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Your bahagian, atas 10 favourite SUJU songs

10. No other
9. Super girl
7. Santa U are the one
6. Marry U
5. Sorry sorry
4. Opera
3. Miracle
2. Endless moment
1. It's you
 Aya_tz posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Super Junior Jawapan

love_kimheechul said:
10. Disco Drive
9. Hero
8. Break Down (Super Junior-M)
7. U
6. Sorry Sorry
5. Opera
4. Mr. Simple
3. Bonamana
2. Sexy, Free, & Single
1. Don't Don
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
ninis said:
10. She's gone
9. Daydream
8. Why I Like You
7. A Man In Love
6. Superman
5. Marry U
4. Sorry Sorry
3. Reset
2. Storm
1. It's You

Well I only listed song that sang sejak all member, but KRY - Let's Not and EunHae - Still anda also my bahagian, atas favourite
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
leemoula said:
1. u
2. shake it up
3. sorry sorry
4. bonamana
5. superman
6 super girl
7 rokoko
8. tok tok
9. mr simple
10.no other
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
MaericaLee05 said:
2.Sorry Sorry
6.Sexy free and single
7.what if
8.Marry U
10.A man in love
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
msbass said:
Okay. THIS ONE IS FREAKING HARD, but i'll manage x')
10. MAMACITA (love the song and MV is dorky af and so SuJu-like and i Cinta it)
09. Hit Me Up (this song is genious. when i heard the first saat of this song it was instant love)
08. Coagulation (KRY) (the best word to describe this song is beautiful❤ KRY ballads always do something to me)
07. Heartquake ft. Yuhno&Yoochun(DBSK) (i Cinta the slow beat of the song and it's flow. simply amazing! also the lives with Eunhuyk&Donghae slay❤)
06. We Can (KRY)(this song brings tears to my eyes. EVERY FREAKING TIME!)
05. Perfection (SuJuM (Chinese Ver.)) (the song is exactly what the tajuk indicates. PERFECTION❤ And a moment of silence in reminesence of how HOT Kyuhyun looked with that eyeliner)
04. My Love, My Kiss, My hati, tengah-tengah (KRY)(this song so freaking beautiful and the last chorus just makes me burst into tears)
03. Don't Don (apart from the MV and their hairstyles in 2007, this song is still one of my everyday jams. for me an undeniable PERFECT classic. and i Cinta the rock sound it has❤)
02. The Point Of No Return (KRY) (it's a japanese release, but so freaking perfect. Did i forget to mention how much i Cinta KRY's vocals and how they can make me cry with just one ballad? well if not, anda should know that i adore them❤)
01. It's anda (nothing can bahagian, atas this masteerpiece in my heart. the choreo, the song, the vocals in this song make me feel so many things. an undeniable SuJu classic❤)

phew...i managed to make a list! this is way to hard for an ELF, honestly.

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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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