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posted by Harrypotter148
Spoilers of 06x20

I have been talking to other Supernatural peminat-peminat on different and a lot of them are pissed at Cas, atau think he is stupid.

I disagree

I Cinta Castiel, he is my kegemaran character of all the them. He cares so much for the Winchesters. Sure working with Crowley is dumb, but he has had good reasons. Sadly they have changed. although he is doing this for himself and for the power he just wants to defeat Rafael.

Is that so wrong?

To a point, yes.

Rafael is a total dick though, i hate him and hope Cas kicks his ass!

But did anda see the hurt in his eyes when he was in the ring of fire?...
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thigs i leared from SPN&winchester that i wanted to share,,hope u like.. =)

1)When someone says a place is haunted, anda shouldn't go in.
2)M&M's count as provisions.
3)Salt is a demon repellent.
4)Rocksalt hurts like hell.
5)Planes crash and a clowns kill.
6)Scarecrow's are fugly.
7)In almost every episode, one of the following are almost always present. "dude, Sammy, atau SOB"
8)Hunting demon's comes with perks.
9)Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Metallica are the greatest hits of 'mullet rock'
10)There are no such things as mandroids.
11)Do not make fun of blind people atau little people.
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posted by Kaidi
Aaaand here's my entry for the Ultimate SPN Contest in ABC category :)

A - Amazingly Awesome doesn't even begin to cover the level of awesomeness this tunjuk deserves.
B - Bring out the pie! Who knows, maybe Dean can feel the aroma of a good home-cooked epal, apple pie through the TV and if he doesn't, then it's still good to eat it while watching Sam'n'Dean in action.
C - CHAOS Coz that's what I'm gonna organize, if I have to wait for season any much longer.

D - Deliciously Dreamy and Dazzlingly Droolworthy a.k.a. Sam and Dean.
E - EEEEEEEEE! - that's the noise I make, when I see new...
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There are Supernatural peminat-peminat all over the world, we all know and have experienced this! But there is a group of fantastic and dedicated Supernatural peminat-peminat over on the Addicted to Supernatural Facebook group that I have known for a couple of years now. (Check out the group link) And last tahun for the UK Asylum convention in 2009 these girls and guys went about starting to make a fanbook to give to the Jensen and Jared in person and one for Kripke as well.
 Fanbook Vol.1
Fanbook Vol.1
They wanted to tunjuk the cast and crew how much their tunjuk means to us all and how it brought people in the group together...
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hei guys as anda know Lucy aka lucysmileyface won the 2nd round of one-on-one interviews, here are Lucy's soalan and answers:] ENJOY

1. Is Supernatural Your Favourite TV Show? Why?

Yes, i’m an addict to this show. I guess SPN is my brand of heroin, all that’s missing are some tracks on my arms and a crazy twitch going on. My kegemaran thing about this gotta be the brothers’ relationship, this bond that’s unbreakable (that’s right Kripke, anda better not change that!), they Cinta each other so much that they are willing to sacrifice their souls without a saat thought.oh, and the storylines...
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