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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Republic Captain: *Unveils a miniature dummy paratrooper* This is Rupert. Now we're going to fly Rupert into Naboo, behind enemy lines, and we're going to drop him on the ground. When he does, he's going to do something extraordinary. *Hits a switch on the back of the dummy's head*

Tiny explosions occurred which looked like blaster shots.

Republic Soldiers: *Closing their eyes*
Republic Captain: Settle down now. We're going to do this with Rupert, and many of his fellow comrades. This will distract the Empire, and have them head away from the landing zones where the real paratroopers land.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Rebel soldiers were playing with crickets, making them click off over and over again. The noise was very loud.

Hollin: *Walks onto a stand* Attention!
Rebels: *Stop playing with the crickets, and look at Colonel Russo*
Rebel Lieutenant: The crickets have been distributed sir.
Hollin: So I heard. Team, you're about as ready as we can make you. When anda land in Naboo, it's going to be dark, and there maybe someone nearby who isn't a Rebel. *Holding his cricket* That's why we gave anda this cheap novelty toy. One click. *Clicks the cricket* Is to be answered sejak two clicks. *Clicks twice* This little trinket will save your life. When anda click once, and anda don't hear those two clicks, hit the dirt. anda all understand?
Rebel Soldier: Yes sir.
Hollin: That's all. *Walks away*

After Hollin walked away, the Rebels continued playing with their crickets. It became very noisy again within a matter of seconds.

Five hours later, everyone gathered into a hangar for the final speech before taking off.

Republic 64: *Holding a big blaster* Some of anda maybe issued a vintage DC15, atau a DC15-A, but those of anda who are lucky will be telah diberi this. It's an NB-49. The NB stands for New Blaster, and the 49 means that anda can api, kebakaran this contraption non stop for 49 saat until it overheats, thanks to the big cooling block on top. It does have slightly lebih recoil than your usual blaster, so be careful. Corporal. *Walks off stage*
Rebel 85: Here with Commander Skywalker, is Republic Admiral, Mick Torrow.
Soldiers: *Clapping*
Luke: *Walks towards the edge of the stage, and talks into his mic* Ladies, gentlemen, soldiers from Polis Massa, The Republic, and The Rebellion. We are going to liberate a planet that has been under control of The Empire for five years. Five dreadful years of tyranny from men who wear white armor.
Mick: *Talking into another mic* Five years too long, have they been tortured. Your Jedi friend has created this plan that we call The hari Of Freedom. It will take lebih than one hari to free Naboo unfortunately, but we will give those Imperials what for!
Soldiers: *Cheering*
Luke: Gather your gear, and get ready. In thirty minutes, we will leave Coruscant. In thirty minutes, we will start our journey towards Naboo. In thirty minutes, we will start, The hari Of Freedom.

2 B Continued
 The NB-49
The NB-49
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