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Nahla1309 posted on Apr 13, 2009 at 06:58PM
A month passed since my baby girl and my son left. I didn’t want to impose myself by calling or visiting; I just let them be, Jaz needed his peace. He needed Alice and no one else.

But today, at some point, my desire to see them overwhelmed any reason for not doing it. Somehow I managed to find my luggage in my overly sized closet, put my favorite clothes in it, and be in a garage with car keys in my right hand in just five minutes.

My Cadillac CTS was too fast; I was in Oregon (our neighbor state) in just two hours. The house was placed 310 miles east from a town called Eugene, in Cascades. I used to hunt there very often, that’s how I found it.
Anyway, it took me three and a half hours to get there. Driving with limited speed was not something vampires liked to do, but we had to, in order not to be any suspicious. Alice was standing in front of the house (of course), lightly leaned on one pillar, with a big smile on her face. Somehow I was relieved, I was expecting her to be mad, but I forgot that this is Alice; she can’t be mad, at least when it comes to her family.

I stepped outside; Jasper was already getting my bags from the trunk. I hurried to my daughter and hugged her with all my strength. I’ve seen on her face that this time alone with Jaz made her nothing but good; to both of them. Jasper was waiting patiently next to Alice, slightly nervous to hug me too. I freed myself from Alice and gave him a big smile and even bigger hug. If he could blush, I’m certain that this would be the situation he would. I could see he didn’t expect so much understanding, support and devotion from all of us, and above all, love. I looked in his golden scotch eyes; pleasure, satisfaction, love, devotion was not all that I saw. Home was missing to both of them. But neither of them would return unless they were certain that everything is alright.

Esme: Oh, my babies. I missed you so much! How are you? Is everything alright? No problems with hunting or anything else?

Alice grabbed my hand and led the way into the house. It was really beautiful; it was like I was watching someone else’s work and not mine.

Alice: Relax mom, everything’s ok. Can here be any problems?

All three of us laughed to that thought. Jasper took my luggage to a guest room while Alice dragged me into the living room.

Alice: Ok, now it’s my turn to bomb you with questions! I can see actions but I can’t see moods. How is everyone? What was happening?

Expectation was in her eyes, she was truly worried for everyone, like we were for them. Jasper appeared, sitting next to Alice. He gently brushed her hand while he waited for my response. I was looking through a big window that enlightens the whole room.

Esme:You know that none of us was pleased with your decision. I’m sorry I invaded your privacy like that but I couldn’t withstand this situation any more. I didn’t come to persuade you to come home; this is only a visit from a worried mother.

I turned to them with a big smile. They were still waiting for news but Alice nodded to give me a sign that she understands.

Esme: Anyhow, Bella still doesn’t know; we all agreed that the best way to deal with it was to tell her you’ve decided to visit you’re old friends. Carlisle didn’t make much fuss about it, he was glad that Jasper admitted that it was too hard for him. You know my reactions…

A little smile stole from my lips. I could so overdo any situation, just like Alice could with shopping.

Esme: Rosalie didn’t mind it. As usual, she’s into herself as much as possible and you’re not there to steal her shine. Emmett… Emmett was not so good… Still isn’t but he accepted it. He’s getting on Rose’s nerves pretty much every second. Edward missies you both very much but is very grateful that you are doing this. You know… House is empty without two of you.

Although I promised that this wouldn’t be ‘that kind of’ visit, I couldn’t help myself not to give them a pleading look. They both burst into laugh and gave me ‘ah we knew it’ look back. And I laughed to myself.
 A bulan passed since my baby girl and my son left. I didn’t want to impose myself sejak calling atau vis
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hampir setahun yang lalu Nahla1309 said…
TBC only by ALICE and JASPER
hampir setahun yang lalu shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

It was impossible to not love Esme, in many ways she was so much more than a mother to me. She was a saviour, an angel something that made immortality acceptable. She had the gift to love whoever, never judging without asking. Even Jacob Black was feeling for her, even though he would never admit it. Her beauty and kindness was hard to ignore. I never saw Esme and Carlisle apart, neither can i ever remember that they were having an argument. But this time i wasnt sure, cause something was in her golden eyes. I knew that my father wouldnt beg us to come back, but i wasnt sure about her. The look on her face gave her away, and i felt Jasper's hold on me getting tighter.

