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Welcome to the DWMA. The Death Weapon Meister Academy. Please acknowledge everything your fellow classmates and staff say. It might be helpful in the future. During your time here you will learn how to master your abilities to wield or become a death sythe. Have a wonderful and fun filled time here. Lord Death over and out.
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hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
Meister Application

Name: This is simple. What is your character's name?
Alias/Nickname(s): Does your character have any nicknames? Do they go under a certain alias? If not leave this blank

Age: How old is your character?
Gender: Are you a male or female?
Sexual Orientation: Are you Heterosexual, Bisexual or Homosexual?
Ethnic Group: What is your Ethnic Group? (Example: German, African American, Caucasian, Italian)
Rank: Are you a 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, or Master Meister?
Job/Occupation: Do you have a certain career or occupation? Student at Shibusen? Explain.
Birthday: The day you were born (Exclude the Year)
Birthplace: Where were you born?
Written Appearance: This is the written appearance of your character. Explain their body frame, attire, and overall looks.
Height: What is their height?
Weight: What is their weight?
Personality: Explain how your character acts in general, around the opposite sex, around superiors, in combat, while alone ect. Give us an overall feel of the character's personality and tendencies they have.
Likes: Tell us what your character likes. Give at least 5
Dislikes: Tell us what your character Dislikes. Give at least 5.
Hobbies: What hobbies do they seem to have. Note: Just because they have the hobby doesn't mean they are always good at it. Give us a few.
Talents: Tell us what your character is talented in. Exclude any combat related skills such as 'overwhelming power'. This may be things such as cooking, writing, playing an instrument etc.

Favorite Food: What does your character like to eat?
Favorite Music: What type of music does your character listen to.
Forte In Sports: What sports does your character excel in.
History: Tell us your history, how you met with your partner (if you have) your childhood, how you came to Shibusen. Each little event that holds significance to your character should be included.
Fighting Style: How do you fight? Close Quarter Combat, Long Range, Mid Range? Do you run or tend to be more defensive rather then offensive? Give us a detailed explanation on how you fight your oponants
hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
If you follow the steps above then you can also make these: Demon Weapon, Kishin, Human, and Witch. You can also make a Miester/Weapon Pair and have up to 3 characters.
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hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
The next post may be long but I had to make my characters the best I could.And it's my character so I can do that and if you want to do the same you can. I am going with the traditional Boy/Girl Pair.
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hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
Name: Heather Akahana

Nickname: Rose

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Ethnic Group: White

Rank: 3-Star Meister

Job: None

Birthday: July 12, 1997

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Written Appearance: A short, tan girl, with long blonde hair. Wears a Purple shirt and blue jeans. Has bright orange eyes.

Height: 5ft.

Weight: 110lbs.

Personality: A cheerful, sweet, girl that loves everyone and everything. She is a "girly-girl". She is very romantic with her boyfriends, but she has not found the one that she will fall in love with.

Likes: Movies, Video Games, Anime, Manga

Dislikes: Almost nothing

Hobbies: Drawing, Computer, TV, Reading, Video Games

Talents: She is able to both wield "Demon Weapons" and become a giant ninja-star.

Favorite Food: Ramen

Favorite Music: Nickelback, Three Days Grace, 3 Doors Down

Forte In Sports: Cheerleader

Death Weapon
Name: Edward Takeru

Nickname: Ed

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Ethnic Group: White

Rank: Death Scythe

Job: None

Birthday: Febuary 14 1997

Birthplace: Kinan, a small town on the outskirts of Tokyo

Written Appearance: A tall, pale white boy, with black hair with red highlights. Wears a blood red shirt, a jet black jacket, and blue jeans. Has blue eyes.

Height: 6ft. 7in.

Weight: 120lbs.

Personality: An aggressive, short-tempered, softy that hates his birthday because it's not only Valentines Day, but also because he has never found someone to love. With that in his mind, he keeps everybody away from him and suffers. He won't trust anybody but himself.

Likes: Movies, Video Games, Manga, Anime, The Dark

Dislikes: His Birthday, Others

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, TV, Video Games

Talent: Ed is able to change into two duel-edged, 6ft. blades. Ed is also able to change into a bow.

Favorite Food: Rice

Favorite Music: Three Days Grace, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, Green Day, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin

Forte In Sports: None

History And Combat: In the 9th grade, Edward Takeru, went on a field trip to Tokyo to see the big city he lived near. Edward was enjoying the ride until Soul sat in his seat. Soul was there for a mission. Ed was annoyed so he said, "Go away Evans." and Soul just lost it. He started shouting and yelling at Ed. Ed didn't care so he ignored him. When the bus stopped in Tokyo Ed went straight to a rice shop. He sat down at a table and started drawing. After he drew a little he had to go back to school. When he went to the door he bumped into someone. Ed was ready to scream at the guy but then he looked up and saw that it was a girl. The girl just stood up and apologized, then ran off. Ed was disappointed. He spent his entire day trying to figure out what to say to her once he saw her again. After he went to his room he instantly knew what to say. The next morning Ed got on his bike and went to Tokyo. Ed started searching everywhere for her. He ended up finding her in a ramen shop. He went up to her and said, "Um... You probably don't remember me but uhhh..." She smiled and said, "Of course I remember you, your the guy I bumped into by accident yesterday." Ed was surprised by what she said so he said, "Oh um... good. Uhhh... do you want to um..." "Do I want to go out with you?" she finished Eds sentence for him. He didn't know what to say so he nodded as he blushed. As the girl got up she wrote something on a napkin and gave it to Ed. He was curious and confused by what just happened. He opened the napkin and he saw the girls name and phone number. Her name was Heather and she added roses around her name. Ed was happy, not only did he get a yes but he also he found someone to trust for the first time. Ed went home and slept soundly. When he got up he called Heather right away. Ed asked if he could see her, since it was Saturday he went to Tokyo. When he got there Heather was waiting. Ed and Heather went to see a movie and they loved it so they dated more and endded up staying together. After that they ran away from home to the U.S.A. On the plane to the States, Heather was picked on. Ed got so mad that he changed his arms into blades. Ed was surprised when he did that and the other guy just sat back down. After Ed and Heather got the Nevada Ed found the DMWA. Heather and Ed enrolled and got to the 3-star rank very quick. Ed became a Death Scythe but stayed with Heather. They stayed in the DWMA for a long time and are still there.

Combat: Aggressive but strategic. Fast and Deadly.
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hampir setahun yang lalu alexism said…
Helow dud wuts up man somthing abot mister and whepen... osom and cool man.
hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
Yea r u going to make a character
hampir setahun yang lalu Ragnarok45 said…
Name: Antonio Bianchi

Alias/Nickname(s): Tony

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Ethnic Group: Italian
Rank: He is a battle axe.
Job/Occupation: Student at Shibusen.
Birthday: November 29
Birthplace: Rome,Italy
Written Appearance: Antonio is has a little muscular build and is nor fat nor skinny. He has gelled back black hair and light brown eyes.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 109 lbs
Personality: Antonio is very outgoing and is what people would call the life of the party. He's always joking around and usually happy. Around girls he is a womanizer and is a big flirt. Around superiors he is serious and obedient.When Tony is fighting somebody he attacks aggressively and tries to end the battle as fast as possible. He always throws parties and invites all his friends.

Likes: Break dancing, strobe lights, cars, telling jokes, partying

Dislikes: Party crashers, drama queens, people who don't get his jokes, buzz killers, people who lie a lot,

Hobbies: Break dancing, cooking, and basketball.

Talents: Dancing and cooking

Favorite Food: Pasta and fish.

Favorite Music: Pop,trance,jazz.

