Throughout the south park fandom that i have witnessed, I have noticed a pattern. Whenever I ask someone who their kegemaran south park character is, they always say Kenny, Kyle, and rarely Stan. The thing that I have noticed is that nobody says that Cartman is their kegemaran character. I think that I have a theory why. Over the years Cartman has shown himself to be lebih evil, compared to the cartman of the nineties who berkata some innocent stuff that would have been called rascist if someone older berkata it. Eventually, viewers like myself ask," How could someone like someone so evil and heartless?" Because of this, people change their kegemaran character to someone with higher morals, like Kenny, Stan, atau my favorite, Kyle. I know that My Cinta for Kyle might explain why I think this way of Cartman, but I wanted to throw this into the air.Also, I'm not saying that I hate people whoCartman is their kegemaran character.