Spirit Stallion of The Cimarron Ideas for Sequel/Trilogy

rebelrising posted on May 02, 2008 at 01:39AM
This is very unlikely, but if people will throw out ideas for what would make great, substantial plots and characters for a sequel or, goodness granting, a trilogy.

My overall idea is:
Spirit, Rain and the herd are reunited, but the theme of humans taking over the West still hangs over both the horses and Native Americans. Depending on what year(s) this is supposed take place, General Custer could come in as another antogonist along with Cromwell.
Possibly, Spirit and Rain have a kid. Perhaps it is better to focus on just one kid than two. But Spirit and Rain would be the central characters still. Maybe there are other herds and tribes that the Cimarron can unite with to make a final stand against the Army/Railroad Company, etc. A more epic feel, while retaining the 'spirit' of what makes the setting and characters so special.


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hampir setahun yang lalu Breezybry said…
How aboutttt... Spirit and Rain have twins. One colt, one filly. The colt becomes evil, and turns the whole herd against Spirit and Rain, even his mother is against them! EXCEPT, their filly.

So Spirit, Rain, and their filly, start a herd of their own. An d once their herd outnumbers the colt's, there is a war. The filly battles her brother, and eventually drives him out of the territory. But in the midst of all this, the filly finds herself falling for one of her parent's herd members. But when Spirit comes in between the filly and the one she loves, it strikes up drama between them. But a deal is made. If his daughters love interest can beat Spirit in a fight, then they can be together. Well, he beats him, and they take over as the new lead pair for the cimarron herd.

OH, and when the evil colt is driven out of the territory, all the ebil horses turn nice again, and they have a hard twice it's original size.

Then, when Spirit goes on another adventure, the indians return and capture Rain. Then, the filly's mate goes on a quest to rescue his mother-in-law. The movie ends while he is on his adventure, thus forcing them to make a third movie.

IN movie three, the filly's mate (imma jus' call 'im shadow) succesfully rescues rain, and comes back only to find that the entire herd is suffering from an illness. They are dying, one by one. Then I haven't thought of anything else after that, lol. Any ideas?
hampir setahun yang lalu mingorules1 said…
I was going to make a movie of my own because i am exremely good at drawing spirit and doing horse animations, so my idea was the description below!

Rain had a colt and his name was Bolt because he has a lightning bolt on his face. A week after he was born, Rain was grazing when suddenly the kernal came running through. She was roped and taken from the herd before Spirit could get there. Bolt sneaks away at night and goes on a quest to find his mother. He has been looking for his mother for a year now and is grown but he will not quit, he knows his mother is out there. His friend, Delila, a beutiful black and white paint mare, thinks he needs to go home because they have been looking too long, but he refuses to. Delila stays with him to stay out of trouble and safe. Will they find rain and return home to Spirit safley?

I would make the movie myself but i dont have the equipement but on youtube i have animations of Bolt and a trailer of the movie!
I would make a movie but
hampir setahun yang lalu Okami_Amaterasu said…
I would...

Do one about Spirit's adventures when we was a colt, like say that one night he left the heard to go on a little adventure that night and when he returns the herd is gone and he ends up being alone, so he tries to look around for clues and sees hoof marks in the dirt and decides to follow them and ends up meeting Rain when she was young and when she was a wild horse, and they go on an adventure together to find spirits herd...

and i can't think of anyomore.