I found a funny glitch on Spyro: tahun of the Dragon for PsX.
To activate it, do the following:

Go to any world with lava atau any other kind of stuff that makes anda hurt yourself. I prefer to do this in Molten Crater in the Sunrise Spring homeworld at the beginning of the level, but it can be done anywhere. Jump into the lava, keep burning yourself untill Sparx is gone. What anda want to do now is hit the ava one lebih time, but as anda hit the lava, quickly pause the game. You'll feel the controller shake if anda did this correctly. Now, don't unpause the game, select 'Exit world'. You'll return to your homeworld again.

You're technically dead, so anda can do pretty much anything anda want. anda can't pause the game, atau even peek into your Atlas though... anda can even step through other portals after the glitch is activated, anda can even go to other homeworlds. One little hit though, and you're dead. Oh, and swimming is a no-no. Cuz when anda jump into water, anda don't start swimming, you'll keep falling until anda reached the bottom of the lake. This can be fun at first, but after a few minit of wandering around aimlessly, you'll get bored. What to do? Well, pause the game of course! Oh, wait anda can't... The only way to get out of there is turn off your game system. Seriously.

My advice: GO TO SEASHELL SHORE. I do it all the time. The fun thing is, anda already start the level in water, so anda don't automatically fall to the bottom. In this level, anda keep swimming. When anda start in Seashell Shore, swim over to that little shell istana, castle thingy at the other side of you. Avoid getting hit at all cost, anda don't want to get hit. anda will reach surface eventually. When anda reach surface... Well, go try it out once, I'll keep it as a surprise for you(trust me, you'll like it!). To end this glitch, step through a dark protal, atau simply, let Spyro die.