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Harry Styles of One Direction is currently single and ready to mingle (to the delight of Directioners around the globe), but there was a time where he was briefly snatched up sejak notorious dater Taylor Swift. The famous pair started dating in the fall of 2012, but broke things off early this year, and now the world is expecting a breakup anthem from pantas, swift on her seterusnya album about Styles. But what does the boy band member have to say about being a muse? Us Weekly sat down with the singer and shared his thoughts on being a lyrical inspiration:

"It would be hypocritical for me to say she couldn't...
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Katy admitted some scary stuff recently. So,Taylor should we be scared of KatyCat?We know Katy and Tay are quite tight, Katy embraces her weirdness and who wouldn't want a reminder of meeting Taylor Swift?So,is Katy an obsessed peminat of T-Swift and Miley?Or a celebrity stalker?

Katy Perry Admits 'Keeping Taylor pantas, swift and Miley Cyrus' Hair In dompet, beg tangan At Grammys'

Katy Perry gave a peminat an unexpected answer when they posed a relatively simple soalan at her Prism album launch yesterday, admitting that she once kept locks of hair from her Friends Taylor pantas, swift and Miley Cyrus while at the Grammy Awards....
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posted by superDivya
Silent night, holy night
All is calm and all is bright
Round yon virgin mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent night, holy night
Shepherds quake at the sight
Glories stream from Heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing halleluia
Christ the savior is born
Christ our savior is born

Silent night, holy night
Son of God
Love's pure light
Radiant beams from thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Jesus Lord at thy birth
Jesus Lord at thy birth


Christ the savior is born
posted by superDivya
Last Krismas I gave anda my heart
But the very seterusnya day, anda gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

Once bitten and twice shied
I keep my distance but anda still catch my eye
Tell me baby
Do anda recognize me
Well, it's been a year, it doesn't surprise me
Merry Christmas, I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying 'I Cinta you', I meant it
Now I know what a fool I've been
But if anda Ciuman me now, I know you'd fool me again

Last Krismas I gave anda my heart
But the very seterusnya day, anda gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

Last Christmas...
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 Remember Tay back then?What is next?Is it possible for her to get better.
Remember Tay back then?What is next?Is it possible for her to get better.
Taylor pantas, swift isn't stopping for breath with the country starlet beginning work on her seterusnya album and it seems like her classic fairytale Cinta songs look set for a massive remix as the singer reveals that she hopes to “continue to change” with her seterusnya offering.

The 'I Knew anda Were Trouble' singer has just wrapped her up the North American leg of her tour which supported the release of her fourth album 'Red' and the record earned Taylor yet another hit after selling an eye-watering 1.2 million copies in its first release and being certified platinum four times. With all that success under...
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 Taylor pantas, swift has dated Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner in the past
Taylor Swift has dated Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner in the past
Los Angeles: Singer link does not see herself having a family of her own.

The 23-year-old, who has dated selebriti like Harry Styles, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and link, is in mood to become a mother anytime soon, reports femalefirst.co.uk. "I Cinta children - but I don't know if I'll have them, especially not anytime soon," berkata Swift.

Seen anda fall, seen anda crawl on your knees, eh-eh.
Seen anda Lost in a crowd, seen your Warna fade.
Wish I could make it better.
Someday anda won’t remember this pain anda thought would last forever and

There you’ll stand, 10 feet tall.
Unafraid — I knew it all along.
Your eyes, wider than distance.
This Cinta is sweeter than fiction.

There you’ll stand seterusnya to me.
And all i was, the rest is history
Your eyes, wider than distance.
This Cinta is sweeter than fiction.

I’ll be one of the many saying,
Look at anda now, look at anda now, now
I’ll be one of the many saying,
Look at anda now, look...
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I absolutely Cinta Taylor Swift. I Cinta how she takes her experience from going through breakups and makeups and turns them into great, inspiring, smash hits!
I also Cinta that she doesn't dress like a hoar like most modern female artists, anda know what I mean?
She also is beautiful, has a great voice and has great fashion taste.
At utama I try to dress like her all the time, lol.

