Televisyen Who's your favourite unlikely couple?

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Wilson& amp; Thirteen (House MD)
Wilson&Thirteen (House MD)
Foreman& amp; Taub (House MD) (joke!)
Foreman&Taub (House MD) (joke!)
Dan& amp; Blair (Gossip Girl)
Dan&Blair (Gossip Girl)
Chandler& amp; Rachel (Friends)
Chandler&Rachel (Friends)
Monica& amp; Joey (Friends)
Monica&Joey (Friends)
Phoebe& amp; Ross (Friends)
Phoebe&Ross (Friends)
Meredith& amp; Alex(Grey&# 39; s Anatomy)
Meredith&Alex(Grey's Anatomy)
Brooke and Nathan (Brathan)
Joey & Chandler (Friends)
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Roy and Angela (The Office)
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Phoebe and Joey
Phoebe and Joey
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Wilson & Cameron
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Pacey And Joey
Pacey And Joey
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