We had moved to the inside, enjoying this beautiful place. She had noticed that i decorated the house with flowers, and little things i brought from our house. She was reaching out, grapping one of my hands rubbing it in a soft manner. Oh lovley Esme, why was it so hard for you?

Alice Cullen: ''To my own suprise i forsaw that Emmett would be beaten. We have never been that close before.''

Esme Cullen: ''Its hard for all of us, we just try to keep going.''

Alice Cullen: ''I am glad Edward has Bella now, i couldnt stand the thought of him being lonely.''

Again i felt Jasper, but this time it appeared that he felt uneasy. I knew exactly why, he felt guilty and that wasnt necessary. He still was upset that i had to leave the family, and my new found sister.- to be with him. It would take him another decade to finally realize that there was no other way for me. I had to feel him, i had to be around him all the time. My tiny hand had found his face, softly running over the two scars over his right eyebrow. He closed his eyes, trying to relax. I didnt have his ability but that worked aswell.

Jasper Hale: ''Maybe you should go home with Esme.''

Alice Cullen: ''Maybe you should stop pushing me away. I wont go anywhere without you. And your not ready, so we enjoy our time. Bella is save and Edward will thank us in time.''

Jasper Hale: ''Right now i bet he would love to kill me, i took you away.''

I had to giggle, and so did Esme.- it sounded like two birds singing. I leaned my head against her shoulder, and she started to run her fingers through my hair. I smelled Bella's scent on her blouse and i had to sigh. I missed the little, absurd human.- i couldnt fight it. But when your heart lead the way, you didnt have a chance. Love was possible in so many ways, and no matter how much they owned of me.- i could have never left.

Alice Cullen: ''Your without a doubt the Heart of Everything, and i am glad they have you. Is the wolf guy still coming over?''

Esme Cullen: ''Yeah both Seth and Jacob. And allthough Jacob doesnt say it, he wonders where you are. Him and Bella seem to get along better latley.''

Jasper coughed, his gentleman reaction to what he was really thinking. Jacob still tried to get Bella, and that probably wouldnt stop for a long time. It must have been a very hard time for Edward, and often enough i was glad he couldnt read Bella's mind. She was torn and twisted, and that definatley wasnt healthy. But i had to concentrate on something else, on my loving mother that tried to have a pokerface on.

Alice Cullen: ''Will you stay with us for a while? I mean i know they need you, but i need you aswell.''

Esme Cullen: ''Of course. Your my saving grace, always have been. And how could i leave my beloved son... .''

For the first time she let go of me, getting in human speed over to Jasper. He looked at her not sure, he was not used to that kind of love either. But she took the decison from him, wrapping both her arms around him holding him tightly. And for the first time since we had left Forks i saw something in his face: Release. He allowed himself to have that moment, with his mother. The angel we called Esme.

hampir setahun yang lalu Nahla1309 said…
Miraculously, these past few weeks with Jasper and Alice went by so fast. Like it all took a blink of an eye. I enjoyed in the two of them as much as possible. But I missed the second part of my family who was in Forks. Two pieces of my frozen heart were in different places but I knew they were going to be united soon. Alice and Jasper were just about to go hunting when I appeared behind their back on the staircase. With one hand I embraced Alice and with the other one Jasper.

Esme: Have a good time, you two! I’ll miss you!

And I kissed both of them on their cheeks. It was truth that they’re going to miss me. I was leaving and I didn’t want them to know, though that, with having Alice around, was quite impossible. I wasn’t sure if she didn’t know or just didn’t want to say anything, but I wished for the first one. I never liked saying goodbye, especially to my family. I messed up their hair while I saw them out. Two pairs of amber eyes met mine, with that ‘good one, mom’ look, and then disappeared in the woods.