I will forever be a Swiftie and a Directioner!

I don't even remember what my life was like before Taylor and 1D?!?!
Both artists absolutely changed my life!
I hope to meet Taylor atau 1D some day.....
posted by directioner765
 not final album artwork
not final album artwork
September 27 2013
5:55 PM

Dear Diary,

Hey, it's me again!!
So, I'm sure you've heard, but this November 25th,
One Direction will release their third album, Midnight Memories, and I can not wait to hear it!!!!
I know that their song Best Song Ever will be on there and a song called Just Can't Let Her Go which was leaked on YouTube and is awesome!
They only leaked half the song but I loved it and can't wait to hear the rest of it!

So are anda guys excited about their upcoming album atau do anda think it's gonna stink?
Let me know in the komen section below :)
posted by directioner765
Hi there!!!!
My name is Kristine, and from now on, even though I doubt anyone's gonna read this, I will be Penulisan my journel/diary entries on here because I think it's better for me to write them on here for people to read instead of just keeping them in a book that will never be read. anda know what I mean?

September 27th 2013
1:02 PM

Ok so recently the "Swifties" and the "Directioners"
have been feuding and I'm absolutely sick of it.
I don't get why their being so mean to each other!!! It is absolutely positively ridiculously stupid!!!!! I'm so sick of all this drama!! Why does it matter if...
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I don't always Cinta when an artist from another genre takes a country song and covers it. It usually ends up sounding less country than the original. And even if it's good, it's just not as good.

This Jessie J cover version, though? Totally different story. She is an English singer-songwriter (real name Jessica Cornish) with kind of a pop/rap/R&B sound, if that's a thing. I really only knew of her from that amazing "Price Tag" song. But now? After she did this mind-blowing thing with Taylor Swift's "I Knew anda Were Trouble," I want to know everything about her and her music.

Last week, she...
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 Taylor pantas, swift in konsert at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC Friday night, Sept. 13, 2013.
Taylor Swift in concert at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC Friday night, Sept. 13, 2013.
RALEIGH — At 23, Taylor pantas, swift is not the hormonally buffeted teen she was in 2006, when her debut single, “Tim McGraw,” launched her career toward its currently Alpine heights. While pantas, swift still appeals to the teen- and ’tween set, many of the 14,000 peminat-peminat in sold-out PNC Arena on Friday have grown with her from adolescence to adulthood.

The songs from Swift’s current album, “Red,” which composed 11 songs of the 16-song set, reflect her maturity while still obsessing over romance, disappointment and the pursuit of dreams. T-Swizzle made the point early, entering to Guess Who’s...
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London: Country bintang Taylor pantas, swift has reportedly forgiven One Direction bintang Harry Styles eight months after their pahit break up. The 23-year-old singer perpecahan, berpecah from the One Direction heartthrob in January after two months of dating.

The ‘Love Story’ hitmaker has finally decided to let go of her heartbreak with a little encouragement from Harry’s friend Ed Sheeran, who is currently on tour with the country star, reported Daily Star.
“Harry was ready to alih on months lalu and try to remain friends, but Taylor hadn’t let go of what happened. Ed didn’t mention Harry for a while, but over the past few weeks Taylor started bringing him up,” a sumber said.

“She made it clear that she didn’t want frostiness between her and Harry any more. She feels she
has moved on to a better place -- and Harry should know that. “The tension has thawed. Ed and Harry had a full catch-up at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles.
posted by superDivya
Singer Taylor pantas, swift is berkata to be too scared of tattoo needles and recently backed out of getting herself inked.

Singer-songwriter Taylor pantas, swift wounded her tooth with a microphone during a concert. She is currently on her ‘Red’ tour

Losangeles: After getting Nasihat on dating, singer Taylor pantas, swift has been receiving tips on beauty and career from actress Julia Roberts.

They became Friends when they filmed the movie “Valentine’s Day” together.

