The Avengers ******* Avengers Awards Ceremony ****** ( Fun ~ Please Participate )

lena_espo posted on Nov 10, 2014 at 12:40PM
Here is where we nominate the Avengers for different awards. The nominations close a month from now, which is December 10th. Here are the possible characters

1. Captain America
2. The Hawk
3. Iron Man
4. Black widow
5. The Hulk
6. Thor
7. Wolverine
8. Loki

Each character can win as many titles as they can get. Now here are the titles!

1. Bravest
2. Smartest
3. Best Costume
4. Best Personality
5. Most Handsome / Pretty
6. Stupidest
7. Funniest
8. Scariest
9. Most energetic
10. Biggest
11. Strongest
12. Most Acrobatic
13. Nicest
14. Meanest
15. Weirdest

Ok! Now you can either vote for one character out of all the titles, or you can vote for all the titles and what characters (There might be a character left out). Please participate as this closes soon! Any questions message me! Thanks! Now let's start!

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It's the same thing as the question i made so... i guess i will uise those results!
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