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 Beast Boy
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Robin and Raven Krismas fluff!!! Needed to do this! if anda don't like it, I apologize! Enjoy!!

Raven peered out at the falling snow. She pulled her white jubah, berjubah around her and dropped her hood. Ever since she had helped stop the end of the world, Raven had been on edge. But she'd also been feeling protected. Her Friends would never leave her. They loved her too much. Robin would never forget her; he had saved her life. She'd been in his mind and he'd been in her's. They had a bond. An almost unhindered love. But Raven was too scared to admit the truth. The last two she'd allowed in had hurt...
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Just to avoid confusion, i feel i must tell anda that Beast Boy did not go sejak Beast Boy while he was a Titans, atau even most of his Life. He called himself The Changeling!
Alter Ego:Garfield Logan
OCCUPATION:Professinal Adventurer
KNOWN RELITIVES: Mark and Mary Lagan(mother and Father-Deceased)Rita Farr(Deceased?) and Steven Dayton(Adoptive Parents)
GROUP AFFILIATIONS: The Doom Patrol(former member), tHE nEW tEEN tITANS(CURRENT)
BASE OF OPPERATIONS: Titans Tower, San Fran
FIRST APPERANCE: Doom Patrol #99
Eyes: Green(used to be blue)
HAIR: green(used to be Blond)

As a...
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this is my kegemaran Bizaardvark video ever! well, besides the other Bizaardvark video of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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