Forte In Sports: Basketball
History: Antonio was a weapon who lived with his parents in Rome. He had heard about famous autonomous weapon Justin Law who had went to Shibusen. Determined to be the greatest weapon ever, Antonio sought out all information he could. One day he heard a Meister and Weapon had come to Rome he was overjoyed. He found them, Maka and Soul, and told them about his dream. Maka gave him information on how to get to Shibusen. After the left, Antonio left his home and journeyed to SHibusen by himself. He has been a student for 1 year and collects souls by his self.

Combat: Deadly, wild,and aggresive
hampir setahun yang lalu LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Name: Sora Hanrei (parents were not Japanese, but they loved the name)

No alias.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Ethnic group: American

Rank: 1-star meister
Job/Occupation: Student at Shibusen
Birthday: February 9th,
Birthplace: Ames, Iowa (i love Iowa)

Written appearance: Sora, is lean but muscular, and is slightly tanned, mush like Soul. He wears his golden brown hair up in a high and tight ponytail, in the middle of the back of his head. He wears a long-tailed turquoise flannel, and black semi-skinny jeans, along with navy blue and white shoes. He also has gloves with metal studded rims, and a silver cross necklace, as well, as his right ear piercing, and his eyes are Electric blue
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110 lbs

Personality: He is kind, and funny, people often see him as the nice popular one. He is extremely protective, and finds it hard to cope with others being sad. He loves to read, and despite being a rather outgoing kid, he gets good grades. When Sora is fighting, he often likes to draw it out to a certain point, so as to take them down when they are exhausted. He doesn't think that going all out from the beginning is a good way to do things.

Likes: Cooking, Biking, Running, Reading, Art

Dislikes: Kishans(duh, liers, people who don't act their age, and others who threaten his friends.

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, running, cooking

Talents: Drawing, writing, cooking

Favorite food: All kinds of pasta, along with omelets

Favorite Good Charlotte, Green Day, Pink Floyd, and Linkin Park

Forte in sports: Soccer, Basketball, and Ultimate Frisbee

History: Sora, was a very shy child. He would often hide away in a corner, as his parents would coax him out, while in public. As he grew up, he became more daring, and humble. He had a rule for himself, that whatever he starts, he finishes. When he was four, his parents were killed in an "accident" which was later identified to be a kishan on the loose. Sora, grew up mostly without his family, and without friends. When he was seven, he was found wandering all the way from Iowa, to the DWMA. He was brought before Lord Death, who grated him permission to enter the academy. He was nine, when he met his weapon partner Sukai Gosuto. She was a little less than 7 months younger than him. They became good friends, and so on. He met Soul and Maka, after three years at the academy. He was injured in a fire when he was 13, and has had mild trouble with his left arm, but is otherwise fine. So far, he has collected 95 souls, and hopes to make Sukai a Death Scythe. He was offered the rank of two star meister, when he was eleven, but he turned it down, because he wanted to stay with his friends. If h had taken it, he would have become a master meister, at the age of twelve, the youngest ever.

Combat: Fast, agile, powerful, and tactical, but is very aggressive, and blind when deeply angered.
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hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
Ed -"Hey Sora, Tony how you guys been?"
hampir setahun yang lalu LinkKinuzuma13 said…
so, how is this gonna work? are we gonna write like stories like on the FMA ones, and the other soul eater rp? cuz thats the way most rps have it, and its also the way i like to do it. I dun know about you, but I'm just saying, thats how i usually do it.
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hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
i havent checked the other rps so how do u usually do these stories
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hampir setahun yang lalu pumpkinqueen said…
Weapon: Straight Katana, with a gold blade and a silver handle.
Name: Sukai Gosuto

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Ethnic group: Japanese

Rank: 1-star meister
Job/Occupation: Student
Birthday: October 15th
Birthplace: Japan

Written appearance: She is short and thin, but still very strong.
She wears a black dress with a green sweater over it, blue leggings and black shoes. She wears her hair is pigtails and she only wears her hair down when she's sleeping.
Height: 5'2
Weight: 95 lbs

Personality: Through school kids know her has a cold hearted girl, Sora's the only one who knows thats not how she really is. She just comes by as the bratty jerk, inside she doesn't mean it. Since she was always told when to smile and when not to or how to act. She hardly ever smiles and she has a hard time showing her feelings, she normal keeps people locked out of her true thoughts. One thing that everyone seems to know is that she does care about Sora, she once said that her duty was to her meister and she's willing to die for him.

Likes: Drawing, reading, making music

Dislikes: Being told what do to

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, playing on her instuments

Talents: Drawing and writing music

Favorite food: A hot bowl of Rice

Favorite Music: Mostly just Piano music.

Forte in sports: She doesn't have time for sports.

History: Sukai was brought up by a very rice family, who always told her what to do and how to act. Her family was always wanting her to live up to the family name. Since her older brother Zuko was to take over the family bussiness, she was suppost to become a Docter like her mother. Of coarse that's not what she wanted to do. She started to make her own path. She went to Lord Death and asked to become a student. It was there what she met her partner Sora. She takes her job serously and she dreams of becoming a Death Sycthe.
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 Weapon: Straight Katana, with a emas blade and a silver handle. _________________ Name: Sukai Gosu
hampir setahun yang lalu LinkKinuzuma13 said…
We write em like normal stories, kinda like school papers, only more fun and energetic. Like on my fma stories, i use dialogue, and type long posts or stories that tell events that happened in it. If you want, you could check out the FMA RP's and see how they do it. I'm no really that good at explaining things.
hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
ok i will check
hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
wow thats not what i do in RPs
hampir setahun yang lalu pumpkinqueen said…
Sukai packs her books back into her backpack as Professer Stein finished up the lesson. Sora walks out of the class with her "Hey Sukai, are you ready for are misson today?" Sukai shrugs "I guess, I'm as ready as I always am."

Two girls walk past and start whispering "That's her, yes I'm sure of it, she's the girl everyone says to stay away from." Sukai just looks over her shoulder "I wouldn't listen to rumers if I were you, because in the darkness of night...something very horrible could happen to you." The girls gulp and run away. Sora raise his eyebrows. "Did you really have to scare them like that." Sukai just shrugs and keeps on walking.

Sora pulls out his misson slip and reads it. "Ok, so we're after a mass murder today. He's already killed 10 people." Sukai nods "Seems easy enough, we've done harder missons then that before." Sora chuckles "You always treat missions like they're a piece of cake...or a piece of soul." Sukai looks at him "Because we've never had trouble on a mission before, so why shouldn't I act like that." Sora chuckles and shakes his head. Then they both head out on their misson.

_ _ _

Done! :)
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hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
Ed and Rose get off the plane in Italy, where they were assigned their mission. They get to their hotel and lie down. "Rose I think this is the farthest place we have go to from the DMWA, other than Japan." Rose looked at her boyfriend,smiled and said, "Yeah but as long as I'm with you I don't care." They both took a cat-nap and then headed off.

When they woke up it was midnight. "Wow. Rose get up I think this is the perfect time to kill the keshin." Rose woke up to her body being shaken by Ed. She got out of the bed and they both left the hotel. Then they roamed the streets for the keshin.

When they got to an abandoned warehouse they say the keshin eating 20 souls. "Ed bow mode. GO!" Ed nodded and changed into his bow form. Rose then started shooting at the keshin. The keshin got very annoyed very quickly, so he lunged at the two. Ed instinctively changed into his duel blades mode. Rose started blocking every shot the keshin made until he has tired out. Rose then started slicing and chopping the keshin.

After Rose finely chopped the keshin, Ed ate the soul. "I know I don't have to eat these any more, but they are so good." Rose smiled and said, "I'm glad you like them."

