snowlet rosettas brothers were it
she fell in a magic well that lead her to sonics world when she fell she was also magic it made her forget her name,friends,family she only remembers her brothers she had the power of snow her brothers fell in to rainnons power was rain
earthinatin power was earth they all were seperated and meet people of sonic
hail met silver
snowy met amy,sonic
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Shadow went blank.
"She's been-"
Shadow got up, and started walking out the door.
"I have some buisness to take care of."
Sonnikku stepped in front of Shadow.
"You blue idiot! Step out the way!"
"Tsk tsk tisk! Always in a hurry aren't anda Shadow? Listen! Your not ready to fight him!"
"Not ready?! Sonnikku I'm the Ultamate Life Form!"
"Oh really? Shadow, we need to put anda through the proper training! Even together we're no match for Shadow Android!"
Shadow stopped. Sonnikku could be right. If Rouge couldn't at least escape, then what could he do in an actual fight?
"Alright Sonnikku!"
Sonic smirked.
"Hit me."
"You heard me!"
Shadow wouldn't miss a chance like this. Shadow transfered all his power to his arm. Shadow reared back, and flung it forward.
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February 6,2012
Well, haven't heard from 'Pinky Turd' lately! ^^ The only bad thing is that I was captured.
I think I was caught sejak one of Moonlight's miserable brothers. I might know his name...Aha! Now I remember! His name is Scergo! He probably is trying to take me away from Pookie!
My candle is low.. I must stop Penulisan soon.
I really sure hope that Shock and jay will come and save me.I'm in a cell on an airship right now.
I'm Scared,
MiMi the Cat
February 5,2012 *ACT TWO*
Now this asshole hates Jay-Jay! I'm SOOOOOOO pissed off now! This person's gotta go.
Jay is my 1 and only Boyfriend! I'm not gonna tarikh no "John the hedgehog",or be BFFs with no fricken "Pinky the fuckin fox".
I just can't believe that someone made this a QUIZ question! They were basicly forcing their stupid recolor upon ME!
I'm just WAY to wonderful to have this done to me. I hope jay feels the same too. Come to think of it, I need to see what Jay's up to today. Maybe he'll help me destroy the 'asshole'. XD
Well, write in ya later, ;)
MiMi the Cat
February 5,2012
I am so mad right now! Some Idiot called my Jay-Jay ugly! I'm so mad, I will never forgive this person and I will never be ANY of their friends!
Oh, Jay, anda will always be my pookie-poo,and anda will always be the best friend I've ever had! I don't need any un-original recolors to take your place!
Because of this, I've been grumpy all day.
MiMi the Grouch
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posted by sydni2001
February 5,2012
Now it's Sunday and I have a lapor to Due tomorrow.What is a normal students reaction?Well,it was not my reaction for sure!I accidentally left the lapor in the classroom when I ran down the hall to chase Jay.But the luck I had was great because the Janitor,Mr.Gozales,let me know at 12:00 when I was heading to Connie's house.I ran to the school and grabbed the lapor which was all in one piece.So when I got to Connie's,she helped write the report.By the time I got back it was 9:30.I was lucky thatI got my lapor today because im sure tomorrow I would of been in BIG trouble!