It didn’t take me much to pack but I refused to drive fast. I wanted to enjoy being in the middle, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere between two pieces of my heart. I was driving my CTS with window down, enjoying every smell and every sound that reached to my senses. Stunned looks of people seeing my car always made me giggle and surprised me even though I should have got used to it by now. Money was something I never thought much about.

At some point an idea of just stopping here and not moving from that spot crossed my mind. I would have done that, I would have waited for my family to be united and then returned, but that little piece in Forks wouldn’t let me do it. I missed my Carlisle the most. Ever since he turned me we were never this long apart, actually, never apart.

I searched for my phone; I needed to know where he is. He was the first one I wanted to see, and I didn’t want to come home and realize he’s not there. It rang. 4 times, 6 times… Nothing. Tenth time I got an answer.

Edward: Hello mother. How are you, anything wrong?

It was nice to hear his voice again. Alice and Jasper were contacting everyone as much as they could, or wanted but before I was leaving I told them to give them a brake little and that we’ll call if something goes wrong. That was probably the reason why my son wanted to why am I calling.

For some reason, except this situation, we always asked if something is wrong even though we had Alice. You could never know.

Esme: Edward, darling. No, there is nothing wrong, I’m just coming home and I wanted to know where your father is. I wanted to surprise him.

I wanted to see my husband’s look when he sets his eyes on me, that desire, love, lust and devotion that we share for each other. We are two pieces broken apart who can’t be whole without each other, just like my heart was at this moment. I was craving for that moment when I’ll wrap my arms around him.

Edward: Oh, I see. Nice job mom, you’ve surprised us all. Without Alice here, we get that a lot lately. Carlise is in the hospital, just got called for emergency case.

My decision obviously surprised everyone. I liked that, I was always the predictable one. I heard Bella’s voice through the phone so I didn’t want to disturb the two of them.

Esme: Ok honey, thank you. We’ll talk when I get home. And…. Don’t tell anyone I’m coming. Kiss Bella for me! I missed her a lot… Love you honey, I’ll be home in an hour.

Edward: Bye mom, love you too.

I threw my phone on the passenger seat and stepped on the gas pedal. My CTS purred as my speed increased, rapidly going above the speed limit. I was counting millisecond to the moment I’ll see Carlisle. My Carlisle….

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hampir setahun yang lalu shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

We were hunting, and everything seemed the same.- but then again it wasnt. Esme tried her normal way out, not saying goodbye and like always it didnt work. I didnt need my ability for that.- it was just too easy. While Jasper had already found his victim, eating or better said drinking, i was somewhere else with my thoughts. I was a hundret percent okay with the fact that my parents missed each other, that was the way it was supposed to be. But it was just a natural feeling that i wanted my mother around, needing her now more than ever. I loved my life, or whatever i had, everyone knew that. And more than that i loved my Jasper, my personal angel. But being away from the family was becoming harder, whenever we left.

After Jasper had his second 'drink', he seemed to become a bit akward. His now golden brown eyes focused on my face, and i was sure he saw the weird look. Allthough my eyes were deep black and and my throat was burning, i couldnt cocentrate on hunting. Instead of that i stayed behind looking at the sky, and the little sun that came out of the clouds. It feel directly on my lover, showing off the many scars he had, that never met my eyes. I didnt see them, i saw only his perfect light.

Jasper Hale: ''Will you ever forgive me?''

Alice Cullen: ''For what would i have to forgive you?''

Jasper Hale: ''For seperating you from the ones you love. And before you say now that you cant leave me, i know that.- and its the same for me. I just wonder if i ever will be good enough for you.''

Even though my own pain was touching the sky, i had to build him up. We had this discussion so often, but i could never get fond to the picture. I saw the pain, and wondered if he would ever understand who he really was.

Alice Cullen: ''I dont have to convince you about anything, cause you know me in and out. But the point is, you are right i miss them. And i know deep inside you miss them too, even Bella.- the reason why we left. But you have to make a decision now Jasper, can we go through this together or do we have to run away and hide.- cause either way you will have to deal with me.''

