I am very sorry that we didn’t have a chance to meet, my dear Michael. anda were definitely my man. I can see myself in you. anda are my reflection. I wonder how much we look alike in many things we do atau we think. My darling, it just hurts me to conceive that it’s too late even to hope for our meeting. Why have I found anda so late? How could I leave my dream to meet anda one hari that I had when I was a child, forget about anda and missed all your life until that horrible June in 2009? And now my mind is full of thoughts of you: every minute, every second. Strange, I have never felt somebody closer to me than you, in spite of we are tremendously far from each other now and we were before in fact. Please, whatever happens, don’t go off my hand. I need anda and Cinta anda very much so, my dear Michael, my baby. And I know anda are always for me. anda are inside me, deep in my heart, in my soul and that place is only yours. Nobody can replace you. anda are my absolutely special secret life I am living along with my other life but both of them I live in different levels. anda are my greatest inspiration, my thrilling discovery and my strongest pain.