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 Classical Latin alphabet
Classical Latin alphabet
sejak the time of the Late Roman Republic the Latin alphabet consisted of 23 letters. All of them were capital letters:
A B C D E F G H I K 1 M N O P Q R S T V X Y Z

The pronunciation slightly differs between Classical Latin and Ecclesiastical Latin.

Classical Latin pronunciation
a – [a] - like in ‘cup’
ā – [a:] - long, like in ‘father’
e – [E] - like in ‘pet’
ē – [E:] - long, like in ‘pay’
i – [i,j] - like in ‘lip’
ī – [i:] - long, like in ‘leap’
o – [o] - like in ‘not’
ō – [o:] - long, like in ‘for’
y – [y] - like in French ‘tu
ȳ – [y:]...
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