They went back to the hotel and went to sleep. They woke up by the sunshine through the curtains of the balcony. "Hey Ed, why don't we stay for a while before we go back to the DMWA." Ed agreed and they stayed for another 3 days.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


This is the first time I have done this and I personally like it. :)
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hampir setahun yang lalu LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Nice one.
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
Name: Domonic Althsbane
Alias: The Torture chamber
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnic Group: English
Soul Wavelength: Extremely compatible

Rank: 2 star meister
Class: Meister/Weapon
Weapons: Iron maiden, hooks, chains, bladed pendulem, bladed whip
Occupation: Student of the DWMA, Interrogation agent (his weapon forms are excellent for extracting information)
Birthday: October 1st
Birthplace: Merwood, Great Britain

Written Apperance: Rather tan skin, no freckles or such. He wears a loose long sleeved, white collared shirt and black denim pants. He secures his rather ill fitting pants with a large chain link. He has neck length raven black hair that lies flat, but bends and is rather messy. Emerald eyes are his most outstanding feature against his tan skin, besides his rather sharp canines.
Weight: 130 pds
Height: 6' 1"

Personality: In the presence of everyone but his enemies, he is a gentleman first and formost. He is rather chivalrous and fights for and by his friends. When in battle, He has a sort of sadistic glee. He takes pleasure in causing wrond doers pain, even more so if they've hurt his friends. He is rather laid back, but always alert, making note of all entrances, exits, and planning battle plans and taking everything into account, letting him be ready for almost all situations. A very smart, calculating person.

Likes: Cherry soda, social interaction, the company of a nice woman, practicing technique, and sparring
Dislikes: Any one that treads with evil, most sports, ignorant and idiotic people, being woken up, when his plans don't go the way he needs them to (which almost never happens, so it really pisses him off)
Hobbies: Writing books, playing saxophone (quite well), bartending, interrogation.
Talents: all of his hobbies, playing chess, bowling,cooking, dating.

Favorite Food: Fish and chips, pizza, and souls.
Favorite music: Jazz and Metal
Favorite sports: Bowling, soccer

History: As part of a special outreach program, Riapsed was sent to Death City. Unable to find any available housing, Death himself was kind enough to have him over. His attitude, he hoped, would loosen up his son if he was around. Riapsed and Death have a history, not all of it good. He was rather accoplished, until he gave up a witch's soul on purpose because she had done nothing wrong, all of his souls being confiscated. He then found that he he would remain the way he is, not becoming a Deathscythe in order to remain free. Even though Death ever having to be called on is rare, he still didn't like the idea. He kills keshins and every month, he holds a sort of tournament, the grand prize being the majority of the souls he's collected. He lived a simple childhood, but he wouldn't know that. He lost all his personal memory before age 10.
Fighting Style: He's a snatch and grab guy, bringing them in with the hooks, then get a barrage of hits in with his bladed forarms. Think Hazama from BlazBlue

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 Name: Domonic Althsbane Alias: The Torture chamber Age: 16 Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Heter
hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
Welcome aboard
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
So anyone got something i can work with. I'd rather ease my way into the story seamlessly than just interrupt everyone completely.
hampir setahun yang lalu LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Sora was standing on the rooftop, holding Sukai in his hand. He was slightly shaking from anticipation. He held his head slightly over to one side, hoping to hear something. He got his wish. He heard a loud screeching noise coming from his right. He was overwhelmed, and dropped to his knees, but only for a moment. He looked over to the side just in time to see a large Kishan slide over the edge of the roof, and Spot him. Sora rose slowly to his feet, and gripped Sukai harder. His breathing stopped as he looked at the grotesque form of the Mass murderer before him. Sora saw the gleaming red eyes of the potbellied man, and charged forward. The Mass Murderer known as Blades the Slicer, Jumped away. Sora spat at him, and jumped high into the air. He tried to land a hit, but before he even started to go down, he was hit hard in the chest be The Slicer. He was knocked down, and landed hard on the roof. He rolled away as Slicer drove his blade through the roof. He regained his composure, and charged again. His battle style was't working. He was the one becoming exhausted at this point. So he decided to up the anty. He placed both hands on Sukai's grip, and placed his feet shoulder width apart; leaning forward slightly.

"You ready?" He asked Sukai, still sounding winded.

Sukai's form appeared on the side of his blade. "Of course i am."

"Let's go, Soul Resonance!!" They both shouted. He passed her his wavelength, and she passed it back. When he was ready, he hefted his partner to shoulder level. "Legendary skill of the Sword Meister!" He shouted.

"Soul Blade!" Sukai's blade glowed an unearthly mixture of colors. Sora was enveloped in the glow, and locked onto Slicer, as he vanished. Slicer dumbly looked to his right, then left, then down, and finally up. Sora drop ax kicked his head, and then backed up for distance. He ran full speed at the Kishan. When he was about five feet away, he jumped and twisted upward. Sora came down with his mightiest swing, and kept hoping he wouldn't miss. It's now or never! If he escapes, He'll become a Kishan! I can't let that happen. I Have t- Sora's thoughts were cut short when a stinging pain enveloped him. He was hanging limply by the Kishans bladed finger. He looked at him again, and screamed. The Kishan, alarmed by the sound, dropped Sora, who hit the roof and lay limply for a moment. His resonance was dropping, but it was still there. He raised Sukai, and impaled the Murderer looming over him. His eyes widened as he turned black, and dissipated. Only the red soul was left behind. Sukai returned to her normal form, and shook Sora, who lay writhing in pain.

"Sora!" She yelled. He faced her numbly, and mumbled "St...Stein..," and passed out. She hefted his arm, and felt a very weak pulse. She turned him over, and gasped as she saw the wound. It was large, right through the middle, and he was bleeding profusely. She began to silently cry as she hefted her partner over her shoulder, and began her trek back to The hospital. She shuddered as she felt his blood soaking through her shirt. She had to help him quickly or he would die. She walked for several minutes, often stopping to check his pulse. She went fo another minute or so, before she saw a familiar stitched coat up ahead a hundered or so feet.

"Professer Stein!" She called with a shrill voice. He turned and looked suspiciously.

"Who is that?" He called. But he didn't need an answer. Sukai stepped out of the darkness. He immidiatley noticed Sora, and his expression turned even more serious. "What happened!?" He asked, looking at the limp form of Sora.

"The kishan we were assigned to tonight. He was really tough, but i left his soul behind.I was too frantic!" With the last word her voice became Shrill. Stein looked her in the eye, and knew immidiatley what was running through hr head. He gestured for her to follow him, and they quickly but silently made their way back to his operating room.


Such violence. Oh well! :D XD
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
"Such an excellent performance!" A voice said, concealed in the darkness of an alley. A slow clapping echoes from its depths.
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
From the darkness, a slim figure emerges, the shadows ebbing around him like curtains. A rather slim person, with dark tan skin and bright emerald eyes that shone in the night. As he walked, the chain in his beltloop clinked rather quietly, but could be heared crystal clear in the dead of night.
hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
After arriving at the DMWA from Italy, Ed and Rose went to see Lord Death. "So how do you think Lord Death will react to us staying longer than needed?" said Rose. Ed look at her and said with a smile, "He will understand. Trust me." When they got to the Death Room they walked up to Lord Death. "Oh hey guys how's it going, did you have fun in Italy?" Ed just put his hands in his pockets and said, "Yeah, mission was too easy." "That's good." said Lord Death in his silly voice that he has. "If that's all I guess you should go see Sora at the infirmary." he said. Rose and Ed looked shocked at the thing they had just heard. "What happened to Sora? Is he ok?" "Yes but he is seriously injured. I fear he won't make it." Ed just yelled, "Don't say that. Of course he'll be ok. He will better than ever, I know it."

