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 Dream Song [Shark Boy & Lava Girl]
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Source: Screencapped sejak Me
taylor launter
yu, ikan jerung boy
lava girl
dream song
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This Taylor Lautner screencap might contain tanda, poster, teks, papan hitam, and chalkboard.

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“Children of the Moon”


I was never really a superstitious person. I had a normal upbringing. I’d seen my share of horror films when I was a kid. But, never imagined in my wildest dreams any of the Hollywood fiction was real. I never bought into any of Billy Black’s stories about the Quileute legends down in La Push. Not until the time Jacob had shown me he could changed into a gigantic serigala, wolf right in front of my eyes. That image was ingrained in my memory forever. Bella had tried for a little while to keep her secret about being a vampire. That didn’t...
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OMG when I went into HMV I bought a poster thinking it was a picture of Taylor Lautner. anda know how the posters are all wrapped up so I didn't know what I was buying I only knew it was in the box with number 3 on it and that was the Taylor Lautner poster. When I got utama and opened the wrapping I looked and found It was this weired band I think a rock band I was soooooooooooo upset. The people in HMV must have knowen about it atau even just sejak mistake. They probely haven't got any Taylor Lautner posters left because girls are totaly in Cinta with him. The daft thing of me was I put the reseat in the bin because I thought that I didn't need the tiny little plastic bag HMV gave me. :P I'm so angry with HVM and so upset with myself. :( I have to wait untill the seterusnya week end untill I can get I new poster I'll have to ask nicely if they will swop the poster for a Taylor lautner.
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