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Sam nodded in agreement and joined up with his brother in the middle of the road to go towards the other roadside. Dean perpecahan, berpecah from Sam slightly as he went to the Impala again to retrieve his phone.
Sam gave him a questioning look.
“Okay,” Dean confessed, “one: I’m expecting a call from a hot chick from the vampire hunt last week; anda know, Stacey? And two, phone cameras can sometimes detect spirit activity because of the frequency, right? We might be able to see something through it.”
Sam scoffed and shook his head at Dean.
“Nice save.”
Dean grinned as his brother had read his mind. “I thought so.”
Sam and Dean approached the rumput verge they’d parked the car on and separated a small distance to cover lebih ground, both shining their torches in various directions. Sam scanned the rumput he was standing on and the area around him, trying to give as thorough a look as possible. He shook his jaket sleeve up and glanced at his watch. One a.m. They’d already wasted nearly an jam looking for the piece that was keeping Barnes’s spirit around, and if they didn’t find it soon they’d have to return to the motel and try again –
Sam stopped. He’d been convinced that he’d just seen a glint of something lying in the rumput a short angkasa away. He wondered over and knelt down in the grass, brushing his hand lightly against the soil to see if he could feel anything unusual; in the dark, even though he had a torch, which he was shining at the patch of grass, Sam trusted his touch over his vision as his hand skimmed along the ground.
His hand hit something very small but impressively hard. He whistled softly at Dean a few metres away and his head snapped up.
“You got it?”
“I think so. But it’s half buried into the ground. Give me a minute.”
Sam picked through the stubborn soil for a few lebih seconds, the damp soil being newly encrusted in his fingernails as he did so. After rummaging a little longer, Sam’s fingers emerged triumphantly with something small and gleaming between his tightly gripping fingers. Sam looked at Dean grimly.
“What?” Dean asked.
Sam stood up and transferred it into Dean’s open hand. Dean held it with one hand and turned it over with the other, looking at it closely.
“That’s gross.”
“So the kids screwed him over and beat him so badly that he Lost a tooth?! That’s gross.”
“I got that that first time anda berkata it, Dean. What the lebih pressing matter is, what do we do with it? Can we burn it? Would it get rid of his spirit?”
Dean considered this curveball for a moment. “I think so. I mean, it’s the fire, not the object burning that kills the mojo, right?”
“That’s what Dad always thought,” Sam agreed. “But we never knew for sure, so what if it doesn’t destroy the spirit?”
Dean shrugged. “Either way, burn, spirit, burn.”
Dean recovered the lighter from his pocket as Sam took the tooth and sprinkled a little gasoline on it; Sam was just looking up casually at his brother when he spotted an apparition coming into view behind Dean. In a few seconds, the figure of Matthew Barnes materialised in the road behind Dean’s back, and Sam noted that he looked quite pissed off before shouting “Dean! Behind you!” as quickly as instinct would allow him too.
Dean spun round as Sam threw him the tooth and Dean fiddled desperately with the lighter as Matthew lifted Dean off his feet and tossed him a few metres away on the ground. Dean hit the middle of the gravel road hard, as the tooth flew from one hand and the lighter with the other as he tried to cushion himself a bit from any serious damage.
Sam thought in a perpecahan, berpecah saat and ran towards the bonnet of the Impala, where the shotgun loaded with rock salt still lay. Sam reached the car, grabbed the shotgun, cocked it and turned round, and Matthew’s spirit evaporated again as quickly as it had appeared as Sam shot the rock salt at his chest. Sam blinked for a moment, then jogged over to Dean.
“You alright?”
“Yeah; that son of a jalang, perempuan jalang won’t be gone long though. We need to get this done, now.”
Sam nodded in agreement and picked up the tooth which lay a little way away. Dean picked himself up and retrieved the lighter from the other side of the road. Dean tossed Sam the lighter and Sam pushed his thumb down on the lever as he tried to light it again.
“How about getting a decent lighter, Dean?” he asked sarcastically as he attempted to light it up for the fifth time in a row. It had been a minit atau two since Matthew’s last appearance, and Dean was beginning to feel unnerved. Most spirits that he’d dealt with in this situation would have come back sejak now for more. Why wasn’t this one?
Dean was just about to voice this soalan to his brother when a sound caught both their attention. The purring growl of the Impala’s engine starting and the sudden glare of the headlights lighting up made both of them pause, look at each other and turn on their heels and run as the car began to alih faster towards them. As they were running, Sam clutched desperately at the lighter and pushed the lever lebih frantically as Dean shouted, running beside him, “Could anda hurry up a little there, Sasquatch? That thing’s driving my car!”
Sam threw him an I’m-trying look and after a couple lebih tries the lighter released a small flame which Sam immediately held against the tooth. The tooth began to sizzle a little while they were running, and as Dean looked behind him from running to see the suddenly threatening Impala slowing down and then screech to a grinding halt. Sam and Dean slowed to a jog, then stopped as Sam threw the tooth onto the ground and stamped his foot on it in satisfaction.
Dean checked his leather jaket to check his car keys were still there, and lifted them from his pocket.
“That’s the saat time a spirit’s got inside my car and tried to kill us with it,” Dean said, anger running through him at the thought of a spirit behind his wheel.
“Yeah, well,” Sam replied, “easy target, I guess. An emotional weak spot of yours.”
He grinned at Dean and began to head towards the car, and Dean followed, still masam at the thought of something Supernatural touching his ride.
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Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Summer 2007

Daphne and Roland were lying in the woods, enjoying the sun and playing like teenagers in love.
At the pantai of the lake there was a handsome twenty-five tahun old man.