Roberts, who worked alongside the blonde beauty pantas, swift on the 2010 comedy movie, has urged the 23-year-old singer to take up yoga to...
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Los Angeles: Singer-songwriter Taylor pantas, swift says she is willing to do lebih films if something interesting comes her way. The 23-year-old country bintang has already in Televisyen series like ‘New Girl’ and ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ and also starred in “Valentine’s Day”.“That’s (acting) always something that’s in the back of my mind, if the right thing came along.

It would have to be something so amazing that it would take me away from Penulisan songs and touring, which would have to be an incredible script,” pantas, swift said. Meanwhile, singer Joe Jonas mocked at ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s unlucky dating history sejak saying that she has been dumped sejak him and a “few others”.

The 24-year-old, who dated the “I knew anda were trouble” hitmaker in 2008, quipped about his former flame’s unlucky dating history in an interview with Joan Rivers,
 Taylor pantas, swift
Taylor Swift

We were all emotionally moved sejak her tunjuk stopping performance in Valentine’s hari (don't pretend anda didn't cry), and don’t even get us started on the fact that she didn’t win an Oscar for her stunning vocal recordings in The Lorax. It’s still a touchy subject.

So let’s all chuck some party poppers in the air and put a sparkly hat on to celebrate the fact that penning tunes about her lovelife just isn’t enough for Swizzo anymore, and apparently, Miss Taylor pantas, swift is planning on hitting the big screen again very soon. HURRAH.

A sumber close...
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Sprinkled throughout the crowd of 14,000 screaming Taylor pantas, swift peminat-peminat were illuminated signs covered in various combinations of glitter, Krismas lights and beloved lyrics. While some college students may have felt a little too old among the predominantly preteen crowd, they could find some solace in the woman with a homemade baju imprinted, “I may be 42, but I feel 22.”

This is just a glimpse into the enchanting atmosphere Taylor pantas, swift brought to John Paul Jones Arena Saturday night after selling out the venue and being deemed the highest grossing country artist to ever play in the stadium....
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Ed Sheeran says to the reporters about why Taylor says what she berkata at the VMAs, "Well, Taylor and Selena was sitting seterusnya to each other while discussing who the winners will be. Then, Selena suddenly looked really sad and Taylor asked her what is the matter. Selena just said, 'I think Miley just beat me.' Taylor wanted to comfort her best friend and berkata shut the f*ck up!"

After that, directioners seemed to hate Taylor lebih and lebih and berkata a lot of bad things about her but, they still don't know that what Taylor berkata was for her best Friends sake.Selena was crying after the VMAs and berkata in tears, "Taylor is the best friend anyone can ever have!"

So directioners, anda better stop saying these bad things about Taylor!

Long live Swifties! And may Taylor recieve the apolegies from those directioners!
posted by liza12354
It is no longer a time to associate country Muzik with people in their mid 40s, for artists jumping in this genre is getting younger and younger. One living proof: Taylor Swift. The accomplished country singer and songwriter who began her career while a teenager has spawned an album and several singles that garnered her awards that are commonly dominated sejak people twice atau triple her age. In 2007 alone she was nominated for four different awards, two of them which have successfully been snatched. She took Breakthrough Video of the tahun at Country Muzik Televisyen Awards through her debut single...
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posted by Flora_Swift
Birth Name: Taylor Alison pantas, swift
Nicknames: Tay, T-Swift, Swifty, T-Swizzle, T-Sweezy
Birthplace: Reading, Pennsylvania
Hometown: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Date of Birth : December 13, 1989
Star Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Profession: Country-pop Muzik singer, songwriter & actress
Favorite Color: White and Purple
Favorite Food: Cheesecake
Favorite Holiday: Krismas
Favorite Song: Can't Tell Me Nothing sejak Tim McGraw
Favorite Memory: Living on a farm

What Fearless Means to Taylor: Taylor says, "To me, fearless isn't not having fear. It's not that you're not afraid...
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