Sora is Eds best friend. He and Sora would always argue about who is stronger. Ed won sometimes and Sora won sometimes, but they both loved each other like brothers. Whenever one of them gets hurt, the other came to help them out. They fought but they could always recover pretty well. Ed just knew that Sora was fine.

"I'm glad that you think so, because no one else will act like that expect for Sukai. Sukai has been at his bedside for days, not going home until Sora gets better." Ed was sorry for Sukai. "Well she shouldn't be grieving, Sora is fine." Rose has never seen her boyfriend like this. She thought he was just being overprotective but then Rose saw the look in Eds eye. The same look he has when she is about to get injured by a keshin. "Can we see him?" Rose asked. Lord Death nodded and the two were off.

When Ed and Rose got to the infirmary they burst through the door. They saw Sora laying in the hospital bed with Sukai beside it, asleep. Ed ran up to Sora and said, "Sora you are going to be alright." Sora woke up for a brief moment and said, "Of course I'm going to be alright it's me we're talking about. If you got this bad of an injury you would make it but worse." Sora then fell back asleep. Ed just smiled and knew Sora was just fine. He and Rose took Sukai to her house and then headed to theirs.

Well it seems Sora is fine and Ed is happy. That's it for me until i get more posts.
hampir setahun yang lalu pumpkinqueen said…
Sukai walks back and fourth in her apartment. She's still worrying about Sora, no matter how many times Ed or Rose say he'll be ok she just gets even more worried.

She finally sits down and thinks to herself. "He...He'll be ok...Sora's not weak....he's gotten hurt before and got better in just two days....but why do I feel like something bad is going to happen....why is him getting hurt now...making me feel this way?"

Sukai stands up again and heads for the door. She leaves her apartment to get some fresh air. "I just need some fresh air, that's all.....I just....need to work off these thoughts."

As Sukai walks down the street, Death the Kid watches from a top of a building. Kid crosses his arms "I wonder what she's up to? Up to no good maybe?" Liz holds back her feeling to punch him. "She's probably depressed! Her partner Sora got badly hurt! Just because nobody at school seems to like her. Doesn't mean she's a bad guy!" Kid straightens up "Then lets go talk to her then." Patty jumps behind Liz. "I don't want to go, she scaries me." Liz grabs Patty "Come on!" Holding onto Patty, her and Kid jump down to caucht up to Sukai.

"Hey, how are-" BAM! Sukai without warning did a jump and spin kicking Kid in the face. "OW! What was that for?" Sukai starts to panic. "I'm sorry! I didn't know it was yo-" She was cut off my Kid panicing himself. "Liz am I missing a tooth?! I am aren't I!? I'm a freak, a monster! I should die, I deserve to die!" Sukai stares at him and all of a sudden for the first time in a long time, she starts laughing. Kid looks up. "Why...why are you laughing?" Sukai keep laughing. "Be...Because of're freaking out over a tooth that you aren't even missing." Liz and Patty stare in amazment at the fact Sukai is actually laughing. Death the Kid stands up and walks over to her, placing his hand on her head. "Well....I'm glad I could make you looked like you needed it." For the first time ever Sukai smiles back at someone.


I didn't even mean to make that moment, it just happened. I felt like Sukai needed to have someone make her smile right now. :)
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hampir setahun yang lalu LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Sora, peeked out of one eye, and watched as Ed and Rose carried Sukai away. He relaxed, knowing sh was in good hands. He was snug in his blanket, and felt a sudden pang of loneliness. He shoved it away, and rolled over, winced, and turned onto his back again. He flt something soak through his shirt as he finally fell asleep again.

In his dream, Sora was drifting aimlessly through dead space. He looked past himself, and saw a number of souls, float by. One in particular stood out to him. It was a lightish orange, and he propelled himself at it. He recognized the shape, and the personality. It was his weapons soul. He gazed warmly at Sukai's soul, and reached out for it. Suddenly, he was propelled back into his memories, and landed with a thud. He looked around, spotting a familiar four year old boy, with his two parents. Sora began to silently cry, as he dreamed about the last time he'd seen his parents. Sora, watched them walk past, while his four year old self babbled on and on to his mother about how he was going to be a artist when he grew up. He heard an all to familiar noise, and looked to his left to see the kishan that had killed his parents. He Froze, and stared at the horrid creature. He found himself unable to look away from the horrible scene that unfolded before him once again. When it was all over, and he saw the small boy shake his mother, he buried his face in his hands. He was wracked with sobs, as his dream faded into nothingness.

Sora Woke with a jolt, and found himself sweating. He sat up suddenly, and felt a firm hand gripping his. He looked at his hand, and then at Sukai, with tears streaming down her face. He stared into her eyes, and found her soul. He lowered his head, and placed his other free hand over hers, and whispered; "You're the only family i have. Please, don't leave me." She gripped his hand harder.

"Of course i wont." She said softly. Sora looked up into the eyes of his partner once more, and Bent forward. She jerked surprised at first, and then relaxed, as Sora placed his forehead on her shoulder. She rested her chin on his head, and hugged him. Sora was grateful for her.She was truly the only family he had.


So very SAAAAD!!!!!! T_T Poor Sora.
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hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
"So this is Sora." Domonic bent down to examine the sleeping child more closely. "He is in rather bad shape. I didn't think I'd have to do any investigation so early on my arrival." He held out one finger and it transformed to shimmering steel chain with a blue glowing hook. He let the hook fall as it warped through his skull, into his mind. He fished around for a while, then finally found it. He knew it was wrong, to go poking in people's thoughts and memories, but he knew if he used conventional methods they would show no result. It took only but fifteen minutes but he then knew everything about Sora. His life, friends, family (or lack there of). What interested him the most was the three people he found. Sukai, Ed, and Rose. Since Sora was out of commision for the time being, he locked his sights on Ed and Rose. He remained out of school till any note worthy person had data collected on them. He probed for 5 more minutes and found the location of Ed and Rose's home. He retracted his hook and left Sora to his dreams. Next stop, DWMA.
Stein wheeled around the classroom, handing out disection specimens as he went. "Okay, class. You know what to do." Several students hesitated with their scalpels trying to figure out what exactly they were disecting. Ed was well on his way in his specimen while Rose was almost to the point of vomiting. In the loud chatter of the class, the front door flew across the room and landed with a earth shattering crash against the opposite wall. There, in the doorway, was Domonic. His hand was postioned out in front of his face, palm facing him and a knuckle where the door was but his outstretched leg in the door way. He lowered it then put his hand on the back of his head. "Sorry. I knocked but no one answered. Stein, is that you? You've put on a few scars." Stein motioned his hand in a greeting, "A few new experiments but nothing major. I was wondering when you'd show up." Behind Domonic, Death the Kid, Liz, and Patty stood. Patty was admiring Domonic's work, poking at the broken hinges and Liz still in a startled position. Kid seemed not to care. "Yes their was an emergency at the manor. One of the paintings were off so we had to double check." Kid said in a non-chalant tone. "Well, take your seats" Stein wheeled hisself out of the way, but Domonic didn't move. "Actually, Stein. I need to see if Ed and Rose will be kind enough to duel me." He bowed in a gentlemanly manner and stood back up, a sadistic glee in his eyes. Stein looked at them both and waited for their reply, along with the rest of the class, on baited breath.

