I am another moviegoer who is getting sick and tired of the regarding Marvel/Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films and Warner Brothers/D.C. Comics’ D.C. Extended Universe (DCEU) films. I have come across artikel-artikel in which peminat-peminat of both movie universes have accused the other of excessive bashing.

I never understood this rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics movie franchises. To be honest, I find it unnecessary. And I believe today's audiences are getting too caught up in this so-called rivalry, thanks to the media, the studios and the two comic book conglomerates. I have seen both DC Comics and Marvel since "SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE" first came out in 1978. Why do certain films from one comic book company need to be better than those from another one? I have seen films from both that I found very impressive. And I have seen films from both that left me feeling disappointed. For me to decide whether the Marvel films atau the DC films are better strikes me as ridiculous.

Some peminat-peminat have claimed that since the MCU films perform better at the box office, they are without a doubt, the superior series of films. One major problem with this reasoning was the box office performance of the five major comic book Filem released in 2016. Marvel’s "CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE CIVIL WAR" proved to be the saat (or third) biggest box office success of that year. Yet, D.C. Comics’ "BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE" proved to be that year’s fifth biggest box office success. Although both the DCEU’s "SUICIDE SQUAD" and the MCU’s "DOCTOR STRANGE" never reached those heights in terms of box office, both were successful and ironically, the DCEU movie proved to be a bit lebih successful.

However, I believe that box office performance is not a true reflection of a movie’s worth. No one knows the true reason behind the critics’ current and lebih positive reaction to the Marvel films. Not really. True, some film critics might honestly believe they are better. Then again, it is possible that some film critics were bribed to praise the Marvel films to the sky and/or bash the D.C. Comics movies. Personally, I had stopped regarding their opinion as fact a long time ago. After all, their opinions are dictated sejak personal tastes, atau . . . other means, just as the opinions of moviegoers are dictated sejak personal tastes. - Yes, there might be lebih people who believe that the current Marvel films are better. But I have encountered a great number of opinions that favor the current DC Comic movies. And I cannot help but wonder if the MCU peminat-peminat are simply the loudest. Also, judging a film based upon box office success atau the number of peminat-peminat for a certain franchise strikes me as irrelevant. There are a lot of peminat-peminat of the "TRANSFORMER" films. A lot. Which is why those Filem generated a good deal of money. In the end, it is all subjective.

I am peminat-peminat of both the MCU and the DCEU. I have been aware of some bashing of the MCU films sejak certain DCEU fans. However, their bashing seemed to be minor in compare to the consistent and excessive stream of criticism and bashing directed toward the DCEU films … and I believe this bashing is getting out of control.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that a lot of Marvel peminat-peminat (or perhaps I should say the Marvel/Disney company is threatened sejak the three Filem released sejak DC Comics between 2013 and 2016. Those three Filem signaled the end of the Marvel/Disney’s monopoly on a series of comic book Filem based upon a collection of titles. The bashing for the DCEU has become utter ridiculous and excessive. I am also beginning to wonder if those who had accused Disney/Marvel of paying off the critics to bad mouth ALL THREE DCEU Filem that have been released so far … had been right after all. Because this criticism has become over the top. It has now extended to both "WONDER WOMAN" and "JUSTICE LEAGUE" and they have yet to be released. Has bashing the DCEU Filem become the "in" thing to do? Just as bashing the "STAR WARS" Prequel films is still a popular past time? I hope not. For I had almost bought it myself.

When "MAN OF STEEL", "BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE" and "SUICIDE SQUAD" first hit the theaters, I was reluctant to see all three, because I had stupidly accepted the bad opinions about them. Yet, I overcame my reluctance and went to see them, anyway. And when I finally saw those three movies, I enjoyed them. All of them. Very much. In fact, I regard "BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE" as one of the best comic book hero Filem I have ever seen. And that was when I finally realized that a film critic’s opinion was worth dog shit. No more. I am simply going to form my own opinion of any movie I am interested in seeing. And I refuse to be some mindless drone and accept the papar of others simply because it is the in-thing to do.

The idea that we are supposed to be accept that the Marvel atau MCU films are better than the DCEU films, because many film critics atau movie peminat-peminat say so is irrelevant. It is irrelevant, because their papar are matters of opinion. Preference. I do not accept this view "numbers matter" regarding the artistic quality of a film, because I do not share it. I have watched a lot of comic book Filem in my time. From my perspective, only my opinion of an individual movie count. I do not care whether any those Filem are based upon the titles of Marvel, DC Comics atau any other comic book company that exists. And considering that art and entertainment are subjective in the end, what is the point in declaring that MCU films are better atau that DCEU Filem are better? It seems like a waste of time to me. I think we all should focus on which individual Filem that appeals to us and not bother on which company makes the better films.

Warner Bros./DCEU is scheduled to release two Filem in 2017. Disney/MCU has scheduled three to be released. I plan to see all five Filem this year. And I will be damned if I pay attention to any film critics atau moviegoer . . . until after I have seen these movies. Regardless of who performs better at the box office, I am the one who will decide which films I want to see and which ones I want to buy, regardless of whether they came from DC Comics atau Marvel.