SpongeBob SqaurePants was at his pineapple house one day,gazing at the roof above him.He did not have to work at the Krusty Krab since it was Sunday,and he had absolutely nothing to do.He sighed while lying sideways on his livingroom couch,slowly sinking inside of it,getting lebih and lebih depressed.
SpongeBob all of a sudden sprung to his feet with a happy glow on his face."I know!" SpongeBob glittered."I'll go jellyfishing with Patrick!" SpongeBob ran past his pet snail,Gary,and headed out the front door.
He went seterusnya door to one of his best friends.Patrick Star's house.Patrick lived in a rock,so when SpongeBob knocked on it for Patrick to come outside,the rock flew open.Patrick was stuck to the ceiling with a grin on his face."Hi,SpongeBob!" he said."How's about we go for some jellyflipping!"
"Uh...Pat?" SpongeBob said."I think anda mean,'jellyfishing'.""Whatever," Patrick replied,jumping down to SpongeBob."Let's go!" Patrick and SpongeBob then ran to jellyfish fields.
Later,when SpongeBob and Patrick were just about ready to go,SpongeBob noticed something moving in the distance."Hey...," SpongeBob berkata suspiciously."What IS that thing?""How should I know?" Patrick said."I'm just a starfish." "Let's go follow it!" SpongeBob berkata with Patrick trailing behind him.
Once they got closer,they automatically recognized the "thing" that was moving:Sandy Cheeks!"Sandy?" SpongeBob and Patrick berkata in unison."What are anda doing here?"SpongeBob asked.Sandy was holding some special equiptment to different jellyfish while taking notes of what she saw.Finally,she looked up at SpongeBob."Oh,hey,guys!I was just studyin' these jellyfish."
"What for?" SpongeBob said."Follow me to the treedome," Sandy said,motioning them to come with her,"I'll tunjuk ya." SpongeBob and Patrick turned to eachother.They shrugged and followed their tupai friend.When they arrived,Sandy quickly ran up to something inside her treedome that was covered with an oversized cover."Introducing...," she said,quickly pulling off the cover.SpongeBob and Patrick couldn't believe their eyes!

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