The challenge has been made.
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hampir setahun yang lalu pumpkinqueen said…
During school hours, Sukai sneaks into the Sora's room. "Sora? Sora you awake?" Sora opens his eyes and yawns. "I am now, what are you doing here? it's school hours." Sukai sits down next to his bed. "it's boring without" a picture of Death the Kid pops in Sukai's mind. Sora raises his eyebrow "What?" Sukai shakes her head. "it's nothing...oh, I brought you something. I don't know what they're feeding you but." She pulls out a hot bowl of ramen. "Your favorite"

Sora's eyes get sparkly and he starts sucking down the ramen. "Oh Sukai thank you, oh you always new what I liked. Mmm, it's amazing." Sukai chuckles "You're welcome." Sora chokes and looks at Sukai "Did you just..." Sukai smiles "Did I just what?" Sora stairs at her for a minute and turns away blushing. "Never mind." Sora's mind races "Did she just smile....and never does...I...should I be happy?...I mean...she actually smiled....she...kinda...looked cut-" Sukai voice breaks his thoughts "Sora?" Sora jumps "What?" Sukai looks at her feet. "Why.....why did you pick me? your partner..why...out of all the others...why me?" Sora stairs at her suprized at the question. " understood me when nobody else accepted're always there for me." Sukai blushes turning her head. "I'm not that great...I...I just saw that you where lonely...and needed a friend....just like me.....I needed you...more then you did me." Sora smiles putting his hand on Sukai's. "I'll be there for you, when ever you need me....just like I know you'd do the same for me...I'm your meister...and you're my partner....and...nothing will change that." Sukai smiles and then suddenly stand up. "I...I'm sorry, I should go....I should probably get back to class...maybe if I hurry I'll make it." She starts for the door and turns around one more time before leaving. "I'll see you later....Partner."


So cute. X3
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hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
"We would lo-" Ed said before he was cut off by Rose. "We would like to decline the offer. We must look after our friend first." "But Rose I really want to fight him." Ed said disappointed. "And I really want you to not get hurt." Rose said looking at Ed. Ed then knew what she was doing. "Sorry but I have to agree with her, we decline."

"Oh how cute, the little boy is hiding behind his girlfriend." Ed got irritated. "I would at least think that someone who lives for battle would step up to a challenge. But alass you just give up." Ed is getting angry. "You of all people should want to kill me after those comments but it seems that you can't beat you girlfriends power over you." Ed rushes towards him but Domonic turns his arm into a hook. Ed stops suddenly and looks back at Rose with a smile on his face.

"Rose I'm sorry for this but." Ed says looking back at Domonic. "I accept the challenge Domonic. Where is this battle taking place." Domonic laughed at what just happened and said, "Well now I guess you don't hide after all. I don't know any place better to fight at then right outside. Will you and your meister please follow me." They got outside and were ready to fight. "This is going to be fun." said Ed and Domonic simultaneously.

The fight is ready to go and Ed is ready to win. Can't wait for the next post.
FullMetal Angel
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
In the courtyard of the school, several students surrounded the three combatants. Ed and Rose stood hand-in-hand and Domonic stood alone, his hands in his pockets and his stance relaxed. The other two stood erect and figiting.
"I will tell you now, your regular move will not work on me. I know them all."
"Kid, we've never seen you before, how could you possibly know about us?"
"Your friend Sora is a wealth of knowledge. Getting the information from him was child's play."
"How'd you do it? What did you do?!" Rose yelled. Ed gripped her hand harder and looked at her, trying to calm her down. A rather strange twist.
"Nothing that didn't hurt too bad. To be honest, Sukai and him were my first choice, but due to his injuries, I guess I can settle for you."
Ed growled and transformed right then and there. Rose took him and readied herself. She looked confident, but she was quite worried, years in Domonic's line of work deduced that much.
"Where's your miester?" She said in a monotone voice.
"Silly girl, I'm my own miester!" In that instant, two hooks appeared on his heels and two half circle blades appeared on his forearms.
"I am a fate worse than Death. I beat Spirit in a one-on-one battle. The commander of the interrogation force of the DWMA. I'm not one person, but five. I'm sure you've seen Rose."
She did see. His soul wavelength changed when he turned into different weapons. Not only that, his personality seemed to change. Who was this guy?
Domonic flung his arms out and yelled, "I am the torture chamber! The masocist master!"
His stance went relaxed again and bowed. "I will let you have the first move. Let's see if you meet my expectations."

I hope you give me a run for my money, ash. I believe we'll have alot of fun with this.
hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
"How nice of you Domonic, but foolish." Ed said devilishly. Then Rose vanished into thin air. "What just happened? Where did they go?" Domonic asked confused. Rose then appeared 2 inches away from Domonic. "WHOA!" Domonic said as he tried to block an attack that didn't happen. Then Rose appeared above Domonic. As Rose and Ed floated above him, Domonic looked around to find them. Domonic finally saw the other students looking above him, so he looked. Rose vanished again, but appeared behind Domonic. "What the?" Domonic said as Rose attacked him.

The blow to the arm was pretty bad. "You can finally see can't you?" Rose said as she put up her guard. "How did you do that? I didn't see that when I stole the information from him." Domonic said in confusion. "That's because we have been working on it in secret. If any one new about it then we would have to go on more missions than usual. And we didn't want that." Rose said with confidence that her opponent was stunned for awhile. "Now it's your turn Domonic. What are you going to do with only one arm?" Ed said happily.
Now that it's Domonics turn to strike I can't wait for the next post. Man-of-Arcane, you better give me something that will make this hard on me.
The One That Never Was
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
"I must say, that was a neat trick," he sneered and a large pole with a humongues half circle blade appeared in his hand, "but I myself am a bit of a magician." He held the end of the pole and swung high and Rose ducked but the weight brought it down and Rose barely jumped out of the way and onto the blade. She smiled and took a runing stance but Domonic smiled and muttered something, then several chains with hooks sprouted from the blade and surrounded her, clutching at every interval and making her drop Ed. Ed transformed and ran at Domonic, his arm a menacing blade.
Domonic did not smile, but gave a menacing grin, almost as much as his Ed's blade. On a pivoted heel, he spun and brought his other heel into Ed's head and into the ground. He knew he would be unconsious at this point, so he decided it would be fun to stomp Ed into the ground. As he stomped, he laughed like a madman, a demented joker. Rose tried to look away but couldn't, something was making her watch. Perhaps curiousity or something else, but it felt unnatural. On the final thump of his foot, he ground Ed in like a used cigarette.
"Well, that deals with him for a little bit. That gives me just enough time," he slowly turned his head from the ground to Rose still on blade, bound in place, "to tear you limb from limb." His words dripped with daggers and they were full of pure happiness and delight, a wicked smile on his face
I don't believe Rose can make it out of chains, but she can try. Let's see where this goes.
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hampir setahun yang lalu shiori_trancy said…

Name: Shiori Arimizu
No alias

Age: 13
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnic Group: American
Rank: 1 star meister

Job/Occupation: student at Shibusen and member of the Defense Squad
Birthday: May 24,
Birthplace: Mizu village, 145 km north from Japan
Written Appearance: Shiori, she is thin, really like to wear a white shirt w/ blue skirt,her hair is black straight long and she make it into a ponytail, has a scar on her shoulder.
Height: 5'3
Weight: 102 lbs
Personality: Shiori is a little moody, her mood can change very extreme, besides that Shiori is a cute little girl and make everyone who see her feel absorbed. Shiori seems have a and only Krisan who can her.

