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 Starship Sublight & Hyperdrive Speed Comparison Chart
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foto image depicting the comparable sublight & hyperdrive speed of various starships from the bintang Wars universe.
Star Wars
starship sublight & hyperdrive speed comparison chart
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i made a record called " the joystick, kayu ria lothario " , it has comic book themes and sounds from sci fi, video games and anime.
the song " saturday knights " is based in the bintang WARS universe,
i asked myself what do the JEDI do when they are done policing the universe, every once in a while they party ! this is a party song for the JEDI , its a straight groove ! its great to party to atau to listen to on those long runs from one side of the universe to the other.
my name is desjon deluxe and anda can find me on myspace music, drop sejak and enjoy the song " saturday knights " and songs from the album " the joystick, kayu ria lothario " . the complete album will be on itunes and other digital retailers in october.

ps. anda must unlearn what anda have learned about bintang WARS music.
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kylo ren
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Star Wars
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Logan: *Riding his speeder bike up a mountain*
Meghan: *Looking at lebih mountains to the right*

Song: link

Suddenly, a bullet hit Logan's shoulder.

Logan: Ah! *Falls off the speeder bike*
Meghan: *Gets down seterusnya to Logan, then looks up* Sand people.
Logan: What are anda talking about?
Meghan: They're not like the sand people in Tatooine.
Logan: Yeah, well I can tell that they don't use sticks, but what else is different about these sand people?
Meghan: Besides using antique blasters, *Holds out her cross* They are superstitious.
Logan: *Holding his KH70 blaster* That's not going to help sister.
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It was night. Meghan was sleeping.

Logan: *Pokes Meghan with his foot*
Meghan: *Wakes up, and looks at Logan*
Logan: I want anda up in that tree.
Meghan: Why?
Logan: I heard something growling.

Song: link

Meghan: *Goes to the tree, but can't climb up*
Logan: Go on, I'll help you. *Puts his hands on Meghan's butt, and pushes her up*
Meghan: Oh! *Makes it up onto a thick branch*
Logan: *Turns on his lightsaber*
Geonosians: *Flying towards Logan*

Stop the song

Logan: *Turns off his lightsaber*
Geonosian: Floo, ka floo floo!
Logan: Good to know. Thank you.
Geonosians: *Flying away*
Logan: Alright, anda can come down....
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