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If anda made your own character,What's the characters name? Explain lebih about the character and the characters story.

 kicksomebut23 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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number1tailsfan said:
My main character is Melody the Wolf. Here's her bio:

Name: Melody the Wolf
EC: Brown
FC: Brown everywhere, except a swirly marking on her left hand (both hands have gloves covering them, so the marking is not visible) which is colored orange.
Species: Wolf
Clothing: orange short-sleeved shirt, ripped jeans, white gloves, and orange sneakers.
Age: 14
Powers: Can control fire.
Likes: Music, playing her flute, fighting when necessary, Chao.
Dislikes: Bullies, Eggman
Attitude: Nice, but not too nice. She’s kind, and tries to help in any way possible. She can get a bit cocky at times, but she doesn't let her attitude and honor get ahead of her mission.
Friends: Tails, ceri, cherry (my other OC) and Chorus (her Chao).
Enemies: Eggman, Metal Sonic
Background: Had a tough life as a child. She lived with her parents and older brother, who got everything he wanted. The only thing that seemed to help her through her childhood was her flute, which she learned to play at a young age, and her Chao, Chorus. She ran away when she was 12, taking only the clothes on her back and her flute. She left Chorus, because just as she was about to leave, her brother grabbed Chorus and pulled him away, and was going to tell their parents, so she had to book it.

She needs a bit of reworking and tweaking, and I still have yet to draw her, but I think she's pretty good for what I have with her. I think I need to change her outfit altogether, because I think it's a bit plain and simple at the moment.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
WilliamXKlonoa said:
My character would be known as Jack the serigala, wolf he is a legendary bounty hunter who hates bears and will do anything to kill all bears cause his mother and father died sejak them and they kidnapped his little sister Emily.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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