I had jumped on him, and he wasnt prepared, i felt that. Cause in an instant we had fallen on the floor, with me being on top of him. I smiled down on him, since i was already able to forsee his answer. It was mean to still ask, but i wanted to hear it from him. He reached out with one of his muscular arms, running his fingers over my cheek. Then he pulled me close starting to kiss me, like only a vampire can kiss you.

Jasper Hale: ''When shall we pack then?''

Alice Cullen: ''We dont pack at all, we just buy new things.''

I couldnt wait to get back, a week has been hard enough.- and i couldnt see myself doing that for months. If there wasnt Bella and everything that was going on around us.- maybe then. But things had changed, and my family needed me more than ever. With the Volturi and whatever could go wrong... .


Esme had just arrived at the Cullen Residence, her natural smile becoming even bigger. She had missed everyone, but the fact that she saw Carlisle's car standing in the garage.- made her nearly jump. Allthough she had been always the quiet one, she didnt try to keep the sound down arriving. Walking on the inside no one seemed to be around, which was not really that much of a suprise. Edward more than likley did something with Bella, and she didnt even wanted to know what. While Rose and Emmett had taken his jeep to the woods, hunting. The only person that was in the house, was her man, and he was in his office.

Esme Cullen: ''I wonder... .''

Carlisle Cullen: ''You wonder what my heart?''

Even for a vampire Carlisle was coming too quiet, nearly making her jump. And she was sure if her heart was still beating it would have had skipped a few beats. Without giving him a verbal response she wrapped both her arms around him...

hampir setahun yang lalu Nahla1309 said…
My plan was to go straight to the hospital; my heart, my soul, my eyes couldn’t wait no more to see him. Somehow, while entering Forks, I changed my mind. I wanted to be and feel beautiful, I wanted to leave him speechless and breathless so that he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. It took me 5 minutes to get to that turn, into the woods, that leads to our house. I pressed a button on my car key and looked how the garage door are opening while I was approaching the house. To my surprise, my eyes met Carlisle’s Mercedes parked at his usual place. I began to feel nervous although we’ve been only few weeks apart. Being nervous always came with the expectation and that mix I didn’t like, because that in my world didn’t mean anything good. I parked my car and took few seconds to collect my thoughts; finally I opened my car door, went to the trunk and got my luggage. If I weren’t a vampire my hand would be shaking when I reached for the door knock on the front door. I wasn’t trying to be quiet anymore; my element of surprise was gone. I knew he heard my car, my hesitation to come out of it, he heard me when I banged with the front door and dropped my luggage with a loud slam without any grace, silence and everything else that characterized my species. My mouth twisted in a big smile when I realized that no one was home… no sound of anyone near the house. My eyes were searching and my mind was wondering where he was.

Esme: ''I wonder... .''

Carlisle: ''You wonder what my heart?''

He was too quiet. All these hundreds of years of being a vampire made him deadly not for humans only, but to the other vampires as well. If I had a heart I’m sure it would stop beating when I heard his voice, when I turned around and our eyes met. He was right behind me, standing in the middle of the staircase, having his twisted smile on, eyebrows raised expecting for my answer. And I gave it to him. It took me one millisecond to get to him and embrace him with my arms. My lips found a way to his lips; we kissed so passionately, fiercely, like tomorrow will never come and we needed to satisfy our lust and craving for each other. I don’t know how, nor do I care, we somehow created in our bedroom. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard some of the lamps and antiques being crashed on our way to it, but that was the least of my worries…
Carlisle put me gently on our king-size-covered-with-silk-bed like I’m one of those lamps who are likely to break only by touching it… He softly laid his lips onto my neck; his breath tickled me. I missed his touch, his smell, his strong and manly hands; I missed everything about him… He took one long look into my eyes and again tickled me with his breath, searching for my ear.

Carlisle: Now, you’re all mine….

