My Friends and I decided to go see a movie. They agreed that they wanted to see the ""Amazing Spider-Man" and invited me along. Even though I probably would have rather seen "Brave", I decided to go, figuring that it was probably a decent movie and that seeing as how I am taking a screenwriting course this tahun and have never seen a superhero movie, it was probably a good idea.

I was completely blown away. I loved that film and am waiting for it to come out on DVD so I can run out and buy it.

In the meantime, I decided to get "Spider-Man" (2002) with Toby Maguire. I was disappointed. Yes it was a good film, but nothing in comparison with the new one. Let me give my reasons:

I like the way the new Peter Parker Character was written

I like Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker better. He was a smart ass, which draws me to the character just based on personal preference. I mean, how can anda get sejak this:

Spider-Man: anda know, if you're going to steel a car, it's better if anda don't dress like a car thief
Car Thief: Are anda a cop?
Spider-Man: Seriously? anda think I'm a cop? A cop in a blue and red spandeks, surat spandeks suit. Yeah

Spider-Man: Is that a real knife?
Car Thief: Yes it's a real knife
Spider-Man: Oh, anda found my weakness! In small knives! (webs the car thief's hand to the back wall)

Gwen: My father has 300 officers looking for you
Peter: 300? That seems a bit excessive

I also liked that the relationship with Peter and his aunt and uncle was clearly broken. In 2002, they berkata that they were worried about him and he wasn't himself, but they didn't tunjuk that as clearly. in 2012, it was obvious that he was sneaking out and they weren't sure what he was getting himself into.

Peter was portrayed lebih like a normal teenager in 2012 than 2002. In 2002, he was WAY too respectful to his aunt and uncle considering what he was going through. The 2012 one is lebih like how a normal teenager would act and shows lebih how normal parents would behave. Aunt May and Uncle Ben were way too sweet and not firm enough, not like normal parents.

Also, the 2002 version says that he is smart and shows that yes he was, but 2012 REALLY shows it, such as when he works in the lab with the DNA.

Andrew Garfield is a better actor than Toby Maguire

Sorry Toby fans, Andy is better. He really portrays a teenager better. I felt like I wasn't watching someone my age in Toby, I felt like I was watching someone much older. Even though Toby and Andy were in their 20's when they played high schoolers, Andy was a lebih believable teen, whereas Toby just felt like he was in his 20's to me. Since I saw both of these when I was the same age as both Peters, I felt like Andy could have been my age while Toby was not someone I could meet at school. Toby also showed less emotion than Andy did. Andy always had good facial expressions when he didn't have the mask on, and when he did have the mask on, his voice showed emotion. Toby didn't do this as well.

Andrew Garfield is hotter than Toby Maguire

This is a matter of opinion, but Andy is better looking. Sorry, that's just the way I feel. The seterusnya reason might help explain this...

Toby Maguire reminds me too much of my uncle who is twelve years older than me

The whole time I was watching it I was thinking about how much he looks like my uncle. Any hotness he might have was washed away sejak that fact

Gwen Stacey is better than Mary Jane Watson

I was originally intrigued that May Jane Watson was not Spider-Man's Cinta interest. Not having read the original comics, I always thought that she was his one and only. Gwen was an interesting change, and this sets this film series apart from the Toby ones.

I like Gwen better. Mary Jane had a history of a bad family and bad boyfriend(s), which made her character the way that she was. I get that. But I didn't like it as well as Gwen. Gwen is a strong female character who is supported sejak her man (Peter) but who stands on her own two feet. I like that she was portrayed as having lebih than half a brain and that she was as smart as Peter. This works better especially in this series than Mary Jane, as this Peter Parker has such a strong personality himself that he would walk all over Mary Jane.

I also like that Gwen never has to be rescued. Peter was perfectly willing to save her if necessary, but she gets herself out. She was also a key player in the defeat of the cicak, biawak instead of just standing by.

