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tajuk pretty much says it all. Stuff I'll always complain about, everyone thinks "alright already, get over it!" when I talk about it. But really I'm to stubborn to do that. And the fact that I didn't even make it up to 10 just shows how awesome this tunjuk is. So here they are (not in any order, btw):

1. Cassie Robinson. That truck really should've killed her, dammit.

2. anda all knew this would be on the list: They replaced Katie. Anything else I need to say?

3. And then there's a new Meg, and unlike the new Ruby, SHE'S AWESOME! Grrr.

4. Sam sucking demon blood. I mean, he's super-hot in those scenes,...
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Dean:Dude, anda fugly.
Dean: I hope your epal, apple pie is freakin' worth it!
Dean: You're a selfish bastard, anda know that? anda just do whatever anda want. Don't care what anybody thinks.
Sam: That's what anda really think?
Dean: Yes, it is.
Sam: Well, then this selfish bastard is going to California.
Dean: Actually, I'm on my way to the local community college. I got an appointment with a know, since I don't have my trusty sidekick geek boy to do all the research!
Dean: Sam, anda were right, anda gotta do your own thing, anda gotta live your own life.
Sam: Are anda serious?
Dean: You've always...
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