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posted by TeamPeeta649
Crona walked out of the DWMA and headed towards Maka’s house. She had invited him over to stay the night, but she had told him to go ahead on his own to the house because she had something to speak to the professor about. He let himself inside and nearly tripped over a bag that was laying in the entryway.
“Whoops! Sorry Crona!”
Crona looked up at Black bintang who was standing over him. He gazed around the room and saw that all his Friends were there; everyone except for Maka.
When Kid noticed that Crona had arrived he began to feel nervous again. “I didn’t know he was coming.”
“Of course, he’s one of our friends, isn’t he?”
“We know anda guys are having issues, but-“
We’re not having an issue, Patty!!!” Kid cleared his throat. “W-Why would anda think that we’re having issues?”
Liz glanced at Patty then looked back at Kid. “Because of the way anda two have been Berlakon towards each other. You’ve both been keeping your distance from each other.”
“It’s just a coincidence.”
“No it’s not! It’s been very intentional!”
“That’s none of your business!” Kid walked down the hall to the bathroom and locked himself inside.
“Okay, now is the perfect time.” Liz went down the hall into Maka’s room. “Maka, I think now is the time to put our plan into action.”
“Great. I’ll take Crona and anda take Kid. We won’t let them out until they’re all hugs-and-kisses best Friends again!” Maka walked out into the living room with the others and went to Crona’s side. “Hey Crona, come with me for a second.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall to her room.
Liz and Patty had managed to get Kid out of the bathroom and they were pushing him into Maka’s room.
“What are anda two idiots doing?!” Kid stopped shouting and struggling when Maka shoved Crona in the room with him. He made a alih to go further into the room, but as he tried to back away something clicked around his wrist. When he took a step back Crona took a step towards him. This repeated a few times before Kid looked down at his left hand. "Handcuffs?! anda handcuffed us! What is wrong with anda three?!”
“You guys have been avoiding each other lately and we’re sick of it! anda need to make up and be Friends again, so until anda do you’re going to stay cuffed together!” Maka, Liz, and Patty left the room and went sertai Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki in the living room.
‘What’s going on anda guys? We heard a lot of yelling,” Black bintang spoke through a mouthful of junk, sarap food.
Maka waved the soalan off. “It was nothing. Nothing we couldn’t handle.”

Kid paced back and forth in anger. “What the hell are they thinking? Where do they get the nerve?! Where did they get the handcuffs?!?!” He stopped his pacing when he heard a small whimper. He turned around and realized that he had been yanking Crona with him as he paced. “I’m sorry, Crona. I forgot.”
“I-It’s okay.” Crona rubbed his cuffed wrist.
Kid took his hand and brought it to his lips. He kissed Crona’s tender wrist with the softest of lips. Crona blushed up to his ears and let out a small gasp. As Kid realized what he had just done his face flushed dark red. He jerked his body away, turning his back to Crona, but the jerking motion sent Crona knocking into Kid; they stumbled around and fell onto the katil in a mass of flailing limbs and rattling chains. Kid pushed himself up onto his hands and looked down at Crona who was trembling beneath him. Both of their chests were rising and falling heavily as they laid there in that position.
Crona tried to push himself up. “I’m so sorry. Th-That was my fa-,” He was cut off as Kid pushed him back. Crona stared up at him with wide pale eyes. “Kid?”
Kid gripped Crona’s chin and tilted his head back-forcing up his lips-Kid leaned down-moving his lips closer to Crona’s. Their lips were less than an inch away when there was a knock at the door. Maka’s voice came through, though it was muffled sejak the door, “You guys better have made up sejak now!”
Kid got off the katil just before the door was flung open. Maka looked at Kid who stood rigidly beside the bed; his head was turned so that his face was hidden sejak his hair, and then turned her gaze to Crona who was still on his back on the bed. “We put anda guys in here to make up and you’re taking a nap, Crona?!”
Crona sat up and shook his head. “I wasn’t napping!”
“Whatever. Come out with the rest of us. I won’t un-cuff anda but anda can still have fun.”
Kid moved toward the door, the cuffs forcing Crona along with him. The three of them headed out into the living room where the others were all sitting down to eat.
Soul noticed the cuffs on Kid and Crona’s hands. “Why are anda guys cuffed together?”
Maka chopped him on the head. “None of your business!”
The part of the group that didn’t know exactly what was happening decided not to ask about it again even though they were deadly curious. For the rest of the time they were together they acted like it wasn’t even there.

Maka got out enough futons for them to sleep on. “We’ll sleep in a *zagone for tonight.”
“That’ll be fun!” Patty laughed and flopped down among the blankets.
Liz looked around the room. “Where are Kid and Crona?”
“They went to try to figure out how to get into their pajamas with the cuffs on.”
After a few minutes, Kid and Crona returned. They had managed to change into their clothes for sleep but it had been a long and awkward process. The two had tried to undress and redress without looking at each other atau touching each other, but it had been extremely difficult. There was often an accidental brush of the hand that made the one on the receiving end flinch. The whole time Crona could only think about what had almost happened earlier; the way Kid had grabbed him, the way his breath had felt on his face, the heat of his hand. It all made his hati, tengah-tengah pound like a drum and his face burn hot like the sun. Kid had to resist the undeniable urge he felt eating away at his composure to stare at Crona as he undressed. He could still see in his mind the image of Crona’s bare backside. The thought only intensified the desire, making him now want to see Crona’s bare font. Kid had the idea that his front would be as perfectly symmetrical as his back. This revelation only made Kid’s flame of desire burn brighter. He averted his eyes and cleared his mind before he Lost control over himself again.

Everyone had settled in to get some sleep. They all lay close together though Crona and Kid were the closest due to the handcuffs and the uncomfortable arrangement left them the only two still awake. They lay on their backs side sejak side-so close they could feel the heat radiating off of one another. Crona shifted uncomfortably then rolled over on his side. Kid was tugged over on his side sejak Crona’s movement and was brought right up against Crona’s back, his arm slightly draped over his curvaceous hip. Kid was overcome sejak the other boy’s sweet scent. It was deliciously intoxicating, so much so that his body began to react.
Shivers went up and down Kid’s spine as Crona’s aroma flooded in through his nose and mouth and clouded his mind. His body took over again and he could do nothing to stop himself. Kid grabbed Crona’s shoulder and pulled him over on his back then moved over bahagian, atas of him.
Crona gasped softly and squirmed a bit. “K-Kid, what are anda doing?”
“I can’t hold back any longer….” Kid used the handcuffs to his advantage sejak wrapping the short chain around Crona’s slender wrists and holding them to the floor, so Kid was left with one free hand while his victim’s were pinned above his head. Kid used his free hand to yank up Crona’s head enough so their lips met. It was as though a spark of electricity had gone off between them. Kid’s hand shoved up Crona’s baju then scanned his chest, testing for his most sensitive points.
Crona moaned softly and his body jolted as Kid played with his chest. He felt cold fingers tweak his nipples, making his body react more. All of these feelings that overcame Crona’s body awoke Ragunarok from his slumber within him. As the demon within the merah jambu haired boy shook off the remaining threads of sleep he realized that his meister was pinned to the ground. It was not in a threatening battle position, but a position of dominance-dominance as a lover. Ragunarok pushed himself out through Crona’s back and let out a scream that shook the floorboards. The others snapped awake and shot up into sitting positions. Before Kid atau Crona could alih everyone turned and looked at them.
Maka stared at them in shock and confusion. “When I berkata hugs-and-kisses best Friends I didn’t mean the kisses part literally….”

*zagone: sleeping huddled together in one room