Ok, here I go. First, I wanna apologize for my English, because it's quite bad (I'm Russian).

I was really impressed (in a bad way) sejak the komen-komen most of Spike haters make all over the internet. All of those komen-komen seem to be very alike: "Spike was bad, while Angel was good". I could never understand this statement. Let's see:

We have two soulless vampires. Angelus and Spike. They both where bad. Yes. Vampires are bad. Sorry, Stephenie Mayer. But even soulless Spike had lebih humanity than soulless Angel: when Angelus became a vampire, he killed all his family, while Spike tried to save his mother sejak turning her, because she was sick. Spike took care of Dru and loved her to pieces while Angelus awfully treated Darla. Now lets see what Angelus did to Buffy: he used a psychological terror on her, he killed Jenny, he tortured Giles, he tried to kill Buffy's mom (a person Buffy loved lebih than anyone in this world) while soulless Spike tried to protect Dawn even if it could coast him life. Soulless Spike let Glory torture him and was ready to die just not to "leave Buffy in pain". Buffy could have never known about his sacrifice if he had died during the torture. Soulless Spike took care of Dawn even after Buffy's death, because he promised her that. A soulless vampire keeps a promise telah diberi to a slayer. Buffy's dead, no one to impress. But he still keeps his promise. And it had nothing to do with his chip. Can anda imagine Angelus act like this, even if he had a chip?

Can anda imagine what could have happened if Glory had caught Angelus instead of Spike? Angelus would have probably told everything he knew about Buffy's life, helped Glory to kill Buffy's family and then Buffy herself... And no way Angelus would ever fight to death to bring his soul back for the one he loves. Anyway, soulless Angel caused Buffy so much pain that soulless Spike didn't even come close to.

Why do some people use things soulless Spike did against Spike with a soul? Same people don't use all those terrible things Angelus did against Angel atau Bangel. Why? Because Angel had two names? Should we call soulless Spike "Spikelus" then?..

Spike and Spuffy haters always use an attempted rape in Season 6 against Spike fans. Again, in season 6 it was soulless Spike. A soulless vampire ALMOST did a bad thing yet stopped, went to fight to death to get his soul back and did everything to gain Buffy's forgiveness. Spike haters say: "What a monster!" Angel with a soul slitted his son's throat and refused of his own child, because this child had mental problems he couldn't deal with. Spike haters say: "What a hero!" They say that Angel did it "for his son's sake". Really? It's an excuse all the bad fathers use for ages. The worst thing was that only a couple of hours after that Angel goes to Sunnydale and seems to be all joky and jealousy and looks like he only cared about Buffy dating atau not dating Spike...

Spike was horrified sejak the fact that he could "hurt a girl", he went hell knows where and fought to death to bring his soul back. The only vampire in history who did that. And did this for the one he loved. In season 3 when Angel was hurt sejak a poisoned Arrow and only slayer's blood could cure him, Buffy only had to perahu nelayan kecil, pukulan him a couple of times due to get him angry and he was totally out of control. Angel with a soul had nearly killed Buffy sejak drinking her blood. And he didn't stop like soulles Spike.

Angel with a soul let Darla and Dru kill people. Angel with a soul headed Wolfram and Hart and communicated with demons who killed innocent. No way Angel was ever better than Spike.

I don't hate Angel (he's one of my kegemaran characters and I'm a very big peminat of David Boreanaz), but what I really can't stand is double standards.

Another thing Spike haters use against soulful Spike is that he didn't say sorry for killing Robin Wood's mother. (By the way, Angel wasn't that sorry about Jenny and he didn't stand on his neas bagging Giles to forgive him for killing the Cinta of his life). Spike was a vampire, Wood's mom was a slayer. They fought, he won. It was a honest fight. Wood though had all the rights to ask for revenge. But instead of Berlakon like a man and fighting Spike on his own, he asks Giles to distract Buffy and then uses Spike's trigger to fulfill his plan. I'm not even gonna remind everyone that Wood tried to stake Spike in his back once during the fight at school. Very manly. His mother should be proud...

I also don't get why Spike haters and a lot of Bangel peminat-peminat (those who also are Spike haters. Thanks Merlin, not all the Bangel peminat-peminat are Spike haters...) are all praying on what Giles berkata in Season 7 about Angel doing the right thing sejak leaving Buffy and Sunnydale (in season 3)? Giles in Season 7 and especially in that episode was shown as a person, who makes a HUGE mistake. I Cinta Giles, but not in that episode. Those people are praying on someone who gave all that pro-Bangel speech only to distract Buffy to give Wood a chance to kill Spike... Can anda imagine what would they say if it was Angel Wood needed to kill and Giles would say something good about Spike to distract Buffy? I can almost hear their angry screams: "Giles must die!"

So, what do we have? Double standards. None of this Vampires was perfect. None of all the BTVS characters was perfect. They all had good and bad sides of their character. But double standards are always bad, there's nothing good about them...