Teen serigala, wolf Teen serigala, wolf 30 hari Challenge

NCISLuverjk93 posted on Apr 23, 2016 at 12:18AM
You start with answering question 1 and then come back each day and answer the next one until you're done. You don't have to do it for 30 days in a row you may take breaks. You can post pictures if you want. And that's it!

Day 1: favorite male character

Day 2: favorite female character

Day 3: least favorite male character

Day 4: least favorite female character

Day 5: something you wish had happened but didn’t

Day 6: something you wish didn’t happen

Day 7: favorite Scott moment

Day 8: favorite Stiles moment

Day 9: favorite Derek moment

Day 10: favorite Lydia moment

Day 11: favorite Allison moment

Day 12: favorite Malia moment

Day 13: favorite Liam moment

Day 14: favorite Kira moment

Day 15: favorite minor character

Day 16: favorite ship

Day 17: most upsetting death

Day 18: favorite cast member

Day 19: favorite song featured in an episode

Day 20: a moment that really broke your heart

Day 21: a moment you couldn’t stop laughing at

Day 22: best “OMG NOOOOOOO!” moment

Day 23: best plot twist

Day 24: favorite season

Day 25: favorite episode of season 1

Day 26: favorite episode of season 2

Day 27: favorite episode of season 3

Day 28: favorite episode of season 4

Day 29: favorite episode of season 5

Day 30: something you’d love to see happen in season 6
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Teen serigala, wolf 99 balas

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