Also, I think Emma Stone is prettier than Kirsten Dunst, but that's just me. They are both very good actresses.

Peter was honest with Gwen

There was no reason for Toby's Peter not to tell MJ who he was. It would have made things make sense to her and would have made her lebih understanding, though she does seem to realize at the end.

I like the way that Andy's Peter told Gwen that he was Spider-Man, shooting web at her to pull her towards him and Ciuman her before she can say anything, though she is obviously furious, and when he leaves she says "I'm in trouble". This was so romantic for me and showed that he respected Gwen and trusted her.

The Romance was better in 2012

There was a lot of development for the romance in the new one. I like that they are not just standing sejak crushing on each other but choose to do something about it. To me, she is not only the one he loves, but his best friend. He trusted her with his secret and is willing to come to her for help. This also goes back to Andy being the better actor. I was lebih convinced that he was actually in Cinta with her.

Uncle Ben's death was lebih tragic and realistic

I liked that they actually showed Uncle Ben getting killed and Peter finding him, verses Peter just menunjukkan up and finding his uncle dead. I also thought that Peter felt even lebih guilty 1) because he could have killed the guy, like in 2002 and 2) That his uncle never would have been there if he hadn't been looking for Peter.

I was also touched sejak the final message that Uncle Ben left Peter.

In 2002, May and Peter seem to recover from Ben's death fairly quickly, even though he was May's husband and like a father to Peter. In 2012, his death seems to hang over them and create lebih problems, which is lebih realistic. May seems lebih upset over losing him while she's already dealing with Peter. I think the death helps them grow back together in the new one.

Sally Field was a better choice for May than Rosemary Harris

She was less Sugar sweet as aunt May and lebih firm with Peter. She also was just lebih believable.

I like that the new one was significantly darker

This darkness kept me at the edge of my kerusi, tempat duduk wondering what would happen next. It also made me connect emotionally with the characters more. Plus, this is also a matter of personal taste. I just tend to like darker stuff (Hunger Games and bintang Wars fan, people)

I like the cicak, biawak as a villain better than the Green Goblin

The Green Goblin just reminded me of a villain from my Powerpuff Girl watching days. I think he was too "classic" of a villain. I was not afraid of him. At all. The cicak, biawak was much better. THAT was a villain, and a bad one too. I think the Green Goblin could be used in the Andy films as long as they make him a little scarier.

Flash Thompson and his development was better

He was still a bully to Peter in the new one, but Peter stands up to him, and Flash respects him for that. Then they become Friends and Flash is shown to admire Spider-Man. I liked this little story within the story. It was nice to tunjuk kids what happens when anda stand up to a bully: they may turn out to be nice. I also like how Peter humiliates Flash. In 2002, Flash was MJ's abusive boyfriend and never changed. I like the new one better.

Peter had a lebih compelling reason for getting the cicak, biawak than the Green Goblin

Sure, in both cases, Peter has the motivation for stopping them in that they hurt people. This works well in 2002 with the Green Goblin even hurting the ones Peter loved. In the new one, when Peter finds out that he helped create the Lizard, this gives him an even better motivation: guilt, which makes him work even harder.

And finally...

The way Peter was bitten made lebih sense

The labah-labah got out of the cage. Really? It just got out? anda can't think of a better excuse than that? It made lebih sense that Peter was in an area where he wasn't supposed to be and got bitten there.

I do have one thing that I liked about the old one better, and that is that I like the dilemma with Harry and Norman Osborn. Does he kill Osborn atau not? Harry hates Spider-Man but feels Peter is family. Ironic? Yes. Good for setting up a sequel? Yes.

The new one turned me into a spidy fan. The old one would not have had the same effect. I'm hoping that the new one's sequels will be just as good as it was. Looking ke hadapan to it.

I'm not saying that the old one is bad. It was a good film and I plan on seeing both its sequels. The newer one was just better.

Agree? Disagree? Tell me in the comments!