TBC by any Cullen
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hampir setahun yang lalu shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

We had remained in the house a bit longer, simply to spend some private time with each other. Our brothers and sisters always wondered about the passion we had, simply cause we had it under control. But the point was, when we were finally alone we were able to let it all out. Jasper was without a doubt a 'lovemachine', the thought made me giggle and he looked at me. Currently he had his back turned to me, but his wonderful eyes were focused on me.

Jasper Hale: ''Whats so funny, Alice?''

Alice Cullen: ''I am not sure. But it could be you.''

That statement made him wonder, cause actually he wasnt a person to make jokes. But sometimes he was just funny without knowing. I danced over to him, one of my tiny hands searching for his and then he turned. I was blowing a kiss on his lips, and yeah he felt me being hyper. We both wanted to go home, but for me it was just a bit more important. He could have been happy here with me, forever. For me it was not that easy, that probably was the price i had to pay for my visions. I saw them upset, he was able to forget about it.

Jasper Hale: ''So we call about coming home?''

Alice Cullen: ''No. You know how much i love suprises? Plus when we currently called we would interrupt something.''

Jasper Hale: ''Something like... .''

Alice Cullen: ''Exactly.''

When we finally had reached the car, i wanted to be in the drivers seat but i wouldnt argue. He probably was driving more sane than i did anyhow, so the car wouldnt get destroyed. Of course he drove faster than allowed but that just meant one thing: We would be back soon. My hand was lying on his, and even after a few hours of a ride i couldnt change my feelings. I was a hundret percent sure that Jasper was ready to admit Bella, it just had to be.

My soul parked the car in the garage, seeing who else was home.- it seemed to be the whole family. Plus Bella, we both were able to smell that. I felt him stiffen next to me, but i was here with him. Nothing could have gone wrong, when we are together. So with well messured up steps we started to walk on the inside finding the whole family located in the living room. When we got around the corner their suprised faces met us.

Alice Cullen: ''Home sweet Home.''

TBC by any Cullen
hampir setahun yang lalu bella585 said…
we were all sitting in the living.Bella was here with Edward.Edward was playing a song in the piano and we all enjoyed this.but i was really bored and Alice wasn't there to joke with her.Anyway,the music calmed me for a while.i had hugged Rosalie tightly near me.Ach Rosalie,my heart mate,was the the most beautiful and lovely person-vampire-in my whole world,my whole life.However she was almost always serious and with Bella in the house she was sometimes nervous.i had forgotten to breathe so when i took a big breath i felt Bella's scent started to spreading in my lungs.i had perfect control of myself however a little venom came in my mouth-she had a beautiful scent but it it didn't smell to me like Edward did-.i didn't want to kill her of course but it was just a normal reaction of my body.then Edward said in a low voice that Bella could not hear us.
Edward:"what the hell are you doing?"
Emmet:"Calm down is just something normal.i won't...hurt her .you know that.
Edward:"I am sorry.i overreacted."
i thought 'like always'
Emmet:"you are welcome"
then i noticed a sound-a car 1 second Alice and Jasper were in the home.
Alice:"Home sweet home."
i didn't expect that.i was full of happiness when i saw my small sister.i had missed her so much.i stood up quickly and i took her a hug.
hampir setahun yang lalu Nahla1309 said…
Esme Cullen

The scene I was looking was slightly pathetical… Everyone was looking in another direction occupied with their own thoughts which Edward tried to ignore by playing my favorite song on his piano. We looked like we were expecting something. Something to come or to happen;
Alice or Jasper to come back home, or unannounced visitors to barge in, wolf attack. We were on the edge. I tried to ignore the incident that almost occurred when Emmett took a deep breath after not breathing for almost a half an hour….Not the brightest idea but I couldn’t blame him. Somewhere far in the distance I heard a familiar sound of a yellow Porsche Turbo 911. If I had a heart it would pound so hard at that moment because I was hoping my babies are coming home. I looked around but no one noticed the sound, no one noticed my sudden happiness or impatience. The car turned and my face turned into a big smile. But no one else reacted. Edward’s eyes twinkled, and I knew he heard their thoughts. He met my gaze and gave me a satisfactory smile.
It took only a second to Alice appear in the living room after the car stopped in front of the house. Emmett was the first one to jump on her to give her, what I believe was the biggest hug ever. Sometimes I thought he would crush her into pieces and that moment was one of them. I realized that it would take a long time to get to her so I greeted my son with a warm hug and big smile as soon as he stepped into the house. For some reason I felt the need to thank him, so I whispered that no one could hear us.

