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 Eric Satterberg
Eric Satterberg
Actor ERIC SATTERBERG will go from one extreme to the other with his two upcoming Televisyen roles. Up first, he’ll die a horrible death on the series finale of Spike TV’s “1000 Ways to Die,” scheduled to air on April 30th; and then later this tahun he’ll go for gut-busting laughs with an appearance on Nickelodeon’s award-winning kid favorite, “iCarly.”

I recently caught up with this hard working actor and had a chance to ask him about these roles, his kegemaran TV shows and more.

HOLLY: Tell us a little about your role on “1000 Ways to Die.”

ERIC: I play Ira. He is a little...
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 Image A: Veoh Player
Image A: Veoh Player
As many of anda would know, I Cinta to muat naik video to many spots on here (television is something of an addiction of mine). Many of these video happen to be Veoh video which are only available in 5 minit previews. One recurring theme of many of the komen-komen I receive on these video is that it isn’t the whole video and people seem unsure as to how to download. So here’s my step-by-step guide on Veoh videos!

1. Firstly you’re going to need the Veoh player (Image A). Here’s a link to the download page:
You may think it’s a hassle to have to download a player, but it doesn’t...
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