Televisyen ; from these guys who i find 'hot' , which one do anda like the best ?

Pick one:
lucas scott | one pokok hill.
seeley booth | bones.
nate archibald | gossip girl.
peter bishop | fringe.
stefan salvatore | the vampire diaries.
clark kent | smallville.
matt saracen | friday night lights.
robert chase | house md.
dan humphrey | gossip girl.
freddie mclair | skins.
alex karev | grey's anatomy.
steven hyde | that 70s show.
dean winchester | supernatural.
sawyer | lost.
oliver Queen | smallville.
james cook | skins.
chuck bartowski | chuck.
damon salvatore | the vampire diaries.
sam winchester | supernatural.
jack hodgins | bones.
tim riggins | friday night lights.
chuck bass | gossip girl.
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