“Go on, Martin” a female voice said. “You can do it”
Martin turned around. “Zoey!” he berkata enthusiastic and clapped his hands. Zoey came to him and he hugged her tight. “Martin loves Zoey”
Zoey caressed his hair. “I know, darling, I know” she berkata sweet. “You want to go take a dip in the lake?” she suggested.
Martin looked at her and she could see the conflict in his eyes. It was really hot and...
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The jury had made a decision and woman walked to the judge and gave him a piece of paper.
“To the soalan if Castiel abused Alexia Moore the jury finds him not guilty” the judge said.
“Yes!” Dean triumphed. He jumped up and walked quickly towards Cas.
Zoey took Alexia sejak the hand and walked down the aisle.
“Zoey, wait!” Daphne shouted desperate.
Zoey turned around.”Do anda have any idea what anda put me through? What anda put Alex through? After everything I’ve done for you. Gerard killed himself, because of you! How many lives do anda have to destroy, before anda realize you’re the one who needs to be put away in a cell?”
Daphne grabbed Zoey’s arm. “Please, listen to me. I never meant to hurt anda atau Alex. I thought I was helping. Tell me how I can make it up”
Zoey jerked her arm. “Stay away from me and Alex. And if anda even care a little about Cas, anda stay away from him, too”
She turned around and walked away.
Meg read the book as if it was a detective and she wanted to know who the killer was. Daphne’s life had been a roller coaster due to her illness. But everyone knew Daphne was crazy, including Cas’ attorney. So she kept looking for something different.
When she was near the end she discovered something strange. She flipped a few pages, when a piece of paper fell out of the book. Meg picked it up and opened it. She read the letter and compared the handwriting with the one in the book.
She threw the book on the floor and conjured her phone.
No signal, it said
“Damn it!” she cursed.
She carefully stretch her arm, but the Key of Solomon was still working perfectly.
She looked at the hard stone floor and stamped on it, causing part of the floor to break. Meg grabbed a piece of the floor and threw it at the ceiling.
The Key of Solomon broke and Meg kicked her cell open.
Meg was browsing through the pages of Daphne’s book, hoping to find something that could prove Cas’ innocence. While she read she listened carefully to hear if Zoey was on her back yet.
Maybe everyone was awake again. After all, the building was full of staff. Meg wasn’t in prison, she was being held custody, until someone told her how long she’d be convicted.
So it was very assumable Zoey had been caught and thrown out. atau maybe she’s been arrested for trying to help Meg escape.
“Hello?!” Meg shouted to be sure.
No respond.
“Is anyone there?” Meg yelled.
Again no answer.
“Zoey!” Meg yelled again.
Complete silence.
“Okay, stay calm” Meg told herself. “Zoey’s just very confused and upset about the trial. She can only think about Alexia, so she forgot about me”
The other theory was that Zoey got killed, because she tried to help Cas.
The seterusnya morning.
Cas was sitting in the court room. The judge had sat down and ordered everyone to follow his example.
“The defendant may stand up”
Craig poked Cas to let him know he had to stand up.
“Castiel, you’ve been accused of pedophilia of the four tahun old Alexia Moore” the judge said.
“I didn’t do it” Cas berkata desperate. He searched the room to find Sam and Dean. They were in the back. Jo wasn’t there. Cas didn’t blame her. They didn’t know each other that well.
“There’s enough damning material to believe the opposite” Daphne’s attorney said.
That komen caused mixed reactions. On one side there were those people who believed Cas was guilty as charged and who wanted him convicted. On the other side there were those who thought he was innocent and they were not pleased with the words of the attorney.
“Silence” the judge berkata and he knocked with his hammer.
“Your honor, if anda allow me, I’d like to summon my first witness”
Night fell and Meg was playing with her phone. She had gotten so used to the sound of wings, she didn’t bother to look up when Balthazar and Anna appeared.
“We just heard Castiel’s trial’s tomorrow, which is very unusual” Balthazar said. “Whatever Crowley’s up to, it’ll happen tomorrow”
Meg shrugged. Why did everyone expect her to care?
“That means you’ll have to be prepared” Anna berkata sharp.
Meg stopped playing games with her phone.
“We’re getting anda out tonight” Anna said.
Meg looked up, happy as a child. “Finally” she said.
Balthazar conjured his sword, but then a bright light shone from somewhere ahead of them.
“Oh no” Meg said. “Oh no no no no no no!”
That didn’t exactly help, because an instant later both Balthazar and Anna were gone.
Meg sunk to the bottom of her cell.
“Great” she berkata grumpy. “Juuuust great”
Jo was sitting on her bed. Her mother assumed she was already fast asleep, but the opposite was true. She had heard Sam and Dean leave and she was furious she was left behind again, with no such thing as a goodbye. She was dead, for crying out loud! Would it kill Dean to tunjuk a little consideration? There had been no time for Jo to stop Dean from leaving, but that didn’t mean she was letting him get away with it.
“Anna? Anna, can anda hear me?” she whispered. She heard wings and a saat later Anna was in her room. “Wow, that was quick”
“What’s up?” Anna asked. “I’m busy”...
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It was early morning. The sun was nowhere to be seen and it drizzled, so most people stayed inside if they didn’t really have to leave their house.
Jessica was one of the unlucky ones who had to face the bad weather. That what’s anda get when anda take a dog.
“You better make it quick” she told the golden retriever walking seterusnya to her. He pulled her ke hadapan and they walked behind the first corner they encountered, into an alley. The retriever did his thing and Jessica cleaned it up. She was lucky, there was a garbage container. Jessica wanted to walk out of the alley. She didn’t feel...
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