Likes: flesh Blood ( she is really happy if she is cover with her opponents blood), water, fighting, kill people, and blade.
Dislikes: forest at the night, dark.
Hobbies: swimming, bully my friends, drawing and etc..
Talents: Shiori is the successor of the Mizu clan, the girl who was born in a red full moon, she is given the power to control all kinds of water, but because of the curse in the past she cant free to use her own ability, *for example, could not stay any longer or water capacity on her hand

Favorite Food: Takoyaki, yakiudon, and pasta
Favorite Music: Shiori doesn’t like listening to music, for her, scream is a beautiful song.
Forte In Sports: Basketball

Death Weapon, a sword name Sannasubi and 2 other forms ( Javelin & Guilotine )

Name: Krisan von Shicksal
no alias

Age: 13
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnic Group: Italian
Rank: 1 star

Job/Occupation: Student at Shibusen and member of the Defense Squad
Birthday: March 31
Birthplace: Sicily, Italy
Written Appearance: Red hair with shoulder length, use rose-colored ribbon, rarely uses skirt (unless Shiori-San forced her to), usually wear white shirt and jeans. Uses black headphone with skull picture in the middle of the headphone, and put it in her neck on classes and while talking to others.
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Personality: Tsundere. Usually she is calm, unless Shiori is picking a fight with her. Talks radical honesty. Could be childish at times—but not as childish as her partner. Gets really cold when she gets real anger.
Likes: Music, books, bubbles, swing.
Dislikes: Shiori-San on yandere mood, noise.
Hobbies: Listening to music (almost everytime), reads, writing stories.
Talents: She could recognizes and use any kind of weapon from swords, katana, shotgun, cannon, and any others since she was born in mafia family.

Favorite Food: Pasta, pizza, ramen
Favorite Music: Any kinds of music except hardcore metal
Forte In Sports: Baseball and basketball.`
History: That day, when Shiori-Chan has just get out from the dispensation room, he sigh heavily and saw the result of her fit and proper test which is not really good, her eyes are looking at the paper she held as she walks without paying attention to her surroundings. Suddenly, there are a beautiful girl which runs without paying attention too when suddenly the girl hits her.
Shiori-Chan is not the kind of person which is short-tempered, so she gets up and cleans up her skirt and helps the girl get up. The girl apologizes and introduced herself, her name is Krisan von Shicksal. Shiori gazes at Krisan’s face. Of course she’s not a lesbian, but Krisan reminds Shiori of someone she knew.
Shiori have lunch with Krisan, and then have a walk around the school to the class before Dr. Stein gets inside, and he told the freshmen to come in front of the class and choose their partner. Shiori come to the front and takes Krisan’s hand. Finally they registered as partner.
After talking for more than 3 hours, Krisan finally knows Shiori’s dark past for more than 800 years and her negative traits, and Shiori has think that Krisan is her older sister, you can say that they’re quite close to each other.

Fighting Style: with Shiori-chan ability : long-combat, with Krisan : close-combat
Fast and deadly.

hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
Rose's eyes were full of fear, for her life and Ed's. He hadn't so much as twitched after that merciless beating. She thought of all this, took into account Domonic nigh-mystical speed and strength, not just physically, but soul wise. His soul, as she could see, looked like a shambling mass of different wavelengths. She could hear them, and soon feel them. Her soul left her body and entered Domonic's. She wandered through, holding her ears tightly as a loud agruement took place. Before she knew what happened, she was in between several people, people of insanity, anger, sadness, and fear. They held loud conversations of which subjects too horrid to understand and to drive anyone to the point of suicide. She collapsed as the words worked their way into her head, which began to pound viciously. Negative emotion and horrible thoughts entered her mind, and as time passed, she found herself laughing at the thought of a dead kitten, disgusted at a beautiful flower, and other things of the like. And while she lay their in the fetal position, on her last thread of sanity, she heard this sobbing sound from a dark corner in the emptiness. She slipped out between the circle without difficulty, and was finally able to stand. She limped towards the sound, twinging at pain she did not remember. Soon, she beheld a huddled figure, shaking as it wept. It looked to be human, but also a child. She put a hand on his shoulder and asked, "Are you ok?"
The boy turned his head, his eyes puffy and dripping in tears but his mouth is all smiles, but not a natural one, a forced one.
He sobbed a few more times and whimpered "Make it stop...please." The boy had a striking resemblence to Domonic, then she pieced the puzzle together. This was Domonic. At that exact moment, she awoke in the courtyard of the school, lying on the floor. Domonic stood there, his half moon bladed pendelum staff in his hands. She felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and pity and asked "Who are you?"
"I'm 5 incomplete souls. A patchwork of madness. The Frakenstien Monster."
hampir setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Name: This is simple. Akuma Shiro

Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnic Group: Father:Caucasian Mother:Asian
Rank: star-3
Job/Occupation: Assassin
Birthday: october 31
Birthplace: America
Written Appearance: Akuma has white hair Down to his shoulders. His eyes are a baby blue color. His skin is slightly taned. His body build if that of a fit 18 your old. He wheres black military boots, brown cargo pants, a white tank top and black arm gaurds.
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175
Personality: Akuma is a very laid back indavidual. When around girls hes as cool as ever witch is why most of the guys dont like him. in battle he likes to stay calm even when in impossable situations. Gets really frustrated and jellous when boys talk to his Meister Asami.When told what to do by a superior he useally answers with a "Whatever" kind of attitude.

Likes: His Meister Asami,Ramen,Music,Tsubaki Nakatsukasa,Eating Evil Souls.

Dislikes: Black Star,Failing Missions,Rich/Popular people,Tofu,being told what to do.

Hobbies:Likes to Go fishing even though he never catches anything, also enjoys hikeing and being out in the woods. Enjoys runing threw the city dodgeing oblects that get in his way.

Talents: Akuma is very good at cooking many diffrent types of foods.

Favorite Food: Meat! any kind of meat is good.

Favorite Music: Listens to Heavy Metal it helps him release his stress.

Forte In Sports: Free Runing
History: When Akuma was just a boy his mother and father where killed by a Kishin. The only reason he got away was because the Grim Reaper showed up and killed the Kishin. After his parents death Akuma ended up on the streets where he meet Asami his current Meister back in those days Akuma had no idea he was a weapon. Asami was diffrent from everyone else he had meet she was kind and gentle. She too was orphined at a young age because of Kishin. As the two grew up the became closer. At the age of 16 akuma asked Asami if she would be his girlfriend she accept. A few weeks after Akuma bought Asami a necklace with a gold angel on it. As the walk down the street to their appartment a group of low level Kishin attacked them. Without him even knowing what was going on Akuma transformed into a pair of sickles attached by a chain. Asami instictively picked them up and destroyed the three Kishin. After the battle Akuma changed back into his human form. After that event Akuma and Asami trained to become Kishin Assassins. Akuma and Asami have collected 50 souls so far.

Fighting Style:Akuma is able to transform into many diffrent weapons but prefers to fight at close to mid-range.At the begining of the battle Akuma likes to infuriate his opponate to make him or her act irrationally and cause them to slip up. If Asami is not around he uses his own Great Sword to settle things.
 Name: This is simple. Akuma Shiro Alias/Nickname(s): Age: 18 Gender: male Sexual Orientation:
hampir setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Name: Asami Tenshi

Alias/Nickname(s): Angel

Age: 18

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnic Group: Caucasian
Rank: 3-star

Job/Occupation: Assassin

Birthday: october 31

Birthplace: America

Written Appearance: Asami wheres a black and red checkered skirt a black top and a red tie, She also wears a glove on her right hand and a cut off sleeve on her left arm. She has long Brown hair and brown eyes. Her ears a periced she wears a cross necklace and a wrap around charm braclet with a heart on it.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 110 lbs
Personality: Asami is a very out going girl. she likes to tease boys and girls alike in sexual ways witch makes her very popular. In battle she flirts with the enemy. Nothing makes this girl feel uncomfortable.