Esme: Thank you. Thank you the most. You don’t know how much you missed us. You’re strong; don’t let this beat you down. You’re stronger than this temptation. I know you’ve chosen a bad time to get back home, but you can’t avoid this anymore. She’s part of the family. Let’s just hope that Alice’s vision will soon become reality.

Jasper just closed his eyes and nodded slightly and I was hoping that Edward was too busy with Alice and Bella so he couldn’t hear this conversation or what I just thought about. I knew he could never hate me for thinking about Bella becoming one of us but he would certainly be disappointed.


It took me few hours to get to Alice so that we could talk in peace. We decided to take a walk, somewhere beyond Edward’s possibility of hearing our thoughts.
From the moment she stepped into the house I saw a strange shine in her eyes, like she was up to something. But up to what, what she could possibly do now? I needed to prove my theory.
We stopped when we saw a little gazebo, guess we ended on a hiking track, it was full of human’s scent. But we didn’t mind. The gazebo was white, and the rays of sun who managed to penetrate through thick woods, were making it glow. I didn’t want to be obvious so I turned my face from her giving the impression I was occupied with something else.
Esme: Alice, do you have something important to do tomorrow. I found a really beautiful house and I want your opinion on some furniture I’m planning to buy for it so if you could give an hour or two tomorrow of your time?

I didn’t have to see her face or to look in her eyes to see the hesitation. I could feel it and hear it in her voice. She knew this would happen and it was up to her to tell me right now or try to hide it.

Esme: OK, let’s be honest, we both know that’s not the reason why are we here. So… Will you tell me this little secret of yours or you’ll keep it that way?

She narrowed her head and looked me underneath her eyebrows and pouted her lips.

Alice: You know I can’t hide anything from you. You always see me through.

She sat on one of the benches in the gazebo while I leaned on the frame of it across her.

Alice: Hmmm… This is not usual thing for me to do, but I feel the need for doing it. Jasper doesn’t know anything. It’s just an idea that crossed my mind while we were driving home. I think it would be a good thing for us to do. I want to show him that I’m on his side no matter what and always will be. I think it would make us stronger, more connected. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.

She turned her head right, her eyes were looking in the distance but I knew that nothing was there. Except leaves falling from the branches, I heard nothing. She took a deep breath and slowly turned her head back towards me.

Alice: I know it’s silly and he’ll never agree. You of all know the best that we don’t like to show of how we feel about each other. Now tell me, is it getting married again a stupid idea or not?

TBC by Esme or Alice Cullen
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hampir setahun yang lalu Nahla1309 said…
Esme Cullen

I couldn’t help myself not to laugh. She looked me with her scotch golden eyes, slightly narrowed her head on the right and said with a sarcastic voice:

Alice: Well thank you mom.

My face in a moment turned into a serious stone. I sat on the bench next to her and hugged her. My voice was reverberant, like everything in the woods stopped or went silent.

Esme: Oh I’m sorry honey but you looked so funny. And don’t be silly, of course that’s not a stupid idea. You’ve been together for over 60 years so I think it’s pretty reasonable things to do. You’re not like Rosalie we all know that. Personally, I think you should’ve done it last year, when it was your anniversary but now I think you couldn’t have picked the more appropriate moment.

I was caressing her hair with my right hand and her left arm with my other hand. She seemed so sad. She wanted to this for Jasper, for them both but she was struggling with herself cause that was not who she was. I leaned my head gently on her’s.

