Everyone who knows Shadow knows he's immortal, meaning he can't die of age. And most know he's immune to all disease and sickness. But what some people believe is that it is, in fact, possible to kill Shadow sejak force such as tearing him apart atau other violent methods. I respectfully and logically disagree.

Quite frankly, Shadow couldn't die if he wanted. Sure, anda can jump off a cliff in the games, but that's as canon as the pure dark ending to Shadow's game. Going sejak the official game stories, Shadow logically can't be killed at all, in any way. First of all, his skeleton. Shadow's Bones are obviously unbreakable, as he falls ridiculous lengths and his legs are as fine as ever. Plus, he can smash into a dinding at incredible speeds, and get right back up in 3 seconds. There are many other examples, as there will be for all my points, but I will use only a few to keep this artikel at a reasonable length.

Second, his skin. After examining all Shadow has been through, I believe his skin is completely indestructible. For instance, Shadow has been officially seen being shot sejak several soldiers at once without so much as wincing, let alone being damaged. He also takes explosions like a boss, passing through with not even one burn mark. His skin can't be cut either, he's punched right through glass and shattered it without a scratch. Thus, nothing can penetrate Shadow's skin.

So his skin is invincible and his Bones are invincible. (And his eyes, they're way too big to have not been reached sejak all those explosions and bullets.) So how do anda hurt this guy? Well, the seterusnya logical step would be vital organs such as the brain, hati, tengah-tengah atau lungs. His brain is truly necessary for his survival, but it's completely surrounded sejak his indestructible skull, so that's out. But maybe if anda got down his throat somehow, (Purple gem, maybe?) could anda tear apart his hati, tengah-tengah atau lungs atau something? I think not. Shadow can breathe just fine in extreme cold, extreme heat, Black Arms poison gas, and even in goddamn outer space. This proves that he doesn't need to breathe at all, so his lungs (if they exist) are expendable.

As for the heart, it is most likely essential, but also indestructible. It's obviously tougher due to immunity to all disease, including hati, tengah-tengah problems. Also, whenever in extreme temperature, his blood should literally be boiling atau Frozen solid. Thus, his hati, tengah-tengah can take scalding lava-blood, and if his blood really did freeze, he survived. That would mean he doesn't need to pam his blood to survive, so the hati, tengah-tengah is irrelevant. His blood may have just turned extraordinarily cold, adding to his heart's invincibility. Plus, he's over 50 and has gone through some extremely dangerous, exciting, and/or traumatizing events, but still no hati, tengah-tengah attacks. Add all that to his survival in a state of sleep deeper than hibernation for 50 years when his hati, tengah-tengah had to power him with nothing to power it, and it's pretty clear his hati, tengah-tengah is unnecessary atau totally indestructible. If he has intestines, they can be scrapped as well, as he never ate in at least 50 years. Unless he ate off camera, he may have never taken a bite in his life. Thus, everything inside his body is either invincible atau expendable.

So, overall, Shadow couldn't die under any circumstances. Bullets bounce of his skin, he could eat a live grenade and just keep on doing whatever else he was doing. He may atau may not be able to feel pain, but he can't be killed. Thanks for reading! komen if anda disagree, have some other way to possibly kill him (which I will prove not actually possible), atau just have something to say!