Likes: Kitties,Puppies,Akuma Shiro,making out with boys/girls, candy/sweets,Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Dislikes: Black Star,being ignored,bugs,Kishins,girls,being told what to do.
Hobbies: Asami likes to follow Akuma around alot. Her favorite thing to do is make boys and girls feel uncomfortable. Asami also enjoys writeing poetry.

Talents: Writing and Singing.

Favorite Food: What ever Akuma cooks.
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal it lets her act crazy when shes danceing.
Forte In Sports: soccer and swiming
History: Asami was born in America on Oct. 31 halloween night. At the age of 6 her mother and father where killed by a Kishin as they walked home from a movie. After they where killed Asami was sent to an all girls school where her teacher was selling the girls men. She ran away from there and ended up liveing on the streets where she meet Akuma. Right away she fell in love with his baby blue eye and the way he smiled at her. As they grew up Asami found out guys where suckers for a preaty face and used it to get what she wanted. At the age of 16 Asami was really falling for Akuma but didnt know if he felt the same way. On her birthday Akuma got on his knee and asked her if she would be his girlfriend. A few days after that Akuma Handed her a silver chained necklace with a charm on it. For once in her life she was happy. As they walked home to their appartment a group of Kishin attack them. In a flash she watched as Akuma turned into a pair of sickles connected by a chain. These weapons flew straight to her hands. In a flash all the Kishin where dead and she was in Akumas arms. After he explained to her what happened she decided she wanted to learn more about thier powers and train to be Kishin Assassins.

Fighting Style: In battle Asami likes to let Akuma handle things with his Great Sword as often as possable. But when it comes down to it Asami likes to battle at mid to long range. She uses Akuma's Sickle and chain to wrap the enemy up and then destroy them. If the emey takes to the air she turns Akuma into multiple Shurikan and throws the at her taget. At the begining of a fight Asami like to Flirt with her enemies to make then feel uneasy and drop thier gaurd.
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 Name: Asami Tenshi Alias/Nickname(s): Angel Age: 18 Gender: female Sexual Orientation: B
hampir setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Out of nowhere an unknow voice yells out. "You made you point Domonic leave the girl alone" Akuma and Asami step forward from the crowd. "Or do I have to ge physical?" Akuma's left arm turns into a sickle with a chain attached to his body.Asami steps forward. "you should really think about this cutie i wouldnt wanna see that preaty face of yours getting all cut up by Akuma here" Akuma scoffs at Domonic. " Well whats it gonna be preatyboy" Grins widly hopeing that makes Domonic angry "We gonna have a problem or what?" Akuma starts spinning his sickle and chain around. "Akuma dont get to carried away we just got to this school i dont wanna get kicked out" Asami sounded like something like this happened before. "Dont worry Asami I wont eat his soul unless hes a Kishin" Grins at Domonic. All of a sudden Akuma Tosses his bladed arm and cuts the hooks holding Rose in the air. As she falls Asami runs in and catches her."Damn it Akuma!" "What i couldnt leave her hanging" looks back at Domonic and he goes and stands by Asami and Rose. "What?" smerks at Domonic.


Sorry if im butting in but seemed like an ok time
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hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
Ed waking up saw Rose fall into another girls arms. Then he saw Domonic. Ed growled and rushed towards Domonic, but heard his meisters voice. "Stop Ed." Ed stoped dead in his tracks and looked back at Rose. "Ed, they're gonna help us." "But I don't need help killing a little bastard like him!" "Yes we do. Just let them handle it while we get to the nurse." Ed sighed and carried Rose in his arms to the nurse where they laid down together. "Ok. now that they're gone, how 'bout you and us fight." Akuma said as he paced back and forth. Domonic was upset that he could not finish what he started. "Fine, but as soon as you're out of the equation I go after them." "That's fine with me."
srry i havent posted just been through a break up and still am but thts what i got
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
Down in the infirmary, Rose and Ed began to be patched up, Akuma and Asami stood around the room. "CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT GUY!!??" screamed Ed. "I'll kill him for this!" He put his hand on his hand and then retracted as the pain was still strong. "Seriously," said Akuma, "what's with that guy?" At that moment, Domonic appeared in the window outside, hanging upside down on the window ledge "A number of things, too long that I care to admit." The montley group looked shocked at how drastic Domonic had changed, a genuine smile on his face. "But I must say, I do apologize for my behavior earlier. Sometimes, I go...of the deep end." Ed turned slowly and and growled lowly. "You call that GOING OFF THE DEEP END!?" Domonic bent his head and nodded back and forth. "Sometimes I'm not accountable for what I do, but that story's for another time. I did want to test you but didn't intend for this all to happen. (FYI: Domonic is a sly, sneaky guy, but this is genuine) I want to make it up to you. Ed, Rose, I'd be delighted if you'd join me for dinner at Chupa Kabra's tonight. Me and my date would love for you to join us. What do ya say?"
Finally, we be writin again. I'm starting to see this but I'll say it now. Domonic is a split personality, but he's very intellegent and sly most of the time, his deviousness underplayed in his original form and is very bombastic as in random. He's not a jerk, so just tellin ya now, he is not a dick.
hampir setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Akuma looks at Ed then at Rose and sighs. "do you really think it's a good idea for you two to be in the same room with this guy I mean he just tried to kill you" Akuma looks at Rose and shakes his head. "Akuma it's none of our business what Rose and Ed do" "But Asami...." " No buts about it Akuma"
Asami walks over to Rose "if you like we can go to the dinner as well" Akuma stares at Domonic. " This guy just ain't right in his head" Akuma thinks as he stares.
"It's very rude to stare" Domonic says as he turns to look at Akuma. "Sorry it's a bad habit of his" Asami bows to Domonic "Please forgive him" Asami grabs Akuma by the hand and leads him to the door. "Hey Rose, Ed be careful" Akuma says " See you guys later tonight!!!" Asami yells as she drags Akuma out the door. "Come on Akuma let's go have some fun back in my room" Asami yells "What!?! Wait don't you have a room mate!" "Yeah she can join in!!!" Akuma's nose starts to bleed as he's drug down the hall.

Nice to see I got you two going again =)
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
Later that night, Akuma, Asami,Ed, and Rose all arrived outside Chupa Cabra's, dressed in their best. (I'll put in what you want them to wear when i get what you want me to put in). Akuma was covered in scratches and still had blood encrusted on his nose and was wiping it off, Asami clutching his arm. Ed and Rose stood hand in hand across from them, serious looks on their faces. "How do we know he's not gonna kill him when we walk in?" Akuma asked. Asami looked up at him and said "we can just try and trust him. He tries anything, we kill him." She looked on to Ed and Rose. "Agreed?" They nodded quickly, then Ed pushed the door open. They were greated not by blood or by blades, but by the soft soothing sound of jazz eminating from a saxaphone played by a sharply dressed man at the far corner of the room. He wore a black suit and a crimson undershirt, his head bent down as he made the sweetest sound. A large, chain-link tie hanging down, topped by a large hook. Domonic, a musician? They all thought of this and as they thought, the music ended. Domonic looked up and said, "Blair, our guests have arrived!" At that moment, a girl with purple hair and yellow eyes with a great beauty greeted them all, her cat ears and tail whipping. "Everone, this is Blair, my date."
hampir setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Akuma looks at Blair "nice to meet you." Asami tugs on his arm. "Hi I'm Asami" she smiles politely.Ed and Rose also introduced themselves. "shall we have a seat?" Domonic asks. The four follow Domonic to a table set for six.they all took their respective seats beside their dates.a few moments later a man brings out soup and salad for everyone. They all started eating in silence. After about five minutes Akuma couldnt hold it in any longer "so why did you try to kill Ed and Rose and then invite them to dinner?"
Domonic stopped eating and looked at Akuma. "your very rude sir" Asami punches Akuma in the gut. Akuma let's out a grunt. " sorry Akuma can be very rude" Asami looks at Akuma. "I'm sorry Domonic if I offended you" he says in a sarcastic tone. Asami elbows him again. "It's quite alright from what I heard you didn't have a very good up bring one can only blame the parents." at that point Akuma shut his mouth and clinched his fists. " My parents hu? What do you know?" Asami interupts " I'm sorry my stomach don't feel so well would ou mind taking me outside for some fresh air Akuma?" Asami stands and pulls Akuma up as well. On their way out Akuma leans over to Ed and whispers " If you don't kill him I will" Akuma then walks Asami out the door into the cold night.
"damn that son of a bitch how dare he talk about my parents" Akuma's eye turned red as he paced back and forth. " Akuma please calm down" Asami sat on a bench. "come sit with me" "I'll sit with you" a voice came from a dark ally. All of a sudden a tounge came whipping out at Asami. "AKUMA!!!!" in a flash Akuma was infront of Asami the tounge threw his left shoulder. " You decided to mess with me on the wrong day ." Akuma's right arm became a sickle. "die like a good boy." Akuma throws his sickle arm at the kishin.
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
Just then, A flach of red and black and iron grey flashes by, slamming into the kishin. It was thrown several feet away and in where it stood, stood Domonic. His hand was a steel block with recognizable fingers covered in iron spikes and blood. "Sorry, Akuma. This guy's property of the Interrogation Squad. He escaped recently and he hasn't given me my information. Now, help me bring him in and I'll give you his soul after the interrogation. Deal?"

