i Cinta the relationship with steven and pearl and Pearl acts so motherly kind and nice to steven and she berkata she treats him like her own son. i mean steven never knew rose his mother but pearl totally acts like rose as a mom who cares for steven and protects him from danger i like pearl and steven even though steven loves pearl too and along with garnet and amethyest i think they are good couple as mother+son bound. and steven can be screwing everything up at times but he then becomes serious when she tells him that i mean pearl too me has a good personality and has good hair and beautiful in a way. and she loves steven and i really thought pearl after rose left the gems and told them to take care of steven she started Berlakon like his own mother and caring and loving steven even though pearl enjoys steven alot she can sometimes just get annyoed sejak some things he does that are not funny atau just stupid kid-like things. but keseluruhan i like pearl and steven and i think pearl would be a great new mother to steven and told rose that. steven and pearl are the best couple and live on! that's all i had to say thanks 4 watching.