Michael, I cannot get over you. anda are not the man that possible to get over at all. I got so close to anda for the last two years. I have literally lived with anda sharing your events, your joy and sorrows and menunjukkan to anda my excitement, my admiration and my tears. anda became another part of me. anda got under my skin so I merged with anda and I cannot live already without feeling anda in me. It happens that I don’t sense angkasa and time between us, everything fades away, and only anda and I exist in the entire world. It seems that I am reaching anda and I am able even to feel the warmth of your body. I devote my thoughts, my poems to anda without getting your reaction back. But anyway, I feel our intimate connection. Everywhere I go, everything I do I still feel the presence of you. anda seem to me the only one man I could live with and couldn’t do without. No matter how worn out I am, since anda are with me my spirit lifts up easily. I Cinta you.

Emotions, true, original emotions that’s what catch people. And you, my darling, opened anda hati, tengah-tengah and flew your emotions widely onstage. anda carried me into your world of sweet dreams, spotlights, and sincere love. Your soul was so generous to share your excitement. And what I Cinta when anda perform. anda are so much alive and possessed onstage that I can’t take my eyes off you. This is similar to sex, when anda see your partner excited, watch his wild reaction anda become lebih emotional right back, then anda and your partner merge as a whole and that where the real pleasure and bliss are. I can imagine what anda were feeling while performing.