If you haven't read Domonics bio, and he has a really bind and control distant attacks and more boxing like with his fists. If you need a better description of that, ask.
hampir setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Akuma pulls the kishin tounge out of his arm. "sure I don't have to be nice about taking him in do I?" Domonic shakes his head. "good". Akuma proceeds to drag the kishin by his tounge back to interrogation squads room. "As long as I get his soul I don't care who kills him."
After locking the kishin up the three returned to dinner with Ed and Rose. "Domonic im sorry for what I said and how i acted earlier but please don't talk about my parents."

Akuma's and Asami's parents where both killed when they where young btw first time I ever rped like this this is way different then what I'm used to lol
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
"At least you can still remember them, a great gift." Domonic said. "I can't remember anything past a few years ago." Ed, Rose, Akuma, and Asami were a bit wide eyed, shocked at this new tid bit of info. "But, it's nothing to worry about. My life I have now is pretty good. Plenty of opponents." He held a wine glass and grinned a small smile, chilling them all to the bone. "But today's a day for celebration!" The group looked rather confused "Celebrate? for what?" "What are you talking about? I didn't kill Ed and Rose today so that's a reason." He stood up and picked up his sax. He stood there in the stage light with a genuine smile exclaimed, "Any requests?"
hampir setahun yang lalu ash24trendkil said…
"How 'bout some smooth jazz", said Rose. Domonic nodded and started playing. Ed was thinking about the near death fight he just had and clenched his fist. "I need some fresh air", Ed said walking away. Rose followed soon behind him. "Ed what is it?" Rose asked sweetly. Ed looked back and said, "Nothing. Just stay and have fun with the others." Rose got annoyed by Eds statement and held his arm tightly. "Rose let go. You know I'm stronger than you." Rose said nothing. Ed just shrugged and started to walk when he was pulled down. Ed rubbing his head was shocked by Roses strength. "How are you that strong? We always train together." Rose giggled and asks again, "Ed what's wrong?" Ed just sits on a near by bench and says, "It's just that... Domonic almost killed you and... I can't see that happen again or else..." "Or else what?" "Or else I would never forgive myself and die." Rose tackles Ed to the ground hugging him. "That's all you needed to say", said Rose happily. Ed smiles and says, "Thanks, I guess I needed to talk to someone." Rose gets up and asks, "Want to go back in now?" Ed nods and the two head back in hand-in-hand.
Thought I should get in some romance. I would also like to thank my friend Man-of-Arcane for helping me think up most of them.
hampir setahun yang lalu Man-of-Arcane said…
Domonic saw Rose and Ed return a few minutes later and as he played a rapid sax solo, a smile grew on his face. Ed and Rose's relationship on one side made him happy, but the other half hated love and wanted to abolish it. But, when he played, he relaxed and forgot about it. He ended the song and was greeted by a song of applause from his small crowd. He bowed and returned to his seat. "That was nice, Domonic!" Rose said, her hands together and happiness written on her face. Domonic saw Ed in the corner of the booth and snapped his fingers above his head, "Barman! A bottle of bubbly please!" "Of course, Domonic." Ed mouth was open. They had eaten so much and now he was springing for champagne? "How are you gonna pay for this?"
"Oh, I don't pay. I got free stuff for life after I beat Spirit."
The groups' mouths dropped as Domonic took a sip of water.
hampir setahun yang lalu LinkKinuzuma13 said…
"Oh. So you beat spirit huh?" Sora chided as he walked in the doorway. He walked with a patient stride, his figure flowing like silk as he made his way toward the seats. "I for one, find that hard to believe."

Domonic stood, facing Sora, a look of excitement crossing his face. "So, you're all good now?" He asked, feeling rejuvenated. Sora nodded.

"But, keep in mind, that I've never met you before. I'm Sora Hanrei. And, you are...?" He said, extending his hand. Domonic took it, feeling the sense of secrecy that surrounded this boy.

"Domonic. Domonic Althsbane." He said in a quiet hushed voice.

Sora smiled. "Nice to meet you." He went and sat down next Ed, and gabbed the money from his pocket. "Waiter! Can I get some water?" He shouted. The waiter seemed to recognize him, and nodded. He returned a moment later with a large glass of ice cold water. Sora reached for his money, but the man shook his head.

"For you, no charge." The man said, and walked off behind the counter and continued to dry the same glass he had been drying for hours. Sora took a sip, and let out a large breath.

"That was refreshing." He said as he set it down happily on the table. Everyone was staring at him now, wondering why he got free stuff too. "Oh, you want to know why I get free stuff on the rare occasion that I'm in here?"

They all nodded at once, feeling extremely curious.

"Because," Sora paused, scanning each and every one of their faces before continuing. "I've beaten Spirit in a fight." Sora leaned forward in his chair. "But, he said to me, and I quote, 'That was the only time I've ever been beaten in a fight.' So tell me, Domonic," Sora's gaze was piercing as he rested it on Domonic's Childish features.

"How is it that you beat Spirit, when I'm he only one who could have possibly done so at this point?"
hampir setahun yang lalu Demon_of_Asura said…
Akuma smerks and stands up. "well ladies and gents it's about time for Asami and I to get going school tomorrow and all" Asami yawns "but but I'm not sleepy!" sure you ain't Hun" Akuma smiles at her. Asami grins " I'm not tired but I will be!" Asami tackles Akuma to the ground and pins him down. "HEY! We are still at Domonic's place! Cant you wait till we are atleast alone!" Asami grins roguishly at Akuma. "why?" Domonic finding tris amuseing starts to laugh. " I have a apare romo id you like?" "YES!!"Asami says "NO, thanks any way Domonic." " But Akuma!!!" " No buts!" Akuma very embarrassed "good night everyone!" gets off the floor grabs Asami's hand and quickly walks out the door.

About half way home Asami asks "Are you mad at me Akuma?" Asami sounded hurt and confused. "No Asami I'm not mad at you." Akuma takes Asami's had and stops in the middle of the side walk. " You know I love you right Asami?" "hmmm? Of course I do silly" Asami has a smile ear to ear. Akuma leans over and kisses Asami on the forehead "As long as you know that"

Hey nice to meetcha link =)
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