Esme: You know… I have idea. Let me deal with it, don’t be stubborn. I want to do this for you. Your only job will be to convince Jasper into this.

Her forehead suddenly frowned and she opened her mouth to say something but I was quicker.

Esme: A-a, don’t say a thing just… listen to me. We all know that you do things perfectly but I promise I will do the same. Let’s just make it our little secret. See… if you start running around because of the preparations the rest of the family will know something’s going on and I really think that surprising them would be a good idea because everything would stay normal and there wouldn’t be hype about the wedding like it usually would and I think that you and Jaz would feel more comfortable. Now, if I make all the preparations no one will suspect a thing since I’m always on the hunt for a new house.

I knew she wouldn’t let it go so quickly and easily but she relaxed a bit. I could see her thinking 100mph.

Esme: I promise I won’t fail you down. You know you’re not the only one who likes to make things perfect, don’t you?

She mildly smiled and I knew I was on the right way.

Esme: Of course I won’t do anything without your knowledge. You have the last call on everything.

I kissed her firmly on her left cheek and patted it.

Esme: So… What’s the verdict?

She was holding me on a thin ice. Second after second passed and she was still frowning, lifting her left eyebrow, then her right one. And then she moved away from me for a few inches and turned in my direction.

Alice: I dare you to top me with this.

She said that and a big grin covered her face and we both laughed to that. It probably didn’t pass much time while we were there but we decided that it was time to go home. We weren’t running, we were just taking a stroll, embraced. The leaves were slowly falling, like a colored rain. Winter was coming.

TBC by Esme or Alice Cullen
hampir setahun yang lalu Nahla1309 said…
This is something i owe my shelly.... i hope you like it..


The big day arrived. Everyone became suspicious when I told them the place where they have to be that day afternoon at 4 o’clock sharp and gave them their wardrobe for ‘the event’. Even Alice and Jasper got their ‘cover’ wardrobe so that the whole thing wouldn’t be so much obvious. Alice was out, went to Seattle for her wedding dress and Jaspers suit.

It was snowing heavily these past few days making a thick white cover. But not today. Snowlakes were falling slowly, like they wanted to be up in the air as much as possible, not wanting to land and melt with the emense white. Felt like magic.

I told the whole family they need to be out of the house at three, I didn’t want to know where they’d get ready or how, I needed an hour to decorate the house for the reception and of course to dress myself. Alice and Jasper supposed to take that little cottage in the woods near the house as their preparation place.

It was twelve o’clock and I was nervous. I wasn’t allowed to crack, I wasn’t allowed to slip my thoughts off of the new collection of roses that I ‘planned’ to seed just so that Edward wouldn’t suspect anything. Miraculously no-one did suspect anything this past month. No-one seemed a bit curious to know what am I exactly doing the whole time. Being all together again must’ve done something to mess up their mind, tough I didn’t complain because for once I was doing something big that nobody knew about and we were all finally happy.

Three o’clock. Being polite, everyone gave me ten extra minutes so when it stroke three I was already with my sketches in my teeth and fabrics, candels, flowers and lights in my hands. Alice and I planned this to the tiniest detail and there wasn’t room for a mistake. Perfection was required. And though we move amazingly fast my only thought was that I wasn’t going to make it.

It was four o’clock and we were all coming from different directions: Carlisle and I from our house, from the West, Edward and Bella from the East, and Emmett and Rose from the North. Everyone looked beautifully perfect: Rose and Bella in a pale-skin-colored dress with their hair falling down and blue braclets saying: ‘Think of a happy thought’ what matched to my own look. The men in their grey suits with the first two buttons of their shirts unbottened. We were all barefeet except Bella for whom Alice made special white ballet-shoes and a thick white coat to match the scene and keep her warm. The rays of sun were piercing through the woods and were finding their way to the spot were newlyweds were about to exchange their vowels. Everything was sparkling: the snow, us and snowflakes which were rarly falling despite the rays of sun.

it'll be continued...

this is the dress that rose, esme and bella are supposed to be wearing in this scene
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